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Re: Solaris 2.6 EH failures

On 11-Mar-98 David Edelsohn wrote:
>>>>>> Jim Wilson writes:
> Jim> If using POSIX thread support under Solaris 2.6, we either need to
> ensure
> Jim> that -lpthread is always linked in with libgcc.a, or else we need to
> Jim> fix eh_context_initialize to handle this failure mode.
>       This is an issue for AIX as well.  AIX 4 supports pthreads if
> compiled with the -mthreads commandline option (which defines a special
> macro and links with re-entrant versions of libraries and a special
> startup file).  Unlike Solaris, EGCS currently does not assume that AIX
> supports threads and the thread support in EH and ObjC are not utilized.
> Threads is not the default in AIX 4.1 or 4.2, but the variants may have
> been removed in AIX 4.3.

There is a real pain to install egcs with thread support correctly.
I work much with threads on AIX and Linux and both egcs targets
have no thread support by default. I don't understand why threads
support is not enabled, because many applications claim it.
I also don't understand why egcs uses different compiler options
to enable threads support on AIX and Linux.

>       PowerPC already has too many multilib variants so I would like to
> avoid this additional combinatorial option.  However, I'm not quite sure
> how to handle this or what users want.

I agree. On my AIX box I manually disable CPU-specific multilib targets
and add thread-safe target instead. What I really want is custom multilib
configuraton (i.e. something like this: --enable-threads --disable-cpu
should give me all what I need).


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