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Re: c++/9820: [3.3/3.4 regression] ice in build_baselink (templates)

The following reply was made to PR c++/9820; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Janis Johnson <janis187 at us dot ibm dot com>
To: gcc-gnats at gcc dot gnu dot org, gcc-bugs at gcc dot gnu dot org, nobody at gcc dot gnu dot org,
   gcc-prs at gcc dot gnu dot org, poschmid at lbl dot gov
Subject: Re: c++/9820: [3.3/3.4 regression] ice in build_baselink (templates)
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 12:43:20 -0800

 Between 2002-10-30 and 2002-12-24, the mainline and the 3.3
 branch (after its creation) compiled the test case with no
 error message, and then the error message came back, along
 with the ICE.
 The patch that caused the test case to compile successfully:
 2002-10-30  Kriang Lerdsuwanakij  <lerdsuwa at users dot sourceforge dot net>
         Core issue 287, PR c++/7639
         * cp-tree.h (lang_type_class): Add decl_list field.
         (CLASSTYPE_DECL_LIST): New macro.
         (maybe_add_class_template_decl_list): Add declaration.
         * class.c (duplicate_tag_error): Initialize CLASSTYPE_DECL_LIST.
         (unreverse_member_declarations): Reverse CLASSTYPE_DECL_LIST.
         (maybe_add_class_template_decl_list): New function.
         (add_implicitly_declared_members): Use it.
         * decl.c (maybe_process_template_type_declaration): Likewise.
         (pushtag): Likewise.
         * friend.c (add_friend): Likewise.
         (make_friend_class): Likewise.
         * semantics.c (finish_member_declaration): Likewise.
         (begin_class_definition): Initialize CLASSTYPE_DECL_LIST.
         * pt.c (instantiate_class_template): Use CLASSTYPE_DECL_LIST
         to process members and friends in the order of declaration.
 The patch to mainline and 3.3-branch that brought back the
 error message, plus the ICE:
 2002-12-24  Nathan Sidwell  <nathan at codesourcery dot com>
         PR C++/7964
         * cp-tree.h (resolve_scoped_fn_name): Prototype.
         * call.c (resolve_scoped_fn_name): New function. Deal with
         more template expansion. Broken out of ...
         * parse.y (parse_finish_call_expr): ... here. Call it.
         * decl2.c (build_expr_from_tree, CALL_EXPR): Use
         resolve_scoped_fn_name and build_call_from_tree.
 The regression hunt used the original test case, not the
 very short one that Wolfgang provided.

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