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-O2 inliner returning 1/n: reduce EARLY_INLINING_INSNS for O1 and O2

[ Notification ID : #1614055772 ] Sign-in on a new environment.

Re: [ PATCH ] C++20 <span>

[0/9] Make HARD_REG_SETs easier to use

[0/9] Reduce the amount of global ABI state

[00/32] Remove global call sets: rtlanal.c

[00/32] Support multiple ABIs in the same translation unit

[01/32] Add function_abi.{h,cc}

[02/32] Add a target hook for getting an ABI from a function type

[03/32] Add a function for getting the ABI of a call insn target

[04/32] [x86] Robustify vzeroupper handling across calls

[05/32] Pass an ABI identifier to hard_regno_call_part_clobbered

[06/32] Pass an ABI to choose_hard_reg_mode

[07/32] Remove global call sets: caller-save.c

[08/32] Remove global call sets: cfgcleanup.c

[09/32] Remove global call sets: cfgloopanal.c

[1/9] Move c6x REGNO_REG_CLASS out of line

[1/9] Simplify the implementation of HARD_REG_SET

[10/32] Remove global call sets: combine.c

[11/32] Remove global call sets: cse.c

[12/32] Remove global call sets: cselib.c

[13/32] Remove global call sets: DF (EH edges)

[14/32] Remove global call sets: DF (entry/exit defs)

[15/32] Remove global call sets: early-remat.c

[16/32] Remove global call sets: function.c

[17/32] Remove global call sets: gcse.c

[18/32] Remove global call sets: haifa-sched.c

[19/32] Remove global call sets: IRA

Re: [2/2] PR 78736: libgomp fallout

[2/9] Remove call_fixed_reg_set

[2/9] Remove COPY_HARD_REG_SET

[20/32] Remove global call sets: loop-iv.c

[21/32] Remove global call sets: LRA

[22/32] Remove global call sets: postreload.c

[23/32] Remove global call sets: postreload-gcse.c

[24/32] Remove global call sets: recog.c

[25/32] Remove global call sets: regcprop.c

[26/32] Remove global call sets: regrename.c

[27/32] Remove global call sets: reload.c

[29/32] Remove global call sets: sched-deps.c


[3/9] Remove no_caller_save_reg_set

[30/32] Remove global call sets: sel-sched.c

[31/32] Remove global call sets: shrink-wrap.c

[32/32] Hide regs_invalidated_by_call etc.

[4/9] Remove AND_HARD_REG_SET

[4/9] Replace call_used_reg_set with call_used_or_fixed_regs

[5/9] Make more use of regs_invalidated_by_call

[5/9] Remove IOR_HARD_REG_SET

[6/9] Add call_used_or_fixed_reg_p



[7/9] Remove redundant fixed_regs tests

[8/9] Hide call_used_regs in target-independent code

[8/9] Remove hard_reg_set_equal_p

[9/9] Remove call_really_used_regs

[9/9] Tweak interface to ira-build.c:ior_hard_reg_conflicts

[AArch64] Allow shrink-wrapping of non-leaf vector PCS functions

[AArch64] Fix cost of (plus ... (const_int -C))

[AArch64] Make call insns record the callee's arm_pcs

[AArch64] Make more use of function_abi

Re: [AArch64] Split built-in function codes into major and minor codes

[AArch64] Strengthen aarch64_hard_regno_call_part_clobbered

[AArch64] Use calls for SVE TLSDEC

[AArch64][SVE2] Shift-Right Accumulate combine patterns

[AArch64][SVE] Utilize ASRD instruction for division and remainder

[Ada] A new utility routine for detecting attribute 'Old

[Ada] Accept concatentation arguments to pragma Annotate

[Ada] Ada 2020: Raise expressions in limited contexts (AI12-0172)

