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Re: new test will hang 'make check-g77'

>This is why I'm leaning toward the liberal inclusion of testcase
>information in the cases themselves.  I haven't been that liberal with
>everything, trying to strike a balance between volume and completeness.

Note that I started doing this myself, a few years back, for
g77 tests.  Better to include the entire original email, plus
annotations, as comments to the source code than to try and
cobble together some kind of system to track such info separately
(especially when such a system involves use of pencil and paper,
in my office, where paper has a poor track record for keeping
itself organized ;-).

When I start submitting some of the g77 tests I've been accumulating,
I might try to cull out a bit of the redundant info, but will also
try and add more definitive commentary of my own.

BTW, I've been assuming I should submit these to Jeff Law for actual
installation via CVS, but, perhaps, Robert Lipe, you'd be willing to
do this -- especially since that'd give you a direct opportunity
to once-over my submissions to help avoid duplication?  Even if
I had my own CVS access, that might be good, but let me know if
that seems okay.

        tq vm, (burley)

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