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1.0.2 pre-release stuff

We've still got a few issues to nail down, but I believe a wider
distribution of the current 1.0.2-prerelease sources would be

So, for those folks without CVS access, I have placed a diff file
to upgrade from 1.0.1 to the 1.0.2 pre-release as well as a full
tarball of the pre-release on the ftp server in 

Folks using CVS can continue to update from the release branch.

I suspect we will not be ready for a release by the time I leave
town on March 11th, so let's shoot for a release soon after my
return on March 15th.  If we go more than a few days beyond the
15th, then we'll have to delay until the first week in April.  So
it's important to wrap things up in the next week or so.

Issues we still need to address:

  * cpp vs -Di386 problem.  We've got suggested changes, but nothing
  we can just "drop into" the release tree at this time.

  * I need to look into installing a c++ bugfix which effects
  function inlining.

  * Fix for linux asm issues.  I'm still working with the Linux
  folks on this one.  It may not be resolved in time for 1.0.2.

  * Deal with glibc 1.99 releases on powerpc-linux platforms.  I
  think we've got a patch for this, but I haven't been able to
  look at it yet.

  * The usual doc tweaks.

Current changes for the 1.0.2 release in no particular order.

  * Fixes for some of the memory explosion problems:

    * Lazy allocation of label maps.

    * Don't call save_for_inline_copy if we just want -Wreturn-type.

  * libstdc++ should be up to date (read link compatable) with
  libstdc++ 2.8.0.

  * Fix memory corruption bug in bastring as well as undefined symbol
  problems on linux.

  * Fix to avoid duplicate symbol problems on systems that don't
  support weak symbols.

  * Patch for loop optimizer bug found on rs6000/ppc port.

  * Patch to fix stdarg bug for irix6.

  * Fix compiler crash on ommitted bound in fortran CASE statement.

  * Add missing entries to g77 lang-options.

  * Fix problems with -fpedantic in the g77 compiler.

  * Fix for problems with negative subscripts for g77 on alphas.

  * Fix problem with static linking on sco5.

  * Fix problem bootstrapping with native "cc" on sco5.

  * Patch for compiler abort on very long thunk names.

  * fixincludes patch to avoid scrogging math.h on sunos.

  * Fix for undefined symbols when using dwarf1 debugging symbols.

  * Fix to avoid potential code generation problem (ignore
  REG_DEAD notes after reload in dead_or_set_p).

  * Fix various problems with gcc's interaction with glibc2.1.

  * Fix for "backspace" bug in g77 on alphas.

  * Fix x86 backend problem with fortran literals & -fpic 

  * Define __ELF__ for rs6000/linux.

  * Fix -mcall-linux problem for rs6000/linux.

  * Fix varargs problem(s) for rs6000/linux.

  * Fix problem with -I./ using "/" as an include path.

  * Fix various problems with glibc2 on various linux platforms.

  * Fix bug in long double support on the x86 (another glibc2 issue)

  * Fixes for various EH issues, including fixes for EH on NetBSD ports.

  * Various fixes to libio for Linux.

  * Let autoconf choose an appropriate INSTALL program for aix3.1

  * Fixes for building fortran on cygwin32/mingw32.  Do not use
  collect2 on cygwin (yet).

  * Collect2 now supports import/export lists for AIX; this should
  allow us to fix many of the shared library/linking issues that
  have shown up on the AIX platforms.

  * Fix egcs so that it works on iris5 without the gnu assembler.

  * Toplevel configure fix for alpha-linux.

  * Fix problem with --with-headers= for cross compiles.

  * Handle -mcpu32 on the m68k.

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