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Re: c++/9524: ICE in c_expand_expr, at c-common.c:4319 whencompiling boost 1.29.0

The following reply was made to PR c++/9524; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Michael Matz <>
To: <>
Cc: <>, <>,
	<>, <>,
	Mark Mitchell <>
Subject: Re: c++/9524: ICE in   c_expand_expr, at c-common.c:4319 when
 compiling boost 1.29.0
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 13:27:43 +0100 (CET)

 Hi, writes:
 > State-Changed-From-To: open->analyzed
 > State-Changed-Why:
 >     The code does indeed crash the compiler.
 >     I bet this is the same failure as in PR 9443.
 >     Just to be sure, however, I'm leaving the PR open.
 A very reduced testcase for this error is:
 -------- snip -------------
 struct B {
   void (*f)(void);
   void g();
 void B::g()
 --------- snap ------------
 This compiled with either 3.3 CVS or HEAD ICEs the compiler exhibits the
 abort.  The causing patch for this is a big one from Mark, ChangeLog
 starting with:
 +2002-07-31  Mark Mitchell  <>
 +       * call.c (build_field_call): Do not look up the field by name.
 +       (build_method_call): Simplify.
 +       (struct z_candidate): Add access_path and conversion_path.  Remove
 +       basetype_path.
 +       (convert_class_to_reference): Adjust use of
 +       add_function_candidate.
 +       (add_candidate): Add conversion_path argument.
 When one removes the qualification from the call (i.e. replace 'B::f()'
 with 'f()'), the file compiles.  The difference is, that while expanding
 the call, in the working case it's a:
  <call_expr 0x40159d00
     arg 0 <component_ref 0x40159ce0
         type <pointer_type 0x40189e70 type <function_type 0x4015e2a0>
 while in the broken case the call expressions is a:
  <call_expr 0x40159ce0
     arg 0 <field_decl 0x40189ee0 f
 A field_decl is never expected as the first elem of a call_expr, and this
 makes finally the expansion functions crash.

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