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Results for 4.3.1 (GCC) testsuite on i386-apple-darwin8.11.1

LAST_UPDATED: Obtained from SVN: tags/gcc_4_3_1_release revision 136481

Native configuration is i386-apple-darwin8.11.1

		=== g++ tests ===

Running target unix
FAIL: tmpdir-g++.dg-struct-layout-1/t026 cp_compat_x_tst.o-cp_compat_y_tst.o execute 
FAIL: g++.dg/ext/visibility/anon6.C scan-assembler 1BIiE1cE
FAIL: g++.dg/other/anon5.C  (test for errors, line 19)
FAIL: g++.dg/other/anon5.C (test for excess errors)
FAIL: g++.dg/other/pr35504.C execution test
FAIL: g++.dg/other/unused1.C scan-assembler (string|ascii?)z?[\\t ]"printer("|\\\\\\\\0)
FAIL: g++.dg/pubtypes.C scan-assembler long+[ \\t]+0x24+[ \\t]+[#;]+[ \\t]+Length of Public Type Names Info
FAIL: g++.dg/pch/pch.C -g assembly comparison
FAIL: g++.dg/pch/pch.C -O2 -g assembly comparison
FAIL: g++.dg/special/conpr-3.C execution test
FAIL: g++.dg/special/initpri1.C execution test

		=== g++ Summary ===

# of expected passes		17440
# of unexpected failures	11
# of expected failures		82
# of unsupported tests		129
/Users/lbellot/gcc-4.3.1-compilacion/gcc/testsuite/g++/../../g++  version 4.3.1 (GCC) 

		=== gcc tests ===

Running target unix
FAIL: gcc.dg/initpri1.c execution test
FAIL: gcc.dg/ssp-2.c (test for excess errors)
FAIL: gcc.dg/pch/save-temps-1.c -O0 -g assembly comparison
FAIL: gcc.dg/pch/save-temps-1.c  -O3 -g  assembly comparison
XPASS: execution test

		=== gcc Summary ===

# of expected passes		47970
# of unexpected failures	4
# of unexpected successes	1
# of expected failures		166
# of untested testcases		35
# of unsupported tests		454
/Users/lbellot/gcc-4.3.1-compilacion/gcc/xgcc  version 4.3.1 (GCC) 

		=== gfortran tests ===

Running target unix

		=== gfortran Summary ===

# of expected passes		24003
# of expected failures		11
# of unsupported tests		46
/Users/lbellot/gcc-4.3.1-compilacion/gcc/testsuite/gfortran/../../gfortran  version 4.3.1 (GCC) 

		=== libgomp tests ===

Running target unix

		=== libgomp Summary ===

# of expected passes		1543
# of unsupported tests		109
		=== libstdc++ tests ===

Running target unix
XPASS: 21_strings/basic_string/element_access/char/ execution test
XPASS: 21_strings/basic_string/element_access/wchar_t/ execution test
FAIL: 26_numerics/complex/ execution test
XPASS: 26_numerics/headers/cmath/ (test for excess errors)
FAIL: ext/mt_allocator/ execution test
FAIL: ext/mt_allocator/ execution test

		=== libstdc++ Summary ===

# of expected passes		4931
# of unexpected failures	3
# of unexpected successes	3
# of expected failures		57
# of unsupported tests		328

Compiler version: 4.3.1 (GCC) 
Platform: i386-apple-darwin8.11.1
configure flags: --enable-languages=c,c++,fortran --with-gmp=/opt/local --with-mpfr=/opt/local --program-suffix=-4.3

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