[Ada] Add Remove primitive on functional maps

[Ada] Adding assertions on extra formals for BIP function calls

[Ada] Allow constants of access type in Global contracts

[Ada] Avoid gnatbind regression caused by Copy_Bitfield

[Ada] Avoid to close irrelevant file descriptors

[Ada] Avoid touching potentially nonexistent memory

[Ada] Avoid uninitialized variable in bounded containers

[Ada] Clarify documentation for Stack_Usage

[Ada] Code cleanup of alignment representation clauses in dispatch tables

[Ada] Crash on aggregate with dscriminant in if-expression as default

[Ada] Crash on predicate in full view in a generic unit

[Ada] Crash on universal case expression in fixed-point division

[Ada] Disable inlining of traversal function in GNATprove

[Ada] Disable selected optimizations done in gigi at -Og

[Ada] Do not inline dispatching operations in GNATprove mode

[Ada] Don't accept illegal (e.g., Integer'(null)) generic actuals

[Ada] Don't fail a front-end assertion if errors have already been detected

[Ada] Emit DW_AT_GNU_bias with -fgnat-encodings=gdb

[Ada] Ensure that Scan_Real result does not depend on trailing zeros

[Ada] Factor out code for deciding statically known Constrained attributes

[Ada] Fix 32/64bit mistake on SYSTEM_INFO component in s-win32

[Ada] Fix bogus "too late" error with nested generics and inlining

[Ada] Fix bogus visibility error with nested generics and inlining

[Ada] Fix copy operation with private discriminated record type

[Ada] Fix errno for rename for the VxWorks 6 target

[Ada] Fix fallout of previous change for bit-packed arrays

[Ada] Fix ineffective -gnatyN for separate compilation units

[Ada] Fix portability issues in access to subprograms

[Ada] Fix possible suppressed overflows in arithmetic run-time

[Ada] Fix rounding of fixed-point arithmetic operation

[Ada] Fix run-time segfault with derived access-to-subprogram type

[Ada] Fix run-time segfault with private access-to-subprogram type

[Ada] Fix sharing of expression in array aggregate with others choice

[Ada] Fix size increase for packed record with aliased component

[Ada] Fix spurious alignment warning on simple address clause

[Ada] Fix spurious type mismatch failure on nested instantiations

[Ada] Fix style issues in functional maps

[Ada] Fix typo in error message

[Ada] Fix wrong value of 'Size for slices of bit-packed arrays

[Ada] Force even timestamp in Windows ALI files

[Ada] Get rid of useless temporary for slice in overaligned record type

[Ada] GNAT.Expect (Expect_Internal): Try to call 'poll' few times

[Ada] GNATprove: avoid crash on illegal borrow during package elaboration

[Ada] gnatxref: infinite loop on symbols not found

[Ada] Ignore missing ALI files in GNATprove mode

[Ada] Implement AI12-0086's rules for discriminants in aggregates

[Ada] Implement Machine_Rounding attribute in line when possible

[Ada] Improve efficiency of copying bit-packed slices

[Ada] Improve handling of explicit by-reference mechanism

[Ada] In a generic use Presanalyze_Spec_Expression on Predicates

[Ada] Infinite loop with concatenation and aspect

[Ada] Memory leak with 'Range of a function call in a loop

[Ada] Minor fixes mostly in comments of runtime arithmetic unit

[Ada] Missing accessibility check on discrim assignment

[Ada] Missing propagation of Has_Predicates in cloned subtypes

[Ada] Missing tagged type decoration in corresponding record subtypes

[Ada] Move SPARK borrow-checker to gnat2why codebase

[Ada] New routine GNAT.Sockets.Create_Socket_Pair

[Ada] No Storage_Error for an oversized disabled ghost array object

[Ada] PR ada/91268 Do not redefine macros

[Ada] Process argument of pragma Compile_Time_{Error|Warning} in gigi

[Ada] Raise Constraint_Error in overflow case involving rounding

[Ada] Raise exception on call to Expect for a dead process

[Ada] Refine change for bit-packed slices

[Ada] Refine conditions for calling Copy_Bitfield

[Ada] Refine type of Get_Homonym_Number result

[Ada] Remove dependency on To_C/To_Ada

[Ada] Remove duplicated routines for getting homonym number

[Ada] Remove section on pragma No_Run_Time

[Ada] Skip entity name qualification in GNATprove mode

[Ada] Spurious ineffective use_clause warning

[Ada] Spurious run time error on anonymous access formals

[Ada] Streamline comparison for equality of 2-element arrays

[Ada] Support chained calls to traversal functions in SPARK

[Ada] Support for local unix sockets in GNAT.Sockets API

[Ada] Suppress GNAT FE up-level reference transformation for GNAT-LLVM

[Ada] Update the character type comment in exp_dbug.ads

[Ada] Use declared type for deciding on SPARK pointer rules

[Ada] Use static discriminant value for discriminated task record

Re: [ARM/FDPIC v5 02/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Handle arm*-*-uclinuxfdpiceabi in configure scripts

Re: [ARM/FDPIC v5 04/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Add support for FDPIC for arm architecture

Re: [ARM/FDPIC v5 10/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Implement TLS support.

