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Results for 4.0.3 20060212 (prerelease) (Debian 4.0.2-9) testsuite on alpha-unknown-linux-gnu

LAST_UPDATED: Sun Feb 12 08:16:37 UTC 2006 (revision 110888)

Native configuration is alpha-unknown-linux-gnu

		=== libffi tests ===

Running target unix

		=== libffi Summary ===

# of expected passes		219
# of unsupported tests		2
		=== libmudflap tests ===

Running target unix
FAIL: libmudflap.c/pass49-frag.c execution test
FAIL: libmudflap.c/pass49-frag.c output pattern test
FAIL: libmudflap.c/pass49-frag.c (-static) execution test
FAIL: libmudflap.c/pass49-frag.c (-static) output pattern test
FAIL: libmudflap.c/pass49-frag.c (-O2) execution test
FAIL: libmudflap.c/pass49-frag.c (-O2) output pattern test
FAIL: libmudflap.c/pass49-frag.c (-O3) execution test
FAIL: libmudflap.c/pass49-frag.c (-O3) output pattern test
WARNING: program timed out.
FAIL: libmudflap.cth/pass40-frag.c execution test
FAIL: libmudflap.cth/pass40-frag.c output pattern test
WARNING: program timed out.
FAIL: libmudflap.cth/pass40-frag.c (-O2) execution test
WARNING: program timed out.
FAIL: libmudflap.cth/pass40-frag.c (-O3) execution test

		=== libmudflap Summary ===

# of expected passes		1276
# of unexpected failures	12
		=== libstdc++ tests ===

Running target unix
FAIL: abi_check
XPASS: 22_locale/locale/cons/ execution test
XPASS: 26_numerics/cmath/ (test for excess errors)
XPASS: 27_io/fpos/ execution test

