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Re: ingore warnings option?

Dave Love wrote:
> Presumably when you say `warnings' you mean errors?
Yes, as it turns out.

> Which version of GAMESS?  

The most recent...(For those of you
who think this is a game, it's quantum
chemistry code.)

> AFAIK the UK one should compile, and I can
> berate someone if not.

It compiles but encounters strange run time errors.
I'm trying to get it to work on native axp egcs Linux.
As far as I know, it's never run natively there.
(It works on Linux when compiled with Dec Fortran on Dec Unix.)

> I also remember a report of success and good
> speed with another (the other?) version, though g77 may be diagnosing
> more since then.  Some of the `-fugly' options listed in the manual
> might help, but probably not.  The opportunity should be taken to fix
> the code.

I'm benchmarking an assembler dgemm that
is at least ten times as fast as the public domain
blas when compiled on Dec Unix and run on Linux,
but it's 20 times as fast when compiled natively,
with egcs.  I'll be posting some of my comparisons

Bob Williams,

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