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RE: Warning elimination patch in sched.c

>  > From: Bjxrn Wennberg <>
>  >
>  > This might be the correct solution to the problem but I'm curios to why
>  > the warnings are reported from gcc.
>  > If I create a small file containing:
>  > -----
>  > static int function(int *, int *);
>  > int main() {
>  >   qsort(0, 0, 0, function);
>  > }
>  > ------

 > From: Bjørn Wennberg <>
 > I did include the appropriate include-files to get the correct
 > definition of qsort. That
 > is why I find the warning messages strange.
 > bjornw>

	Hmm, your posting of the code fragment didn't indicate stdlib.h
was included.  Its hard to figure out what's going on with incomplete

	Perhaps if you posted the output from "gcc -v", the exact source
code, and the exact flags you passed to gcc to compile the program, it
would help.  Also run the compilation with -save-temps and send the .i
file.  This will let me see the prototype for qsort on your platform.

Kaveh R. Ghazi			Project Manager / Custom Development		ICon CMT Corp.

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