		=== libstdc++ Summary ===

# of expected passes		3712
# of unexpected failures	1
# of unexpected successes	3
# of expected failures		11
		=== acats tests ===
FAIL:	a22006b
FAIL:	a22006c
FAIL:	a22006d
FAIL:	a26007a
FAIL:	a27003a
FAIL:	a29003a
FAIL:	a2a031a
FAIL:	a33003a
FAIL:	a34017c
FAIL:	a35101b
FAIL:	a35402a
FAIL:	a35801f
FAIL:	a35902c
FAIL:	a38106d
FAIL:	a38106e
FAIL:	a49027a
FAIL:	a49027b
FAIL:	a49027c
FAIL:	a54b01a
FAIL:	a54b02a
FAIL:	a55b12a
FAIL:	a55b13a
FAIL:	a55b14a
FAIL:	a71004a
FAIL:	a73001i
FAIL:	a73001j
FAIL:	a74105b
FAIL:	a74106a
FAIL:	a74106b
FAIL:	a74106c
FAIL:	a74205e
FAIL:	a74205f
FAIL:	a83009a
FAIL:	a83009b
FAIL:	a83a02a
FAIL:	a83a02b
FAIL:	a83a06a
FAIL:	a83a08a
FAIL:	a83c01c
FAIL:	a83c01h
FAIL:	a83c01i
FAIL:	a85007d
FAIL:	a85013b
FAIL:	a87b59a
FAIL:	a95001c
FAIL:	a95074d
FAIL:	a97106a
FAIL:	a99006a
FAIL:	aa2010a
FAIL:	aa2012a
FAIL:	ac1015b
FAIL:	ac3106a
FAIL:	ac3206a
FAIL:	ac3207a
FAIL:	ad7001b
FAIL:	ad7001c
FAIL:	ad7001d
FAIL:	ad7006a
FAIL:	ad7101a
FAIL:	ad7101c
FAIL:	ad7102a
FAIL:	ad7103a
FAIL:	ad7103c
FAIL:	ad7104a
FAIL:	ad7201a
FAIL:	ad7203b
FAIL:	ad7205b
FAIL:	ad8011a
FAIL:	ada101a
FAIL:	ae2113a
FAIL:	ae2113b
FAIL:	ae3002g
FAIL:	ae3101a
FAIL:	ae3702a
FAIL:	ae3709a
FAIL:	c23001a
FAIL:	c23003a
FAIL:	c23003b
FAIL:	c23003g
FAIL:	c23003i
FAIL:	c23006a
FAIL:	c23006b
FAIL:	c23006c
FAIL:	c23006d
FAIL:	c23006e
FAIL:	c23006f
FAIL:	c23006g
FAIL:	c24002d
FAIL:	c24003a
FAIL:	c24003b
FAIL:	c24003c
FAIL:	c24106a
FAIL:	c24202d
FAIL:	c24203a
FAIL:	c24203b
FAIL:	c24207a
FAIL:	c24211a
FAIL:	c250001
FAIL:	c250002
FAIL:	c25001a
FAIL:	c25001b
FAIL:	c26006a
FAIL:	c26008a
FAIL:	c2a001a
FAIL:	c2a001b
FAIL:	c2a001c
FAIL:	c2a002a
FAIL:	c2a008a
FAIL:	c2a021b
FAIL:	c32001a
FAIL:	c32001b
FAIL:	c32001c
FAIL:	c32001d
FAIL:	c32001e
FAIL:	c32107a
FAIL:	c32107c
FAIL:	c32108a
FAIL:	c32108b
FAIL:	c32111a
FAIL:	c32111b
FAIL:	c32112b
FAIL:	c32113a
FAIL:	c32115a
FAIL:	c32115b
FAIL:	c330001
FAIL:	c330002
FAIL:	c332001
FAIL:	c340001
FAIL:	c34001a
FAIL:	c34001c
FAIL:	c34001d
FAIL:	c34001f
FAIL:	c34002a
FAIL:	c34002c
FAIL:	c34003a
FAIL:	c34003c
FAIL:	c34004a
FAIL:	c34004c
FAIL:	c34005a
FAIL:	c34005c
FAIL:	c34005d
FAIL:	c34005f
FAIL:	c34005g
FAIL:	c34005i
FAIL:	c34005j
FAIL:	c34005l
FAIL:	c34005m
FAIL:	c34005o
FAIL:	c34005p
FAIL:	c34005r
FAIL:	c34005s
FAIL:	c34005u
FAIL:	c34005v
FAIL:	c34006a
FAIL:	c34006d
FAIL:	c34006f
FAIL:	c34006g
FAIL:	c34006j
FAIL:	c34006l
FAIL:	c34007a
FAIL:	c34007d
FAIL:	c34007f
FAIL:	c34007g
FAIL:	c34007i
FAIL:	c34007j
FAIL:	c34007m
FAIL:	c34007p
FAIL:	c34007r
FAIL:	c34007s
FAIL:	c34007u
FAIL:	c34007v
FAIL:	c34008a
FAIL:	c34009a
FAIL:	c34009d
FAIL:	c34009f
FAIL:	c34009g
FAIL:	c34009j
FAIL:	c34009l
FAIL:	c34011b
FAIL:	c34012a
FAIL:	c34014a
FAIL:	c34014c
FAIL:	c34014e
FAIL:	c34014g
FAIL:	c34014h
FAIL:	c34014n
FAIL:	c34014p
FAIL:	c34014r
FAIL:	c34014t
FAIL:	c34014u
FAIL:	c34018a
FAIL:	c340a01
FAIL:	c340a02
FAIL:	c341a01
FAIL:	c341a02
FAIL:	c341a03
FAIL:	c341a04
FAIL:	c35003a
FAIL:	c35003b
FAIL:	c35003d
FAIL:	c35102a
FAIL:	c352001
FAIL:	c354002
FAIL:	c354003
FAIL:	c35502a
FAIL:	c35502b
FAIL:	c35502c
FAIL:	c35502d
FAIL:	c35502e
FAIL:	c35502f
FAIL:	c35502g
FAIL:	c35502h
FAIL:	c35502i
FAIL:	c35502j
FAIL:	c35502k
FAIL:	c35502l
FAIL:	c35502m
FAIL:	c35502n
FAIL:	c35502o
FAIL:	c35502p
FAIL:	c35503a
FAIL:	c35503b
FAIL:	c35503c
FAIL:	c35503d
FAIL:	c35503e
FAIL:	c35503f
FAIL:	c35503g
FAIL:	c35503h
FAIL:	c35503k
FAIL:	c35503l
FAIL:	c35503o
FAIL:	c35503p
FAIL:	c35504a
FAIL:	c35504b
FAIL:	c35505c
FAIL:	c35505e
FAIL:	c35505f
FAIL:	c35507a
FAIL:	c35507b
FAIL:	c35507c
FAIL:	c35507e
FAIL:	c35507g
FAIL:	c35507h
FAIL:	c35507i
FAIL:	c35507j
FAIL:	c35507k
FAIL:	c35507l
FAIL:	c35507m
FAIL:	c35507n
FAIL:	c35507o
FAIL:	c35507p
FAIL:	c35508a
FAIL:	c35508b
FAIL:	c35508c
FAIL:	c35508e
FAIL:	c35508g
FAIL:	c35508h
FAIL:	c35508k
FAIL:	c35508l
FAIL:	c35508o
FAIL:	c35508p
FAIL:	c35703a
FAIL:	c35704a
FAIL:	c35704b
FAIL:	c35704c
FAIL:	c35704d
FAIL:	c35801d
FAIL:	c35902d
FAIL:	c35904a
FAIL:	c35904b
FAIL:	c35a02a
FAIL:	c35a05a
FAIL:	c35a05d
FAIL:	c35a05n
FAIL:	c35a05q
FAIL:	c35a07a
FAIL:	c35a07d
FAIL:	c35a08b
FAIL:	c360002
FAIL:	c36104a
FAIL:	c36104b
FAIL:	c36172a
FAIL:	c36172b
FAIL:	c36172c
FAIL:	c36174a
FAIL:	c36180a
FAIL:	c36202c
FAIL:	c36203a
FAIL:	c36204a
FAIL:	c36204b
FAIL:	c36204c
FAIL:	c36204d
FAIL:	c36205a
FAIL:	c36205b
FAIL:	c36205c
FAIL:	c36205d
FAIL:	c36205e
FAIL:	c36205f
FAIL:	c36205g
FAIL:	c36205h
FAIL:	c36205i
FAIL:	c36205j
FAIL:	c36205k
FAIL:	c36205l
FAIL:	c36301a
FAIL:	c36301b
FAIL:	c36302a
FAIL:	c36304a
FAIL:	c36305a
FAIL:	c37002a
FAIL:	c37003a
FAIL:	c37003b
FAIL:	c37005a
FAIL:	c37006a
FAIL:	c37008a
FAIL:	c37008b
FAIL:	c37009a
FAIL:	c37010a
FAIL:	c37010b
FAIL:	c371001
FAIL:	c371002
FAIL:	c371003
FAIL:	c37102b
FAIL:	c37103a
FAIL:	c37105a
FAIL:	c37107a
FAIL:	c37108b
FAIL:	c37206a
FAIL:	c37207a
FAIL:	c37208a
FAIL:	c37208b
FAIL:	c37209a
FAIL:	c37209b
FAIL:	c37210a
FAIL:	c37211a
FAIL:	c37211b
FAIL:	c37211c
FAIL:	c37211d
FAIL:	c37211e
FAIL:	c37213b
FAIL:	c37213d
FAIL:	c37213f
FAIL:	c37213h
FAIL:	c37213j
FAIL:	c37213k
FAIL:	c37213l
FAIL:	c37215b
FAIL:	c37215d
FAIL:	c37215f
FAIL:	c37215h
FAIL:	c37217a
FAIL:	c37217b
FAIL:	c37217c
FAIL:	c37304a
FAIL:	c37305a
FAIL:	c37306a
FAIL:	c37309a
FAIL:	c37310a
FAIL:	c37312a
FAIL:	c37402a
FAIL:	c37403a
FAIL:	c37404a
FAIL:	c37404b
FAIL:	c37405a
FAIL:	c37411a
FAIL:	c380001
FAIL:	c380002
FAIL:	c380003
FAIL:	c38002a
FAIL:	c38002b
FAIL:	c38005a
FAIL:	c38005b
FAIL:	c38005c
FAIL:	c38006a
FAIL:	c38102a
FAIL:	c38102b
FAIL:	c38102c
FAIL:	c38102d
