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Re: new g77 testuite cases. help needed.

  In message <>you write:
  > I've been picking through archives of the list snaring problem reports.
  > I remember very little about Fortran.   I have boiled down several test
  > cases, but would like to work with a g77-compatible person to get them
  > right.   I'm not sure that I captured the spirit of all the tests.
  > In the g77 testing framework, how can I tell it "this test needs to be
  > compiled with '-fPIC' or with '-g' or other options"?
  > I'll start committing these new cases soon.   
The existing g77 testsuite is 100% based on the c-torture framework;
there's not "gcc.dg" framework for the g77 testsuite.

Therefore, there's no good way to specify additional options for
the testsuite.  c-torture and f-torture are really designed for
tests which we don't need to do anything special for.

Now, having said that, there's a backdoor you can use to override
much of the c-torture framework -- the ".x" files are run if they
exist instead of using the standard c-torture testing framework.

So in theory you could use them to specify additional options or to
perform some other hackery.


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