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Re: new test will hang 'make check-g77'

>The new testcase
>	g77.f-torture/execute/980310-5.f
>will hang forever when compiled with -O2 or higher, as a 'make check'
>will do by default. It will consume mass quantities of clock cycles and
>generally screw up your automated build and test processes.  I have
>verified this behaviour on the current egcs on i586-pc-sco3.2v5.0.4, but
>the original report was under Linux.

Could you email me this code?  I might already have a fix for
it in g77 0.5.21's patches to the gcc back end, which egcs
does not (currently) incorporate -- probably because it's
just an optimization, maybe also because I had to issue a patch
to fix a thinko in it (<> has a list
of such patches, including the one in question).  Basically, this
patch fixes the problem of "hanging" in safe_from_p(), resulting
from g77 trying to compile code with a fairly complicated expression
involving stuff like COMPLEX types.

Also, I do plan on submitting pending g77 bugs myself as well,
so, to avoid duplicating work, could you email me summaries of
each bug report or test case you're working on adding to the
data base?  (Note that your doing this instead of me amounts
to a *huge* potential improvement in my own productivity right
now, as I've got lots of things on my plate that have been
suffering lately; adding g77 test cases to the egcs suite is
quite important, IMO, so whatever you can't get to yourself, I
do want to make time to do.)

        tq vm, (burley)

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