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Re: ppc, 1.0.1 & 980302, fixed/forbidden register spilled

>>>>> Geoffrey KEATING writes:

>> condvar.c: In function `pthread_cond_timedwait_relative':
>> condvar.c:153: fixed or forbidden register 68 (0) was spilled for class
>> CR0_REGS. This may be due to a compiler bug or to impossible asm

Geoffrey> You can find a patch for this at
Geoffrey> <>.

Geoffrey> This is probably best used for PPC targets only; it might make
Geoffrey> already-existing problems in other ports worse.  Other solutions have
Geoffrey> been proposed, but not AFAIK implemented.

	I hope that you realize that this may exacerbate problems in the
PowerPC port as well, not just other ports.

Geoffrey> I'll integrate that patch with my other patches when I can
Geoffrey> build egcs again... Right now, I can't build anything because of
Geoffrey> kernel problems :-(.

	If this patch is widely distributed as an official Linux-PPC RPM
and users rely upon it, it may cause serious problems.  This particular
solution cannot be supported in the general distribution of EGCS.

	I really appreciate the work that you have done in this area and I
fully agree that a real solution is necessary.  I wish that people who
need this support would work to implement one of the better proposals.


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