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Re: Targets that don't support exception handling

> Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 22:30:54 +0000
> From: Nick Burrett <>

>   1. gcc/egcs assumes that the stack can be unwinded with very few
> instructions. RISC OS can use both a non-contiguous and a contiguous
> stack and requires a function with 30 instructions to unwind the stack.
> It is impossible to inline this function.

I don't understand this point.  I'm wondering if you're just confused?

> I was hoping to release a version of egcs for RISC OS users that
> provided a C++ compiler but it seems that egcs now only supports
> targets that support exception handling.

A complete port means that you have gotten EH working, yes.  However,
you can do an incomplete job and still have a useful tool.  Let us
know if this isn't the case.  Offhand, I would say you didn't even try
and use the sjlj exceptions.  If I am wrong, let us know that didn't
`just work' for you.

> I removed the exceptions support from libgcc

Not the right way to go, but I bet you knew that.

> and have managed to get libio compiled but I've just stumbled across
> exceptions in libstdc++

It's like downhill skiiing, stop trying to go uphill, you won't make

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