FAIL:	c38102e
FAIL:	c38104a
FAIL:	c38107a
FAIL:	c38107b
FAIL:	c38108a
FAIL:	c38108b
FAIL:	c38108c
FAIL:	c38108d
FAIL:	c38202a
FAIL:	c390001
FAIL:	c390002
FAIL:	c390003
FAIL:	c390004
FAIL:	c390005
FAIL:	c390006
FAIL:	c390007
FAIL:	c390010
FAIL:	c390011
FAIL:	c39006a
FAIL:	c39006b
FAIL:	c39006c
FAIL:	c39006d
FAIL:	c39006e
FAIL:	c39006f
FAIL:	c39006g
FAIL:	c39007a
FAIL:	c39007b
FAIL:	c39008a
FAIL:	c39008b
FAIL:	c39008c
FAIL:	c390a01
FAIL:	c390a02
FAIL:	c390a03
FAIL:	c391001
FAIL:	c391002
FAIL:	c392002
FAIL:	c392003
FAIL:	c392004
FAIL:	c392005
FAIL:	c392008
FAIL:	c392010
FAIL:	c392011
FAIL:	c392013
FAIL:	c392014
FAIL:	c392a01
FAIL:	c392c05
FAIL:	c392c07
FAIL:	c392d01
FAIL:	c392d02
FAIL:	c392d03
FAIL:	c393001
FAIL:	c393007
FAIL:	c393008
FAIL:	c393009
FAIL:	c393010
FAIL:	c393011
FAIL:	c393012
FAIL:	c393a02
FAIL:	c393a03
FAIL:	c393a05
FAIL:	c393a06
FAIL:	c393b12
FAIL:	c393b13
FAIL:	c393b14
FAIL:	c3a0001
FAIL:	c3a0002
FAIL:	c3a0003
FAIL:	c3a0004
FAIL:	c3a0005
FAIL:	c3a0006
FAIL:	c3a0007
FAIL:	c3a0008
FAIL:	c3a0009
FAIL:	c3a0010
FAIL:	c3a0011
FAIL:	c3a0012
FAIL:	c3a0013
FAIL:	c3a0014
FAIL:	c3a0015
FAIL:	c3a1001
FAIL:	c3a1002
FAIL:	c3a2001
FAIL:	c3a2002
FAIL:	c3a2003
FAIL:	c3a2a01
FAIL:	c3a2a02
FAIL:	c410001
FAIL:	c41101d
FAIL:	c41103a
FAIL:	c41103b
FAIL:	c41104a
FAIL:	c41105a
FAIL:	c41107a
FAIL:	c41201d
FAIL:	c41203a
FAIL:	c41203b
FAIL:	c41204a
FAIL:	c41205a
FAIL:	c41206a
FAIL:	c41207a
FAIL:	c41301a
FAIL:	c41303a
FAIL:	c41303b
FAIL:	c41303c
FAIL:	c41303e
FAIL:	c41303f
FAIL:	c41303g
FAIL:	c41303i
FAIL:	c41303j
FAIL:	c41303k
FAIL:	c41303m
FAIL:	c41303n
FAIL:	c41303o
FAIL:	c41303q
FAIL:	c41303r
FAIL:	c41303s
FAIL:	c41303u
FAIL:	c41303v
FAIL:	c41303w
FAIL:	c41304a
FAIL:	c41304b
FAIL:	c41306a
FAIL:	c41306b
FAIL:	c41306c
FAIL:	c41307d
FAIL:	c41309a
FAIL:	c41320a
FAIL:	c41321a
FAIL:	c41322a
FAIL:	c41323a
FAIL:	c41324a
FAIL:	c41325a
FAIL:	c41326a
FAIL:	c41327a
FAIL:	c41328a
FAIL:	c41401a
FAIL:	c41402a
FAIL:	c41404a
FAIL:	c420001
FAIL:	c42006a
FAIL:	c42007e
FAIL:	c43003a
FAIL:	c43004a
FAIL:	c43004c
FAIL:	c431001
FAIL:	c43103a
FAIL:	c43103b
FAIL:	c43104a
FAIL:	c43105a
FAIL:	c43105b
FAIL:	c43106a
FAIL:	c43107a
FAIL:	c43108a
FAIL:	c432001
FAIL:	c432002
FAIL:	c432003
FAIL:	c432004
FAIL:	c43204a
FAIL:	c43204c
FAIL:	c43204e
FAIL:	c43204f
FAIL:	c43204g
FAIL:	c43204h
FAIL:	c43204i
FAIL:	c43205a
FAIL:	c43205b
FAIL:	c43205c
FAIL:	c43205d
FAIL:	c43205e
FAIL:	c43205g
FAIL:	c43205h
FAIL:	c43205i
FAIL:	c43205j
FAIL:	c43205k
FAIL:	c43206a
FAIL:	c43207b
FAIL:	c43207d
FAIL:	c43208a
FAIL:	c43208b
FAIL:	c43209a
FAIL:	c43210a
FAIL:	c43211a
FAIL:	c43212a
FAIL:	c43212c
FAIL:	c43214a
FAIL:	c43214b
FAIL:	c43214c
FAIL:	c43214d
FAIL:	c43214e
FAIL:	c43214f
FAIL:	c43215a
FAIL:	c43215b
FAIL:	c43222a
FAIL:	c43224a
FAIL:	c433001
FAIL:	c44003d
FAIL:	c44003f
FAIL:	c44003g
FAIL:	c450001
FAIL:	c45112a
FAIL:	c45112b
FAIL:	c45113a
FAIL:	c45114b
FAIL:	c452001
FAIL:	c45201a
FAIL:	c45201b
FAIL:	c45202b
FAIL:	c45210a
FAIL:	c45211a
FAIL:	c45220a
FAIL:	c45220b
FAIL:	c45220c
FAIL:	c45220d
FAIL:	c45220e
FAIL:	c45220f
FAIL:	c45231a
FAIL:	c45231b
FAIL:	c45231c
FAIL:	c45231d
FAIL:	c45232b
FAIL:	c45242b
FAIL:	c45251a
FAIL:	c45252a
FAIL:	c45252b
FAIL:	c45253a
FAIL:	c45262a
FAIL:	c45262b
FAIL:	c45262c
FAIL:	c45262d
FAIL:	c45264a
FAIL:	c45264b
FAIL:	c45264c
FAIL:	c45265a
FAIL:	c45271a
FAIL:	c45272a
FAIL:	c45273a
FAIL:	c45274a
FAIL:	c45274b
FAIL:	c45274c
FAIL:	c45281a
FAIL:	c45282a
FAIL:	c45282b
FAIL:	c45291a
FAIL:	c45303a
FAIL:	c45304a
FAIL:	c45304b
FAIL:	c45304c
FAIL:	c45322a
FAIL:	c45323a
FAIL:	c45331a
FAIL:	c45342a
FAIL:	c45343a
FAIL:	c45344a
FAIL:	c45345b
FAIL:	c45347a
FAIL:	c45347b
FAIL:	c45347c
FAIL:	c45347d
FAIL:	c45411a
FAIL:	c45411b
FAIL:	c45411c
FAIL:	c45411d
FAIL:	c45413a
FAIL:	c45431a
FAIL:	c455001
FAIL:	c45502b
FAIL:	c45502c
FAIL:	c45503a
FAIL:	c45503b
FAIL:	c45503c
FAIL:	c45504a
FAIL:	c45504b
FAIL:	c45504c
FAIL:	c45504d
FAIL:	c45504e
FAIL:	c45504f
FAIL:	c45505a
FAIL:	c45523a
FAIL:	c45531a
FAIL:	c45531b
FAIL:	c45531c
FAIL:	c45531d
FAIL:	c45531e
FAIL:	c45531f
FAIL:	c45531g
FAIL:	c45531h
FAIL:	c45531i
FAIL:	c45531j
FAIL:	c45531k
FAIL:	c45531l
FAIL:	c45531m
FAIL:	c45531n
FAIL:	c45531o
FAIL:	c45531p
FAIL:	c45532a
FAIL:	c45532b
FAIL:	c45532c
FAIL:	c45532d
FAIL:	c45532e
FAIL:	c45532f
FAIL:	c45532g
FAIL:	c45532h
FAIL:	c45532i
FAIL:	c45532j
FAIL:	c45532k
FAIL:	c45532l
FAIL:	c45532m
FAIL:	c45532n
FAIL:	c45532o
FAIL:	c45532p
FAIL:	c45534b
FAIL:	c45536a
FAIL:	c456001
FAIL:	c45611a
FAIL:	c45611b
FAIL:	c45611c
FAIL:	c45613a
FAIL:	c45613b
FAIL:	c45613c
FAIL:	c45614a
FAIL:	c45614b
FAIL:	c45614c
FAIL:	c45622a
FAIL:	c45624a
FAIL:	c45624b
FAIL:	c45631a
FAIL:	c45631b
FAIL:	c45631c
FAIL:	c45632a
FAIL:	c45632b
FAIL:	c45632c
FAIL:	c45651a
FAIL:	c45662a
FAIL:	c45662b
FAIL:	c45672a
FAIL:	c460001
FAIL:	c460002
FAIL:	c460004
FAIL:	c460005
FAIL:	c460006
FAIL:	c460007
FAIL:	c460008
FAIL:	c460009
FAIL:	c460010
FAIL:	c460011
FAIL:	c460012
FAIL:	c46011a
FAIL:	c46013a
FAIL:	c46014a
FAIL:	c46021a
FAIL:	c46024a
FAIL:	c46031a
FAIL:	c46032a
FAIL:	c46033a
FAIL:	c46041a
FAIL:	c46042a
FAIL:	c46043b
FAIL:	c46044b
FAIL:	c46051a
FAIL:	c46051b
FAIL:	c46051c
FAIL:	c46052a
FAIL:	c46053a
FAIL:	c46054a
FAIL:	c460a01
FAIL:	c460a02
FAIL:	c47002a
FAIL:	c47002b
FAIL:	c47002c
FAIL:	c47002d
FAIL:	c47003a
FAIL:	c47004a
FAIL:	c47005a
FAIL:	c47006a
FAIL:	c47007a
FAIL:	c47008a
FAIL:	c47009a
FAIL:	c47009b
FAIL:	c48004a
FAIL:	c48004b
FAIL:	c48004c
FAIL:	c48004d
FAIL:	c48004e
FAIL:	c48004f
FAIL:	c48005a
FAIL:	c48005b
FAIL:	c48006a
FAIL:	c48006b
FAIL:	c48007a
