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Re: optimization/9052: in C code, "if" statement fails to executeif optimized

The following reply was made to PR optimization/9052; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Steven Bosscher <>
	Eric Botcazou <>
Subject: Re: optimization/9052: in C code, "if" statement fails to execute
	if optimized
Date: 12 Feb 2003 17:30:01 +0100

 Op wo 12-02-2003, om 17:24 schreef Richard Earnshaw:
 > > Reading specs from
 > > /opt/experimental/lib/gcc-lib/i586-pc-linux-gnu/3.4/specs
 > > Configured with: ../gcc-trunk/configure --disable-nls --with-gnu-as
 > > --with-gnu-ld --prefix=/opt/experimental --program-suffix=-3.4
 > > --enable-languages=c
 > > Thread model: posix
 > > gcc version 3.4 20030211 (experimental)
 > > 
 > > Output from this testcase:
 > > gcc version:	at -O0		at -O1		at -O2
 > > 2.95.3		 22		 22		 22
 > > 3.4 exp.	 22		256		256
 > > 
 > > After uncommenting the printf, gcc 3.4 also prints 22 at -O1 and -O2.
 > > 
 > > I have looked for documentation about this change in behavior but it
 > > doesn't seem to exist. I'm not a floating point specialist, but
 > > generally, comparing floats for equality doesn't seem like the best
 > > thing to do.  However, since it apparently worked with older gcc
 > > versions, I suppose one could qualify this as a regression...
 > > 
 > > Eric, I CC'ed you as the Great C Bug Squasher.  Do you think this is a
 > > regression, and if so, change the status in GNATS?
 > Adding -ffloat-store will probably also make the "misbehaviour" go away.
 > GCC is almost certainly using the register result from the current 
 > iteration to compare with the memory result from an earlier iteration.  
 > Since the register result has excess precision the compare for equality 
 > fails.  That's not a bug, it's just the FP works on the X86.
 > So in summary, almost certainly "not a bug".
 Pfewww, good.
 Still it is a change in behavior of the generated code.  Should it be

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