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The following reply was made to PR c/5059; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: ro at gcc dot gnu dot org
To: gcc-gnats at gcc dot gnu dot org
Subject: c/5059
Date: 24 Feb 2003 18:46:26 -0000

 CVSROOT:	/cvs/gcc
 Module name:	gcc
 Branch: 	gcc-3_2-branch
 Changes by:	ro at gcc dot gnu dot org	2003-02-24 18:46:26
 Modified files:
 	gcc            : ChangeLog 
 	gcc/config/alpha: osf.h 
 	gcc/doc        : extend.texi 
 	gcc/fixinc     : inclhack.def fixincl.x 
 	gcc/fixinc/tests/base/sys: stat.h 
 	gcc/testsuite  : ChangeLog 
 	gcc/testsuite/g++.dg/other: pragma-ep-1.C 
 	gcc/testsuite/gcc.dg: pragma-ep-1.c 
 Log message:
 	* config/alpha/osf.h (CPP_SUBTARGET_SPEC): Rename
 	* doc/extend.texi (Tru64 Pragmas): Reflect this.
 	* fixinc/inclhack.def (alpha___extern_prefix): Indicate #pragma
 	extern_prefix support for Tru64 UNIX V5 <sys/stat.h>.
 	* fixinc/fixincl.x: Regenerate.
 	* fixinc/tests/base/sys/stat.h [ALPHA___EXTERN_PREFIX_CHECK]: New
 	Fixes PR c/5059, c/6126, other/9671.
 	* g++.dg/other/pragma-ep-1.C: Test for __PRAGMA_EXTERN_PREFIX.
 	* gcc.dg/pragma-ep-1.c: Likewise.

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