FAIL:	c48007b
FAIL:	c48007c
FAIL:	c48008a
FAIL:	c48008c
FAIL:	c48009a
FAIL:	c48009b
FAIL:	c48009c
FAIL:	c48009d
FAIL:	c48009e
FAIL:	c48009f
FAIL:	c48009g
FAIL:	c48009h
FAIL:	c48009i
FAIL:	c48009j
FAIL:	c48010a
FAIL:	c48011a
FAIL:	c48012a
FAIL:	c490001
FAIL:	c490002
FAIL:	c490003
FAIL:	c49020a
FAIL:	c49021a
FAIL:	c49022a
FAIL:	c49022b
FAIL:	c49022c
FAIL:	c49023a
FAIL:	c49024a
FAIL:	c49025a
FAIL:	c49026a
FAIL:	c4a005b
FAIL:	c4a006a
FAIL:	c4a007a
FAIL:	c4a010a
FAIL:	c4a010b
FAIL:	c4a011a
FAIL:	c4a012b
FAIL:	c4a013a
FAIL:	c4a014a
FAIL:	c51004a
FAIL:	c52005a
FAIL:	c52005b
FAIL:	c52005c
FAIL:	c52005d
FAIL:	c52005e
FAIL:	c52005f
FAIL:	c52008a
FAIL:	c52008b
FAIL:	c52009a
FAIL:	c52009b
FAIL:	c52010a
FAIL:	c52011a
FAIL:	c52011b
FAIL:	c52101a
FAIL:	c52102a
FAIL:	c52102b
FAIL:	c52102c
FAIL:	c52102d
FAIL:	c52103a
FAIL:	c52103b
FAIL:	c52103c
FAIL:	c52103f
FAIL:	c52103g
FAIL:	c52103h
FAIL:	c52103k
FAIL:	c52103l
FAIL:	c52103m
FAIL:	c52103p
FAIL:	c52103q
FAIL:	c52103r
FAIL:	c52103x
FAIL:	c52104a
FAIL:	c52104b
FAIL:	c52104c
FAIL:	c52104f
FAIL:	c52104g
FAIL:	c52104h
FAIL:	c52104k
FAIL:	c52104l
FAIL:	c52104m
FAIL:	c52104p
FAIL:	c52104q
FAIL:	c52104r
FAIL:	c52104x
FAIL:	c52104y
FAIL:	c53007a
FAIL:	c540001
FAIL:	c54a03a
FAIL:	c54a04a
FAIL:	c54a07a
FAIL:	c54a13a
FAIL:	c54a13b
FAIL:	c54a13c
FAIL:	c54a13d
FAIL:	c54a22a
FAIL:	c54a23a
FAIL:	c54a24a
FAIL:	c54a24b
FAIL:	c54a42a
FAIL:	c54a42b
FAIL:	c54a42c
FAIL:	c54a42d
FAIL:	c54a42e
FAIL:	c54a42f
FAIL:	c54a42g
FAIL:	c55b03a
FAIL:	c55b04a
FAIL:	c55b05a
FAIL:	c55b06a
FAIL:	c55b06b
FAIL:	c55b07a
FAIL:	c55b07b
FAIL:	c55b10a
FAIL:	c55b11a
FAIL:	c55b11b
FAIL:	c55b15a
FAIL:	c55b16a
FAIL:	c55c02a
FAIL:	c55c02b
FAIL:	c56002a
FAIL:	c57003a
FAIL:	c57004a
FAIL:	c57004b
FAIL:	c58004c
FAIL:	c58004d
FAIL:	c58004g
FAIL:	c58005a
FAIL:	c58005b
FAIL:	c58005h
FAIL:	c58006a
FAIL:	c58006b
FAIL:	c59002a
FAIL:	c59002b
FAIL:	c59002c
FAIL:	c61008a
FAIL:	c61009a
FAIL:	c61010a
FAIL:	c62002a
FAIL:	c62003a
FAIL:	c62003b
FAIL:	c62004a
FAIL:	c62006a
FAIL:	c631001
FAIL:	c640001
FAIL:	c64002b
FAIL:	c64004g
FAIL:	c64005a
FAIL:	c64005b
FAIL:	c64005c
FAIL:	c64005d
FAIL:	c641001
FAIL:	c64103b
FAIL:	c64103c
FAIL:	c64103d
FAIL:	c64103e
FAIL:	c64103f
FAIL:	c64104a
FAIL:	c64104b
FAIL:	c64104c
FAIL:	c64104d
FAIL:	c64104e
FAIL:	c64104f
FAIL:	c64104g
FAIL:	c64104h
FAIL:	c64104i
FAIL:	c64104j
FAIL:	c64104k
FAIL:	c64104l
FAIL:	c64104m
FAIL:	c64104n
FAIL:	c64104o
FAIL:	c64105a
FAIL:	c64105b
FAIL:	c64105c
FAIL:	c64105d
FAIL:	c64106a
FAIL:	c64106b
FAIL:	c64106c
FAIL:	c64106d
FAIL:	c64107a
FAIL:	c64108a
FAIL:	c64109a
FAIL:	c64109b
FAIL:	c64109c
FAIL:	c64109d
FAIL:	c64109e
FAIL:	c64109f
FAIL:	c64109g
FAIL:	c64109h
FAIL:	c64109i
FAIL:	c64109j
FAIL:	c64109k
FAIL:	c64109l
FAIL:	c64201b
FAIL:	c64201c
FAIL:	c64202a
FAIL:	c650001
FAIL:	c65003a
FAIL:	c65003b
FAIL:	c66002a
FAIL:	c66002c
FAIL:	c66002d
FAIL:	c66002e
FAIL:	c66002f
FAIL:	c66002g
FAIL:	c67002a
FAIL:	c67002b
FAIL:	c67002c
FAIL:	c67002d
FAIL:	c67002e
FAIL:	c67003f
FAIL:	c67005a
FAIL:	c67005b
FAIL:	c67005c
FAIL:	c67005d
FAIL:	c72001b
FAIL:	c72002a
FAIL:	c730001
FAIL:	c730002
FAIL:	c730003
FAIL:	c730004
FAIL:	c73002a
FAIL:	c730a01
FAIL:	c730a02
FAIL:	c731001
FAIL:	c74004a
FAIL:	c74203a
FAIL:	c74206a
FAIL:	c74207b
FAIL:	c74208a
FAIL:	c74208b
FAIL:	c74209a
FAIL:	c74210a
FAIL:	c74211a
FAIL:	c74211b
FAIL:	c74302a
FAIL:	c74302b
FAIL:	c74305a
FAIL:	c74305b
FAIL:	c74306a
FAIL:	c74307a
FAIL:	c74401d
FAIL:	c74401e
FAIL:	c74401k
FAIL:	c74401q
FAIL:	c74402a
FAIL:	c74402b
FAIL:	c74406a
FAIL:	c74407b
FAIL:	c74409b
FAIL:	c760001
FAIL:	c760002
FAIL:	c760007
FAIL:	c760009
FAIL:	c760010
FAIL:	c760011
FAIL:	c760012
FAIL:	c760013
FAIL:	c761001
FAIL:	c761002
FAIL:	c761003
FAIL:	c761004
FAIL:	c761005
FAIL:	c761006
FAIL:	c761007
FAIL:	c761010
FAIL:	c761011
FAIL:	c761012
FAIL:	c83007a
FAIL:	c83012d
FAIL:	c83022a
FAIL:	c83022g
FAIL:	c83023a
FAIL:	c83024a
FAIL:	c83024e
FAIL:	c83025a
FAIL:	c83025c
FAIL:	c83027a
FAIL:	c83027c
FAIL:	c83028a
FAIL:	c83029a
FAIL:	c83030a
FAIL:	c83030c
FAIL:	c83031a
FAIL:	c83031c
FAIL:	c83031e
FAIL:	c83032a
FAIL:	c83033a
FAIL:	c83051a
FAIL:	c83b02a
FAIL:	c83b02b
FAIL:	c83e02a
FAIL:	c83e02b
FAIL:	c83e03a
FAIL:	c83f01a
FAIL:	c83f01b
FAIL:	c83f01c
FAIL:	c83f01d
FAIL:	c83f03a
FAIL:	c83f03b
FAIL:	c83f03c
FAIL:	c83f03d
FAIL:	c840001
FAIL:	c84002a
FAIL:	c84005a
FAIL:	c84008a
FAIL:	c84009a
FAIL:	c85004b
FAIL:	c85005a
FAIL:	c85005b
FAIL:	c85005c
FAIL:	c85005d
FAIL:	c85005e
FAIL:	c85005f
FAIL:	c85005g
FAIL:	c85006a
FAIL:	c85006b
FAIL:	c85006c
FAIL:	c85006d
FAIL:	c85006e
FAIL:	c85006f
FAIL:	c85006g
FAIL:	c85007a
FAIL:	c85007e
FAIL:	c85009a
FAIL:	c85011a
FAIL:	c85013a
FAIL:	c85014a
FAIL:	c85014b
FAIL:	c85014c
FAIL:	c85017a
FAIL:	c85018a
FAIL:	c85018b
FAIL:	c85019a
FAIL:	c854001
FAIL:	c854002
FAIL:	c854003
FAIL:	c86003a
FAIL:	c86004a
FAIL:	c86004b
FAIL:	c86004c
FAIL:	c86006i
FAIL:	c86007a
FAIL:	c87a05a
FAIL:	c87a05b
FAIL:	c87b02a
FAIL:	c87b02b
FAIL:	c87b03a
FAIL:	c87b04a
FAIL:	c87b04b
FAIL:	c87b04c
FAIL:	c87b05a
FAIL:	c87b06a
FAIL:	c87b07a
FAIL:	c87b07b
FAIL:	c87b07c
FAIL:	c87b07d
FAIL:	c87b07e
FAIL:	c87b08a
FAIL:	c87b09a
FAIL:	c87b09c
FAIL:	c87b10a
FAIL:	c87b11a
FAIL:	c87b11b
FAIL:	c87b13a
FAIL:	c87b14a
FAIL:	c87b14b
FAIL:	c87b14c
FAIL:	c87b14d
FAIL:	c87b15a
FAIL:	c87b16a
FAIL:	c87b17a
FAIL:	c87b18a
FAIL:	c87b18b
FAIL:	c87b19a
FAIL:	c87b23a
FAIL:	c87b24a
FAIL:	c87b24b
FAIL:	c87b26b
FAIL:	c87b27a
FAIL:	c87b28a
FAIL:	c87b29a
FAIL:	c87b30a
FAIL:	c87b31a
FAIL:	c87b32a
FAIL:	c87b33a
FAIL:	c87b34a
FAIL:	c87b34b
FAIL:	c87b34c
FAIL:	c87b35c
