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Move register_frame_info [Was exec size inc egcs 1.0.1 sparc-sol 2.6]

If this doesn't break anything, can we have this change for 1.0.2

Users should not be penalized if they don't use exception handling (I
don't know if C9X allows for EH). The change may improve the paging
performance of programs

On Tue, Mar 10, 1998 at 04:44:01PM -0800, Jim Wilson wrote:
> This size increase is due to the EH support in the startup files, crtbegin.o
> and crtend.o, which causes a bunch of EH related stuff from libgcc.a to be
> linked in.  The -fno-exceptions option has no affect on the startup files,
> so this won't help.
> We can reduce the size of this stuff by changing the structure of libgcc.a.
> Currently, crtbegin will call register_frame_info, which is in frame.c, and
> this causes us to drag in the entire frame.o object file and everything it
> calls.  If register_frame_info was in a separate module, then we would end
> up with a lot less extra code.
> Jim

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