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Results for 4.0.2 20050911 (prerelease) testsuite on ia64-suse-linux-gnu

LAST_UPDATED: So Sep 11 11:32:20 UTC 2005

		=== acats tests ===
FAIL:	a26007a
FAIL:	ad8011a
FAIL:	c23003a
FAIL:	c23003b
FAIL:	c23003g
FAIL:	c23003i
FAIL:	c35502d
FAIL:	c35502f
FAIL:	c35503d
FAIL:	c35503f
FAIL:	c36204d
FAIL:	c45231d
FAIL:	c4a007a
FAIL:	c87b62d
FAIL:	c96005b
FAIL:	c9a009a
FAIL:	c9a009c
FAIL:	c9a009h
FAIL:	c9a010a
FAIL:	cb4009a
FAIL:	cc1225a
FAIL:	cd10001
FAIL:	cd1009k
FAIL:	cd1009t
FAIL:	cd1009u
FAIL:	cd1c03e
FAIL:	cd1c06a
FAIL:	cd2a83c
FAIL:	cd2a91c
FAIL:	cd2c11a
FAIL:	cd2c11d
FAIL:	cd30001
FAIL:	cd4041a
FAIL:	cd5003a
FAIL:	cd5003b
FAIL:	cd5003c
FAIL:	cd5003d
FAIL:	cd5003e
FAIL:	cd5003f
FAIL:	cd5003g
FAIL:	cd5003h
FAIL:	cd5003i
FAIL:	cd5011a
FAIL:	cd5011c
FAIL:	cd5011e
FAIL:	cd5011g
FAIL:	cd5011i
FAIL:	cd5011k
FAIL:	cd5011m
FAIL:	cd5011q
FAIL:	cd5011s
FAIL:	cd5012a
FAIL:	cd5012b
FAIL:	cd5012e
FAIL:	cd5012f
FAIL:	cd5012i
FAIL:	cd5012m
FAIL:	cd5013a
FAIL:	cd5013c
FAIL:	cd5013e
FAIL:	cd5013g
FAIL:	cd5013i
FAIL:	cd5013k
FAIL:	cd5013m
FAIL:	cd5013o
FAIL:	cd5014a
FAIL:	cd5014c
FAIL:	cd5014e
FAIL:	cd5014g
FAIL:	cd5014i
FAIL:	cd5014k
FAIL:	cd5014m
FAIL:	cd5014o
FAIL:	cd5014t
FAIL:	cd5014v
FAIL:	cd5014x
FAIL:	cd5014y
FAIL:	cd5014z
FAIL:	cd7101g
FAIL:	ce2102c
FAIL:	ce2102h
FAIL:	ce2103a
FAIL:	ce2103b
FAIL:	ce2203a
FAIL:	ce2403a
FAIL:	ce3002b
FAIL:	ce3002c
FAIL:	ce3102b
FAIL:	ce3107a
FAIL:	ce3304a

		=== acats Summary ===
# of expected passes		2230
# of unexpected failures	90
Native configuration is ia64-suse-linux-gnu

		=== g++ tests ===

Running target unix
FAIL: g++.dg/other/error8.C  (test for errors, line 8)
FAIL: g++.dg/other/error8.C  (test for errors, line 9)
FAIL: g++.dg/other/error8.C duplicate error messages (test for bogus messages, line 8)
FAIL: g++.dg/other/error8.C duplicate error messages (test for bogus messages, line 9)
FAIL: g++.dg/other/stdarg3.C (test for excess errors)
FAIL: g++.dg/template/union1.C (test for excess errors)
WARNING: g++.dg/template/union1.C compilation failed to produce executable
XPASS: g++.old-deja/g++.other/init5.C execution test

		=== g++ Summary ===

# of expected passes		10622
# of unexpected failures	6
# of unexpected successes	1
# of expected failures		68
# of unsupported tests		90
/tmp/cvs/gcc-20050911/Build/gcc/testsuite/../g++  version 4.0.2 20050911 (prerelease)

		=== gcc tests ===

Running target unix
FAIL: gcc.dg/builtin-apply4.c execution test
XPASS: gcc.dg/tree-ssa/loop-1.c scan-assembler-times foo 5
XPASS: gcc.dg/vect/vect-22.c scan-tree-dump-times vectorized 3 loops 1
XPASS: gcc.dg/vect/vect-44.c scan-tree-dump-times Alignment of access forced using peeling 1
XPASS: gcc.dg/vect/vect-50.c scan-tree-dump-times Alignment of access forced using peeling 1
XPASS: gcc.dg/vect/vect-54.c scan-tree-dump-times Alignment of access forced using peeling 1
XPASS: gcc.dg/vect/vect-58.c scan-tree-dump-times Alignment of access forced using peeling 1

		=== gcc Summary ===

# of expected passes		34214
# of unexpected failures	1
# of unexpected successes	6
# of expected failures		125
# of untested testcases		28
# of unsupported tests		483
/tmp/cvs/gcc-20050911/Build/gcc/xgcc  version 4.0.2 20050911 (prerelease)

		=== gfortran tests ===

Running target unix

		=== gfortran Summary ===

# of expected passes		8171
# of expected failures		1
# of unsupported tests		17
/tmp/cvs/gcc-20050911/Build/gcc/testsuite/../gfortran  version 4.0.2 20050911 (prerelease)

		=== objc tests ===

Running target unix

		=== objc Summary ===

# of expected passes		1534
# of unsupported tests		11
/tmp/cvs/gcc-20050911/Build/gcc/xgcc  version 4.0.2 20050911 (prerelease)

		=== libffi tests ===

Running target unix

		=== libffi Summary ===

# of expected passes		219
# of unsupported tests		2
		=== libjava tests ===

Running target unix

		=== libjava Summary ===

# of expected passes		3814
# of expected failures		14
# of untested testcases		16
		=== libmudflap tests ===

Running target unix

		=== libmudflap Summary ===

# of expected passes		1288
		=== libstdc++ tests ===

Running target unix
XPASS: 22_locale/locale/cons/ execution test
XPASS: 26_numerics/cmath/ (test for excess errors)
XPASS: 27_io/fpos/ execution test

		=== libstdc++ Summary ===

# of expected passes		3663
# of unexpected successes	3
# of expected failures		11

Compiler version: 4.0.2 20050911 (prerelease) 
Platform: ia64-suse-linux-gnu
configure flags: --host=ia64-suse-linux --enable-shared --enable-threads --enable-__cxa_atexit --with-system-zlib --with-system-libunwind --enable-languages=c,ada,c++,f95,java,objc

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