FAIL:	c87b38a
FAIL:	c87b39a
FAIL:	c87b40a
FAIL:	c87b41a
FAIL:	c87b42a
FAIL:	c87b43a
FAIL:	c87b44a
FAIL:	c87b45a
FAIL:	c87b45c
FAIL:	c87b47a
FAIL:	c87b48a
FAIL:	c87b48b
FAIL:	c87b50a
FAIL:	c87b54a
FAIL:	c87b57a
FAIL:	c87b62a
FAIL:	c87b62b
FAIL:	c87b62c
FAIL:	c87b62d
FAIL:	c910001
FAIL:	c910002
FAIL:	c910003
FAIL:	c91004b
FAIL:	c91004c
FAIL:	c91006a
FAIL:	c91007a
FAIL:	c92002a
FAIL:	c92003a
FAIL:	c92005a
FAIL:	c92005b
FAIL:	c92006a
FAIL:	c930001
FAIL:	c93001a
FAIL:	c93002a
FAIL:	c93003a
FAIL:	c93004a
FAIL:	c93004b
FAIL:	c93004c
FAIL:	c93004d
FAIL:	c93004f
FAIL:	c93005a
FAIL:	c93005b
FAIL:	c93005c
FAIL:	c93005d
FAIL:	c93005e
FAIL:	c93005f
FAIL:	c93005g
FAIL:	c93005h
FAIL:	c93006a
FAIL:	c93007a
FAIL:	c93008a
FAIL:	c93008b
FAIL:	c940001
FAIL:	c940002
FAIL:	c940004
FAIL:	c940005
FAIL:	c940006
FAIL:	c940007
FAIL:	c940010
FAIL:	c940011
FAIL:	c940012
FAIL:	c940013
FAIL:	c940014
FAIL:	c940015
FAIL:	c940016
FAIL:	c94001a
FAIL:	c94001b
FAIL:	c94001c
FAIL:	c94001e
FAIL:	c94001f
FAIL:	c94001g
FAIL:	c94002a
FAIL:	c94002b
FAIL:	c94002d
FAIL:	c94002e
FAIL:	c94002f
FAIL:	c94002g
FAIL:	c94004a
FAIL:	c94004b
FAIL:	c94004c
FAIL:	c94005a
FAIL:	c94005b
FAIL:	c94006a
FAIL:	c94007a
FAIL:	c94007b
FAIL:	c94008a
FAIL:	c94008b
FAIL:	c94008c
FAIL:	c94008d
FAIL:	c94010a
FAIL:	c94011a
FAIL:	c94020a
FAIL:	c940a03
FAIL:	c95008a
FAIL:	c95009a
FAIL:	c95010a
FAIL:	c95011a
FAIL:	c95012a
FAIL:	c95021a
FAIL:	c95022a
FAIL:	c95022b
FAIL:	c95033a
FAIL:	c95033b
FAIL:	c95034a
FAIL:	c95034b
FAIL:	c95035a
FAIL:	c95040a
FAIL:	c95040b
FAIL:	c95040c
FAIL:	c95040d
FAIL:	c95041a
FAIL:	c95065a
FAIL:	c95065b
FAIL:	c95065c
FAIL:	c95065d
FAIL:	c95065e
FAIL:	c95065f
FAIL:	c95066a
FAIL:	c95067a
FAIL:	c95071a
FAIL:	c95072a
FAIL:	c95072b
FAIL:	c95073a
FAIL:	c95074c
FAIL:	c95076a
FAIL:	c95078a
FAIL:	c95080b
FAIL:	c95082g
FAIL:	c95085a
FAIL:	c95085b
FAIL:	c95085c
FAIL:	c95085d
FAIL:	c95085e
FAIL:	c95085f
FAIL:	c95085g
FAIL:	c95085h
FAIL:	c95085i
FAIL:	c95085j
FAIL:	c95085k
FAIL:	c95085l
FAIL:	c95085m
FAIL:	c95085n
FAIL:	c95085o
FAIL:	c95086a
FAIL:	c95086b
FAIL:	c95086c
FAIL:	c95086d
FAIL:	c95086e
FAIL:	c95086f
FAIL:	c95087a
FAIL:	c95087b
FAIL:	c95087c
FAIL:	c95087d
FAIL:	c95088a
FAIL:	c95089a
FAIL:	c95090a
FAIL:	c95092a
FAIL:	c95093a
FAIL:	c95095a
FAIL:	c95095b
FAIL:	c95095c
FAIL:	c95095d
FAIL:	c95095e
FAIL:	c951001
FAIL:	c951002
FAIL:	c953001
FAIL:	c953002
FAIL:	c953003
FAIL:	c954001
FAIL:	c954010
FAIL:	c954011
FAIL:	c954012
FAIL:	c954013
FAIL:	c954014
FAIL:	c954015
FAIL:	c954016
FAIL:	c954017
FAIL:	c954018
FAIL:	c954019
FAIL:	c954020
FAIL:	c954021
FAIL:	c954022
FAIL:	c954023
FAIL:	c954024
FAIL:	c954025
FAIL:	c954026
FAIL:	c954a01
FAIL:	c954a02
FAIL:	c954a03
FAIL:	c960001
FAIL:	c960002
FAIL:	c960004
FAIL:	c96001a
FAIL:	c96004a
FAIL:	c96005a
FAIL:	c96005b
FAIL:	c96005d
FAIL:	c96005f
FAIL:	c96006a
FAIL:	c96007a
FAIL:	c96008a
FAIL:	c96008b
FAIL:	c97112a
FAIL:	c97113a
FAIL:	c97114a
FAIL:	c97115a
FAIL:	c97116a
FAIL:	c97117a
FAIL:	c97117b
FAIL:	c97117c
FAIL:	c97118a
FAIL:	c97120a
FAIL:	c97120b
FAIL:	c97201a
FAIL:	c97201b
FAIL:	c97201c
FAIL:	c97201d
FAIL:	c97201e
FAIL:	c97201g
FAIL:	c97201h
FAIL:	c97201x
FAIL:	c97202a
FAIL:	c97203a
FAIL:	c97203b
FAIL:	c97203c
FAIL:	c97204a
FAIL:	c97204b
FAIL:	c97205a
FAIL:	c97205b
FAIL:	c97301a
FAIL:	c97301b
FAIL:	c97301c
FAIL:	c97301d
FAIL:	c97301e
FAIL:	c97302a
FAIL:	c97303a
FAIL:	c97303b
FAIL:	c97303c
FAIL:	c97304a
FAIL:	c97304b
FAIL:	c97305a
FAIL:	c97305b
FAIL:	c97305c
FAIL:	c97305d
FAIL:	c97307a
FAIL:	c974001
FAIL:	c974002
FAIL:	c974003
FAIL:	c974004
FAIL:	c974005
FAIL:	c974006
FAIL:	c974007
FAIL:	c974008
FAIL:	c974009
FAIL:	c974010
FAIL:	c974011
FAIL:	c974012
FAIL:	c974013
FAIL:	c974014
FAIL:	c980001
FAIL:	c980002
FAIL:	c980003
FAIL:	c99004a
FAIL:	c99005a
FAIL:	c9a003a
FAIL:	c9a004a
FAIL:	c9a007a
FAIL:	c9a009a
FAIL:	c9a009c
FAIL:	c9a009f
FAIL:	c9a009g
FAIL:	c9a009h
FAIL:	c9a010a
FAIL:	c9a011a
FAIL:	c9a011b
FAIL:	ca1003a
FAIL:	ca1004a
FAIL:	ca1005a
FAIL:	ca1006a
FAIL:	ca1011a
FAIL:	ca1012a
FAIL:	ca1012b
FAIL:	ca1013a
FAIL:	ca1014a
FAIL:	ca1020e
FAIL:	ca1022a
FAIL:	ca11001
FAIL:	ca11002
FAIL:	ca11003
FAIL:	ca11004
FAIL:	ca11005
FAIL:	ca11006
FAIL:	ca11007
FAIL:	ca11008
FAIL:	ca11009
FAIL:	ca11010
FAIL:	ca11011
FAIL:	ca11012
FAIL:	ca11013
FAIL:	ca11014
FAIL:	ca11015
FAIL:	ca11016
FAIL:	ca11017
FAIL:	ca11018
FAIL:	ca11019
FAIL:	ca11020
FAIL:	ca11021
FAIL:	ca11022
FAIL:	ca1102a
FAIL:	ca1106a
FAIL:	ca1108a
FAIL:	ca1108b
FAIL:	ca11a01
FAIL:	ca11a02
FAIL:	ca11b01
FAIL:	ca11b02
FAIL:	ca11c01
FAIL:	ca11c02
FAIL:	ca11c03
FAIL:	ca11d01
FAIL:	ca11d02
FAIL:	ca11d03
FAIL:	ca13001
FAIL:	ca13002
FAIL:	ca13003
FAIL:	ca13a01
FAIL:	ca13a02
FAIL:	ca14023
FAIL:	ca14028
FAIL:	ca15003
FAIL:	ca20002
FAIL:	ca2001h
FAIL:	ca2002a
FAIL:	ca2003a
FAIL:	ca2004a
FAIL:	ca2007a
FAIL:	ca2008a
FAIL:	ca2009a
FAIL:	ca2009c
FAIL:	ca2009d
FAIL:	ca2009f
FAIL:	ca2011b
FAIL:	ca21001
FAIL:	ca3011a
FAIL:	ca5003a
FAIL:	ca5003b
FAIL:	ca5004a
FAIL:	ca5004b
FAIL:	ca5006a
FAIL:	cb10002
FAIL:	cb1001a
FAIL:	cb1004a
FAIL:	cb1005a
FAIL:	cb1010a
FAIL:	cb1010c
FAIL:	cb1010d
FAIL:	cb20001
FAIL:	cb20003
FAIL:	cb20004
FAIL:	cb20005
FAIL:	cb20006
FAIL:	cb20007
FAIL:	cb2004a
FAIL:	cb2005a
FAIL:	cb2006a
FAIL:	cb2007a
FAIL:	cb20a02
FAIL:	cb3003a
FAIL:	cb3003b
FAIL:	cb3004a
FAIL:	cb40005
FAIL:	cb4001a
FAIL:	cb4002a
FAIL:	cb4003a
FAIL:	cb4004a
FAIL:	cb4005a
FAIL:	cb4006a
FAIL:	cb4007a
FAIL:	cb4008a
FAIL:	cb4009a
FAIL:	cb4013a
FAIL:	cb40a01
FAIL:	cb40a02
FAIL:	cb40a03
FAIL:	cb40a04
FAIL:	cb41001
FAIL:	cb41002
FAIL:	cb41003
FAIL:	cb41004
FAIL:	cb5001a
FAIL:	cb5001b
FAIL:	cb5002a
FAIL:	cc1004a
FAIL:	cc1005b
FAIL:	cc1010a
FAIL:	cc1010b
FAIL:	cc1018a
FAIL:	cc1104c
FAIL:	cc1107b
FAIL:	cc1111a
FAIL:	cc1204a
FAIL:	cc1207b
FAIL:	cc1220a
FAIL:	cc1221a
FAIL:	cc1221b
FAIL:	cc1221c
FAIL:	cc1221d
FAIL:	cc1222a
FAIL:	cc1223a
FAIL:	cc1224a
FAIL:	cc1225a
FAIL:	cc1226b
FAIL:	cc1227a
FAIL:	cc1301a
FAIL:	cc1302a
FAIL:	cc1304a
FAIL:	cc1304b
FAIL:	cc1307a
FAIL:	cc1307b
FAIL:	cc1308a
FAIL:	cc1310a
FAIL:	cc1311a
FAIL:	cc1311b
FAIL:	cc2002a
FAIL:	cc30001
FAIL:	cc30002
FAIL:	cc3004a
FAIL:	cc3007a
FAIL:	cc3007b
FAIL:	cc3011a
FAIL:	cc3011d
FAIL:	cc3012a
FAIL:	cc3015a
FAIL:	cc3016b
FAIL:	cc3016c
FAIL:	cc3016f
FAIL:	cc3016i
FAIL:	cc3017b
FAIL:	cc3017c
FAIL:	cc3019a
FAIL:	cc3019b
FAIL:	cc3019c
FAIL:	cc3106b
FAIL:	cc3120a
FAIL:	cc3120b
FAIL:	cc3121a
FAIL:	cc3123a
FAIL:	cc3125a
FAIL:	cc3125b
FAIL:	cc3125c
FAIL:	cc3125d
FAIL:	cc3126a
FAIL:	cc3127a
FAIL:	cc3128a
FAIL:	cc3203a
FAIL:	cc3207b
FAIL:	cc3220a
FAIL:	cc3221a
FAIL:	cc3222a
FAIL:	cc3223a
FAIL:	cc3224a
FAIL:	cc3225a
FAIL:	cc3230a
FAIL:	cc3231a
FAIL:	cc3232a
FAIL:	cc3233a
FAIL:	cc3234a
FAIL:	cc3235a
FAIL:	cc3236a
FAIL:	cc3240a
FAIL:	cc3305a
FAIL:	cc3305b
FAIL:	cc3305c
FAIL:	cc3305d
FAIL:	cc3601a
FAIL:	cc3601c
FAIL:	cc3602a
FAIL:	cc3603a
FAIL:	cc3605a
FAIL:	cc3606a
FAIL:	cc3606b
FAIL:	cc3607b
FAIL:	cc40001
FAIL:	cc50001
FAIL:	cc50a01
FAIL:	cc50a02
FAIL:	cc51001
FAIL:	cc51002
FAIL:	cc51003
FAIL:	cc51004
FAIL:	cc51006
FAIL:	cc51007
FAIL:	cc51008
FAIL:	cc51a01
FAIL:	cc51b03
FAIL:	cc51d01
FAIL:	cc51d02
FAIL:	cc54001
FAIL:	cc54002
FAIL:	cc54003
FAIL:	cc54004
FAIL:	cc70001
FAIL:	cc70002
FAIL:	cc70003
FAIL:	cc70a01
FAIL:	cc70a02
FAIL:	cc70b01
FAIL:	cc70b02
FAIL:	cc70c01
FAIL:	cc70c02
FAIL:	cd10001
FAIL:	cd10002
FAIL:	cd1009a
FAIL:	cd1009b
FAIL:	cd1009d
FAIL:	cd1009e
FAIL:	cd1009f
FAIL:	cd1009g
FAIL:	cd1009h
FAIL:	cd1009i
FAIL:	cd1009j
FAIL:	cd1009k
FAIL:	cd1009l
FAIL:	cd1009m
FAIL:	cd1009n
FAIL:	cd1009o
FAIL:	cd1009p
FAIL:	cd1009q
FAIL:	cd1009r
FAIL:	cd1009s
FAIL:	cd1009t
FAIL:	cd1009u
FAIL:	cd1009v
FAIL:	cd1009w
FAIL:	cd1009x
FAIL:	cd1009y
FAIL:	cd1009z
FAIL:	cd1c03a
FAIL:	cd1c03b
FAIL:	cd1c03c
FAIL:	cd1c03e
FAIL:	cd1c03f
FAIL:	cd1c03g
FAIL:	cd1c03h
FAIL:	cd1c03i
FAIL:	cd1c04a
FAIL:	cd1c04d
FAIL:	cd1c04e
FAIL:	cd1c06a
FAIL:	cd20001
FAIL:	cd2a21a
FAIL:	cd2a21c
FAIL:	cd2a21e
FAIL:	cd2a22a
FAIL:	cd2a22e
FAIL:	cd2a22i
FAIL:	cd2a22j
FAIL:	cd2a23a
FAIL:	cd2a23e
FAIL:	cd2a24a
FAIL:	cd2a24e
FAIL:	cd2a24i
FAIL:	cd2a24j
FAIL:	cd2a31a
FAIL:	cd2a31c
FAIL:	cd2a31e
FAIL:	cd2a32a
FAIL:	cd2a32c
FAIL:	cd2a32e
FAIL:	cd2a32g
FAIL:	cd2a32i
FAIL:	cd2a32j
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FAIL:	cd2a53a
FAIL:	cd2a53e
FAIL:	cd2a83c
FAIL:	cd2a91c
FAIL:	cd2b11a
FAIL:	cd2b11b
FAIL:	cd2b11d
FAIL:	cd2b11e
FAIL:	cd2b11f
FAIL:	cd2b15c
FAIL:	cd2b16a
FAIL:	cd2c11a
FAIL:	cd2c11d
FAIL:	cd2d11a
FAIL:	cd2d13a
FAIL:	cd30001
FAIL:	cd30002
FAIL:	cd30003
FAIL:	cd30004
FAIL:	cd30005
FAIL:	cd3014a
FAIL:	cd3014c
FAIL:	cd3014d
FAIL:	cd3014f
FAIL:	cd3015a
FAIL:	cd3015c
FAIL:	cd3015e
FAIL:	cd3015f
FAIL:	cd3015g
FAIL:	cd3015h
FAIL:	cd3015i
FAIL:	cd3015k
FAIL:	cd3021a
FAIL:	cd33001
FAIL:	cd33002
FAIL:	cd40001
FAIL:	cd4031a
FAIL:	cd4041a
FAIL:	cd4051a
FAIL:	cd4051b
FAIL:	cd4051c
FAIL:	cd4051d
FAIL:	cd5003a
FAIL:	cd5003b
FAIL:	cd5003c
FAIL:	cd5003d
FAIL:	cd5003e
FAIL:	cd5003f
FAIL:	cd5003g
FAIL:	cd5003h
FAIL:	cd5003i
FAIL:	cd5011a
FAIL:	cd5011c
FAIL:	cd5011e
FAIL:	cd5011g
FAIL:	cd5011i
FAIL:	cd5011k
FAIL:	cd5011m
FAIL:	cd5011q
FAIL:	cd5011s
FAIL:	cd5012a
FAIL:	cd5012b
FAIL:	cd5012e
FAIL:	cd5012f
FAIL:	cd5012i
FAIL:	cd5012m
FAIL:	cd5013a
FAIL:	cd5013c
FAIL:	cd5013e
FAIL:	cd5013g
FAIL:	cd5013i
FAIL:	cd5013k
FAIL:	cd5013m
FAIL:	cd5013o
FAIL:	cd5014a
FAIL:	cd5014c
FAIL:	cd5014e
FAIL:	cd5014g
FAIL:	cd5014i
FAIL:	cd5014k
FAIL:	cd5014m
FAIL:	cd5014o
FAIL:	cd5014t
FAIL:	cd5014v
FAIL:	cd5014x
FAIL:	cd5014y
FAIL:	cd5014z
FAIL:	cd70001
FAIL:	cd7002a
FAIL:	cd7007b
FAIL:	cd7101d
FAIL:	cd7101e
FAIL:	cd7101f
FAIL:	cd7101g
FAIL:	cd7103d
FAIL:	cd7202a
FAIL:	cd7204b
FAIL:	cd7204c
FAIL:	cd72a01
FAIL:	cd72a02
FAIL:	cd7305a
FAIL:	cd90001
FAIL:	cd92001
FAIL:	cda201a
FAIL:	cda201b
FAIL:	cda201c
FAIL:	cda201e
FAIL:	cdb0a01
FAIL:	cdb0a02
FAIL:	cdd1001
FAIL:	cdd2001
FAIL:	cdd2a01
FAIL:	cdd2a02
FAIL:	cde0001
FAIL:	ce2102a
FAIL:	ce2102b
FAIL:	ce2102c
FAIL:	ce2102d
FAIL:	ce2102e
FAIL:	ce2102f
FAIL:	ce2102g
FAIL:	ce2102h
FAIL:	ce2102i
FAIL:	ce2102j
FAIL:	ce2102k
FAIL:	ce2102l
FAIL:	ce2102m
FAIL:	ce2102n
FAIL:	ce2102o
FAIL:	ce2102p
FAIL:	ce2102q
FAIL:	ce2102r
FAIL:	ce2102s
FAIL:	ce2102t
FAIL:	ce2102u
FAIL:	ce2102v
FAIL:	ce2102w
FAIL:	ce2102x
FAIL:	ce2102y
FAIL:	ce2103a
FAIL:	ce2103b
FAIL:	ce2103c
FAIL:	ce2103d
FAIL:	ce2104a
FAIL:	ce2104b
FAIL:	ce2104c
FAIL:	ce2104d
FAIL:	ce2106a
FAIL:	ce2106b
FAIL:	ce2108e
FAIL:	ce2108f
FAIL:	ce2108g
FAIL:	ce2108h
FAIL:	ce2109a
FAIL:	ce2109b
FAIL:	ce2109c
FAIL:	ce2110a
FAIL:	ce2110c
FAIL:	ce2111a
FAIL:	ce2111b
FAIL:	ce2111c
FAIL:	ce2111e
FAIL:	ce2111f
FAIL:	ce2111g
FAIL:	ce2111i
FAIL:	ce2201a
FAIL:	ce2201b
FAIL:	ce2201c
FAIL:	ce2201d
FAIL:	ce2201e
FAIL:	ce2201f
FAIL:	ce2201g
FAIL:	ce2201h
FAIL:	ce2201i
FAIL:	ce2201j
FAIL:	ce2201k
FAIL:	ce2201l
FAIL:	ce2201m
FAIL:	ce2201n
FAIL:	ce2202a
FAIL:	ce2203a
FAIL:	ce2204a
FAIL:	ce2204b
FAIL:	ce2204c
FAIL:	ce2204d
FAIL:	ce2205a
FAIL:	ce2206a
FAIL:	ce2208b
FAIL:	ce2401a
FAIL:	ce2401b
FAIL:	ce2401c
FAIL:	ce2401e
FAIL:	ce2401f
FAIL:	ce2401h
FAIL:	ce2401i
FAIL:	ce2401j
FAIL:	ce2401k
FAIL:	ce2401l
FAIL:	ce2402a
FAIL:	ce2403a
FAIL:	ce2404a
FAIL:	ce2404b
FAIL:	ce2405b
FAIL:	ce2406a
FAIL:	ce2407a
FAIL:	ce2407b
FAIL:	ce2408a
FAIL:	ce2408b
FAIL:	ce2409a
FAIL:	ce2409b
FAIL:	ce2410a
FAIL:	ce2410b
FAIL:	ce2411a
FAIL:	ce3002b
FAIL:	ce3002c
FAIL:	ce3002d
FAIL:	ce3002f
FAIL:	ce3102a
FAIL:	ce3102b
FAIL:	ce3102d
FAIL:	ce3102e
FAIL:	ce3102f
FAIL:	ce3102g
FAIL:	ce3102h
FAIL:	ce3102i
FAIL:	ce3102j
FAIL:	ce3102k
FAIL:	ce3103a
FAIL:	ce3104a
FAIL:	ce3104b
FAIL:	ce3104c
FAIL:	ce3106a
FAIL:	ce3106b
FAIL:	ce3107a
FAIL:	ce3107b
FAIL:	ce3108a
FAIL:	ce3108b
FAIL:	ce3110a
FAIL:	ce3112c
FAIL:	ce3112d
FAIL:	ce3114a
FAIL:	ce3115a
FAIL:	ce3201a
FAIL:	ce3202a
FAIL:	ce3206a
FAIL:	ce3207a
FAIL:	ce3301a
FAIL:	ce3302a
FAIL:	ce3303a
FAIL:	ce3304a
FAIL:	ce3305a
FAIL:	ce3306a
FAIL:	ce3401a
FAIL:	ce3402a
FAIL:	ce3402c
FAIL:	ce3402d
FAIL:	ce3402e
FAIL:	ce3403a
FAIL:	ce3403b
FAIL:	ce3403c
FAIL:	ce3403d
FAIL:	ce3403e
FAIL:	ce3403f
FAIL:	ce3404a
FAIL:	ce3404b
FAIL:	ce3404c
FAIL:	ce3404d
FAIL:	ce3405a
FAIL:	ce3405c
FAIL:	ce3405d
FAIL:	ce3406a
FAIL:	ce3406b
FAIL:	ce3406c
FAIL:	ce3406d
FAIL:	ce3407a
FAIL:	ce3407b
FAIL:	ce3407c
FAIL:	ce3408a
FAIL:	ce3408b
FAIL:	ce3408c
FAIL:	ce3409a
FAIL:	ce3409b
FAIL:	ce3409c
FAIL:	ce3409d
FAIL:	ce3409e
FAIL:	ce3410a
FAIL:	ce3410b
FAIL:	ce3410c
FAIL:	ce3410d
FAIL:	ce3410e
FAIL:	ce3411a
FAIL:	ce3411c
FAIL:	ce3412a
FAIL:	ce3413a
FAIL:	ce3413b
FAIL:	ce3413c
FAIL:	ce3414a
FAIL:	ce3601a
FAIL:	ce3602a
FAIL:	ce3602b
FAIL:	ce3602c
FAIL:	ce3602d
FAIL:	ce3603a
FAIL:	ce3604a
FAIL:	ce3604b
FAIL:	ce3605a
FAIL:	ce3605b
FAIL:	ce3605c
FAIL:	ce3605d
FAIL:	ce3605e
FAIL:	ce3606a
FAIL:	ce3606b
FAIL:	ce3701a
FAIL:	ce3704a
FAIL:	ce3704b
FAIL:	ce3704c
FAIL:	ce3704d
FAIL:	ce3704e
FAIL:	ce3704f
FAIL:	ce3704m
FAIL:	ce3704n
FAIL:	ce3704o
FAIL:	ce3705a
FAIL:	ce3705b
FAIL:	ce3705c
FAIL:	ce3705d
FAIL:	ce3705e
FAIL:	ce3706c
FAIL:	ce3706d
FAIL:	ce3706f
FAIL:	ce3706g
FAIL:	ce3707a
FAIL:	ce3708a
FAIL:	ce3801a
FAIL:	ce3801b
FAIL:	ce3804a
FAIL:	ce3804b
FAIL:	ce3804c
FAIL:	ce3804d
FAIL:	ce3804e
FAIL:	ce3804f
FAIL:	ce3804g
FAIL:	ce3804h
FAIL:	ce3804i
FAIL:	ce3804j
FAIL:	ce3804m
FAIL:	ce3804o
FAIL:	ce3804p
FAIL:	ce3805a
FAIL:	ce3805b
FAIL:	ce3806a
FAIL:	ce3806b
FAIL:	ce3806c
FAIL:	ce3806d
FAIL:	ce3806e
FAIL:	ce3806f
FAIL:	ce3806g
FAIL:	ce3806h
FAIL:	ce3809a
FAIL:	ce3809b
FAIL:	ce3810a
FAIL:	ce3810b
FAIL:	ce3815a
FAIL:	ce3901a
FAIL:	ce3902b
FAIL:	ce3904a
FAIL:	ce3904b
FAIL:	ce3905a
FAIL:	ce3905b
FAIL:	ce3905c
FAIL:	ce3905l
FAIL:	ce3906a
FAIL:	ce3906b
FAIL:	ce3906c
FAIL:	ce3906d
FAIL:	ce3906e
FAIL:	ce3906f
FAIL:	ce3907a
FAIL:	ce3908a
FAIL:	cxa3001
FAIL:	cxa3002
FAIL:	cxa3003
FAIL:	cxa4001
FAIL:	cxa4002
FAIL:	cxa4003
FAIL:	cxa4004
FAIL:	cxa4005
FAIL:	cxa4006
FAIL:	cxa4007
FAIL:	cxa4008
FAIL:	cxa4009
FAIL:	cxa4010
FAIL:	cxa4011
FAIL:	cxa4012
FAIL:	cxa4013
FAIL:	cxa4014
FAIL:	cxa4015
FAIL:	cxa4016
FAIL:	cxa4017
FAIL:	cxa4018
FAIL:	cxa4019
FAIL:	cxa4020
FAIL:	cxa4021
FAIL:	cxa4022
FAIL:	cxa4023
FAIL:	cxa4024
FAIL:	cxa4025
FAIL:	cxa4026
FAIL:	cxa4027
FAIL:	cxa4028
FAIL:	cxa4029
FAIL:	cxa4030
FAIL:	cxa4031
FAIL:	cxa4032
FAIL:	cxa4033
FAIL:	cxa4034
FAIL:	cxa5011
FAIL:	cxa5012
FAIL:	cxa5015
FAIL:	cxa5a01
FAIL:	cxa5a02
FAIL:	cxa5a03
FAIL:	cxa5a04
FAIL:	cxa5a05
FAIL:	cxa5a06
FAIL:	cxa5a07
FAIL:	cxa5a08
FAIL:	cxa5a09
FAIL:	cxa5a10
FAIL:	cxa8001
FAIL:	cxa8002
FAIL:	cxa8003
FAIL:	cxa9001
FAIL:	cxa9002
FAIL:	cxaa001
FAIL:	cxaa002
FAIL:	cxaa003
FAIL:	cxaa004
FAIL:	cxaa005
FAIL:	cxaa006
FAIL:	cxaa007
FAIL:	cxaa008
FAIL:	cxaa009
FAIL:	cxaa010
FAIL:	cxaa011
FAIL:	cxaa012
FAIL:	cxaa013
FAIL:	cxaa014
FAIL:	cxaa015
FAIL:	cxaa016
FAIL:	cxaa017
FAIL:	cxaa018
FAIL:	cxaa019
FAIL:	cxab001
FAIL:	cxac001
FAIL:	cxac002
FAIL:	cxac003
FAIL:	cxac004
FAIL:	cxac005
FAIL:	cxaca01
FAIL:	cxaca02
FAIL:	cxacb01
FAIL:	cxacb02
FAIL:	cxacc01
FAIL:	cxaf001
FAIL:	cxb2001
FAIL:	cxb2002
FAIL:	cxb2003
FAIL:	cxb3001
FAIL:	cxb3002
FAIL:	cxb3003
FAIL:	cxb3004
FAIL:	cxb3005
FAIL:	cxb3007
FAIL:	cxb3008
FAIL:	cxb3009
FAIL:	cxb3010
FAIL:	cxb3011
FAIL:	cxb3012
FAIL:	cxb3013
FAIL:	cxb3014
FAIL:	cxb3015
FAIL:	cxb3016
FAIL:	cxb4001
FAIL:	cxb4002
FAIL:	cxb4003
FAIL:	cxb4004
FAIL:	cxb4005
FAIL:	cxb4006
FAIL:	cxb4007
FAIL:	cxb4008
FAIL:	cxb5001
FAIL:	cxb5002
FAIL:	cxb5003
FAIL:	cxf1001
FAIL:	cxf2001
FAIL:	cxf2002
FAIL:	cxf2003
FAIL:	cxf2004
FAIL:	cxf2005
FAIL:	cxf2a01
FAIL:	cxf2a02
FAIL:	cxf3001
FAIL:	cxf3002
FAIL:	cxf3003
FAIL:	cxf3004
FAIL:	cxf3a01
FAIL:	cxf3a02
FAIL:	cxf3a03
FAIL:	cxf3a04
FAIL:	cxf3a05
FAIL:	cxf3a06
FAIL:	cxf3a07
FAIL:	cxf3a08
FAIL:	cxg1001
FAIL:	cxg1002
FAIL:	cxg1003
FAIL:	cxg1004
FAIL:	cxg1005
FAIL:	cxg2001
FAIL:	cxg2002
FAIL:	cxg2003
FAIL:	cxg2004
FAIL:	cxg2005
FAIL:	cxg2006
FAIL:	cxg2007
FAIL:	cxg2008
FAIL:	cxg2009
FAIL:	cxg2010
FAIL:	cxg2011
FAIL:	cxg2012
FAIL:	cxg2013
FAIL:	cxg2014
FAIL:	cxg2015
FAIL:	cxg2016
FAIL:	cxg2017
FAIL:	cxg2018
FAIL:	cxg2019
FAIL:	cxg2020
FAIL:	cxg2021
FAIL:	cxg2022
FAIL:	cxg2023
FAIL:	cxg2024
FAIL:	cxh1001
FAIL:	cxh3001
FAIL:	cxh3002
FAIL:	cxh3003
FAIL:	cz1101a
FAIL:	cz1102a
FAIL:	cz1103a
FAIL:	d4a002a
FAIL:	d4a002b
FAIL:	d4a004a
FAIL:	d4a004b
FAIL:	e28002b
FAIL:	e28005d
FAIL:	e52103y
FAIL:	eb4011a
FAIL:	eb4012a
FAIL:	eb4014a
FAIL:	ee3203a
FAIL:	ee3204a
FAIL:	ee3402b
FAIL:	ee3409f
FAIL:	ee3412c
FAIL:	la14001
FAIL:	la14002
FAIL:	la14003
FAIL:	la14004
FAIL:	la14005
FAIL:	la14006
FAIL:	la14007
FAIL:	la14008
FAIL:	la14009
FAIL:	la14010
FAIL:	la14011
FAIL:	la14012
FAIL:	la14013
FAIL:	la14014
FAIL:	la14015
FAIL:	la14016
FAIL:	la14017
FAIL:	la14018
FAIL:	la14019
FAIL:	la14020
FAIL:	la14021
FAIL:	la14022
FAIL:	la14024
FAIL:	la14025
FAIL:	la14026
FAIL:	la14027

		=== acats Summary ===
# of expected passes		0
# of unexpected failures	2320

		=== g++ tests ===

Running target unix
FAIL: g++.dg/tls/static-1.C execution test
XPASS: g++.old-deja/g++.other/init5.C execution test

		=== g++ Summary ===

# of expected passes		11347
# of unexpected failures	1
# of unexpected successes	1
# of expected failures		69
# of unsupported tests		95
/build/buildd/gcc-4.0-4.0.2/build/gcc/testsuite/../g++  version 4.0.3 20060212 (prerelease) (Debian 4.0.2-9)

		=== gcc tests ===

Running target unix
FAIL: gcc.c-torture/execute/ieee/20000320-1.c execution,  -O0 
FAIL: gcc.c-torture/execute/ieee/20000320-1.c execution,  -O1 
FAIL: gcc.c-torture/execute/ieee/20000320-1.c execution,  -O2 
FAIL: gcc.c-torture/execute/ieee/20000320-1.c execution,  -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer 
FAIL: gcc.c-torture/execute/ieee/20000320-1.c execution,  -O3 -g 
FAIL: gcc.c-torture/execute/ieee/20000320-1.c execution,  -Os 
FAIL: gcc.c-torture/execute/ieee/mul-subnormal-single-1.c execution,  -O0 
FAIL: gcc.c-torture/execute/ieee/mul-subnormal-single-1.c execution,  -O1 
FAIL: gcc.c-torture/execute/ieee/mul-subnormal-single-1.c execution,  -O2 
FAIL: gcc.c-torture/execute/ieee/mul-subnormal-single-1.c execution,  -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer 
FAIL: gcc.c-torture/execute/ieee/mul-subnormal-single-1.c execution,  -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -funroll-loops 
FAIL: gcc.c-torture/execute/ieee/mul-subnormal-single-1.c execution,  -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -funroll-all-loops -finline-functions 
FAIL: gcc.c-torture/execute/ieee/mul-subnormal-single-1.c execution,  -O3 -g 
FAIL: gcc.c-torture/execute/ieee/mul-subnormal-single-1.c execution,  -Os 
FAIL: gcc.dg/vect/pr18536.c (test for excess errors)
WARNING: gcc.dg/vect/pr18536.c compilation failed to produce executable
XPASS: gcc.dg/vect/vect-85.c scan-tree-dump-times vectorized 1 loops 1
XPASS: gcc.dg/vect/vect-86.c scan-tree-dump-times vectorized 1 loops 1
XPASS: gcc.dg/vect/vect-87.c scan-tree-dump-times vectorized 1 loops 1
XPASS: gcc.dg/vect/vect-87.c scan-tree-dump-times Alignment of access forced using peeling 1
XPASS: gcc.dg/vect/vect-88.c scan-tree-dump-times vectorized 1 loops 1
XPASS: gcc.dg/vect/vect-88.c scan-tree-dump-times Alignment of access forced using peeling 1

		=== gcc Summary ===

# of expected passes		34882
# of unexpected failures	15
# of unexpected successes	6
# of expected failures		88
# of untested testcases		28
# of unsupported tests		541
/build/buildd/gcc-4.0-4.0.2/build/gcc/xgcc  version 4.0.3 20060212 (prerelease) (Debian 4.0.2-9)

		=== gfortran tests ===

Running target unix
FAIL: gfortran.fortran-torture/execute/intrinsic_nearest.f90 execution,  -O0 
FAIL: gfortran.fortran-torture/execute/intrinsic_nearest.f90 execution,  -O1 
FAIL: gfortran.fortran-torture/execute/intrinsic_nearest.f90 execution,  -O2 
FAIL: gfortran.fortran-torture/execute/intrinsic_nearest.f90 execution,  -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer 
FAIL: gfortran.fortran-torture/execute/intrinsic_nearest.f90 execution,  -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -funroll-loops 
FAIL: gfortran.fortran-torture/execute/intrinsic_nearest.f90 execution,  -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -funroll-all-loops -finline-functions 
FAIL: gfortran.fortran-torture/execute/intrinsic_nearest.f90 execution,  -O3 -g 
FAIL: gfortran.fortran-torture/execute/intrinsic_nearest.f90 execution,  -Os 

		=== gfortran Summary ===

# of expected passes		8812
# of unexpected failures	8
# of expected failures		1
# of unsupported tests		17
/build/buildd/gcc-4.0-4.0.2/build/gcc/testsuite/../gfortran  version 4.0.3 20060212 (prerelease) (Debian 4.0.2-9)

		=== objc tests ===

Running target unix

		=== objc Summary ===

# of expected passes		1552
# of unsupported tests		11
/build/buildd/gcc-4.0-4.0.2/build/gcc/xgcc  version 4.0.3 20060212 (prerelease) (Debian 4.0.2-9)

Compiler version: 4.0.3 20060212 (prerelease) (Debian 4.0.2-9) 
Platform: alpha-unknown-linux-gnu
configure flags: -v --prefix=/usr --enable-shared --with-system-zlib --libexecdir=/usr/lib --without-included-gettext --enable-threads=posix --enable-nls --program-suffix=-4.0 --enable-__cxa_atexit --enable-clocale=gnu --enable-libstdcxx-debug --enable-java-awt=gtk --enable-gtk-cairo --with-java-home=/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.4.2-gcj-4.0- --enable-mpfr --disable-werror --enable-checking=release alpha-linux-gnu --enable-languages=c,ada,c++,f95,java,objc,treelang

Build Dependencies:
| Status=Not/Installed/Config-files/Unpacked/Failed-config/Half-installed
|/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)
||/ Name           Version             Description
ii  binutils       2.16.1cvs20060117-1 The GNU assembler, linker and binary utilities

Patches that Debian applied in this version:

  CVS updates from the 4.0 branch upto 20060212.

  Add package identification to the gcc version string

  Set gettext's domain and textdomain to the versioned package name.

  Allow transformations on info file names. Reference the
  transformed info file names in the texinfo files.

  Build and install libstdc++_pic.a library.

  adjust hrefs to point to the local documentation

  On x86-64 use 64bits mode assembly except with -m32.

  Use sensible-editor instead of vi as fallback editor

  Make gccbug POSIX compliant (patch by David Weinehall)

  Disable running the boehm-gc testsuite. Hangs the buildd at least on hppa.

  Run the ACATS testsuite using expect

  Append GCC version to the fastjar version string.

  libstdc++ doxygen docs: Set SHORT_NAMES to YES


  Proposed patch to fix PR19877 (libgcj configury)

  Proposed patch for PR rtl-optimization/25196

  Apply proposed patch for

  - update classpath awt, swing and xml parser for HTML support in swing.
  taken from classpath CVS HEAD 2005-06-18.
  - updates for gnu.xml and javax.swing.text.html.

  Search classmap.db in /var/lib/gcj-4.0 (omitting the subminor version).

  classpath xml-update from 20050930

  2005-07-24  Andreas Schwab  <>
  	* config/m68k/ ("extendqidi2"): When source is an address
  	register use a word move.  Correct operand of ext.w in 68000 code.

  2005-05-12  Thomas Fitzsimmons  <>
  	* (cond_gtk_gcjawt_ltlibrary): Rename

  Fix a segfault on architectures where the size of a pointer is
  greater than the size of an integer, such as ia64.

  Add /usr/lib/gcj-4.0 to the dlsearch path.

  Fix Ubuntu #12744, bug in StreamSerializer, seen with eclipse-3.1

  Fix bug lin SAXDriver, needeed for eclipse's AntCompletionProcessor

  Fix bug in xml transformer, needed to fix eclipse's handling of its configuration files

  Add closure support to libffi for arm

  Enable gij interpreter on arm

  Work around PR 13121

  Do not build the java runtime (from this source package)

  build protoize/unprotoize binaries

  - Install the shared Ada libraries as '.so.1', not '.so' to conform
  to the Debian policy.
  - Don't include a runtime link path (-rpath), when linking binaries.
  - Build the shared libraries on hppa-linux.

  use gcc-4.0 instead of gcc as the command name.

  on alpha-linux, make -mieee default and add -mieee-disable switch
  to turn default off


  Add Debian URL for bug reporting isntructions.

  set default 32bit ix86 architecture to i486

Counting all warnings,
there are 99 warnings in stage3 of this bootstrap.

Number of warnings per file:
     33 ./auto-host.h
     11 treelang/lex.c
     11 gengtype-lex.c
     11 gcc/tsystem.h
     11 gcc/defaults.h
     11 gcc/config/alpha/alpha.h
      3 SYSCALLS.c
      2 gcc/objc/lang-specs.h
      2 gcc/gcc.c
      1 insn-conditions.c
      1 gcc/treelang/parse.y
      1 gcc/protoize.c
      1 gcc/java/jvspec.c

Number of warning types:
     33 this is the location of the previous definition
     22 no previous prototype for `???'
     11 `HAVE_DECL_GETOPT' redefined
     11 `HAVE_AS_TLS' redefined
     11 `DEFAULT_USE_CXA_ATEXIT' redefined
      6 string length `???' is greater than the length `???' ISO C89 compilers are required to support
      3 conflicting types for built-in function `???'
      1 control may reach end of non-void function `???' being inlined
      1 argument `???' might be clobbered by `???' or `???'

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