Re: [ARM/FDPIC v5 11/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Add support to unwind FDPIC signal frame

Re: [ARM/FDPIC v5 13/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Force LSB bit for PC in Cortex-M architecture

Re: [ARM/FDPIC v5 20/21] [ARM][testsuite] FDPIC: Skip tests using architectures unsupported by FDPIC

[ARM/FDPIC v6 00/24] FDPIC ABI for ARM

[ARM/FDPIC v6 01/24] [ARM] FDPIC: Add -mfdpic option support

[ARM/FDPIC v6 02/24] [ARM] FDPIC: Handle arm*-*-uclinuxfdpiceabi in configure scripts

[ARM/FDPIC v6 03/24] [ARM] FDPIC: Force FDPIC related options unless -mno-fdpic is provided

[ARM/FDPIC v6 04/24] [ARM] FDPIC: Add support for FDPIC for arm architecture

[ARM/FDPIC v6 05/24] [ARM] FDPIC: Fix __do_global_dtors_aux and frame_dummy generation

[ARM/FDPIC v6 06/24] [ARM] FDPIC: Add support for c++ exceptions

[ARM/FDPIC v6 07/24] [ARM] FDPIC: Avoid saving/restoring r9 on stack since it is read-only

[ARM/FDPIC v6 08/24] [ARM] FDPIC: Enforce local/global binding for function descriptors

[ARM/FDPIC v6 09/24] [ARM] FDPIC: Add support for taking address of nested function

[ARM/FDPIC v6 10/24] [ARM] FDPIC: Implement TLS support.

[ARM/FDPIC v6 11/24] [ARM] FDPIC: Add support to unwind FDPIC signal frame

[ARM/FDPIC v6 12/24] [ARM] FDPIC: Restore r9 after we call __aeabi_read_tp

[ARM/FDPIC v6 13/24] [ARM] FDPIC: Force LSB bit for PC in Cortex-M architecture

[ARM/FDPIC v6 14/24] [ARM][testsuite] FDPIC: Skip unsupported tests

[ARM/FDPIC v6 15/24] [ARM][testsuite] FDPIC: Adjust scan-assembler patterns.

[ARM/FDPIC v6 16/24] [ARM][testsuite] FDPIC: Skip tests that don't work in PIC mode

[ARM/FDPIC v6 17/24] [ARM][testsuite] FDPIC: Handle *-*-uclinux*

[ARM/FDPIC v6 18/24] [ARM][testsuite] FDPIC: Enable tests on pie_enabled targets

[ARM/FDPIC v6 19/24] [ARM][testsuite] FDPIC: Adjust pr43698.c to avoid clash with uclibc.

[ARM/FDPIC v6 20/24] [ARM][testsuite] FDPIC: Skip tests using architectures unsupported by FDPIC

[ARM/FDPIC v6 21/24] [ARM] FDPIC: Handle stack-protector combined patterns

[ARM/FDPIC v6 22/24] [ARM][testsuite] FDPIC: Skip tests that require -static support

[ARM/FDPIC v6 23/24] [ARM] FDPIC: Implement libitm support.

[ARM/FDPIC v6 24/24] [ARM] FDPIC: Handle arm*-*-uclinuxfdpiceabi in libstdc++ configure scripts

[arm] Add missing predicated-short-it variants to cmp_and and cmp_ior patterns

[arm] Fix insn type of *thumb1_tablejump

[arm][aarch64] Handle no_insn in TARGET_SCHED_VARIABLE_ISSUE

[arm][aarch64] Make no_insn issue to nothing

[C++ PATCH 1/4] Handle location wrappers better in warn_logical_operator.

[C++ PATCH 2/4] Fix conversions for built-in operator overloading candidates.

[C++ PATCH 3/4] PR c++/82165 - enum bitfields and operator overloading.

[C++ PATCH 4/4] PR c++/30277 - int-width bit-field promotion.

Re: [C++ PATCH 4/4] PR c++/30277 - int-width bit-field promotion.

[C++ Patch ping] Bunch of location improvements

[C++ PATCH] * constexpr.c (cxx_fold_indirect_ref): Use similar_type_p.

[C++ PATCH] * cp-tree.h (class iloc_sentinel): New.

[C++ PATCH] PR c++/91809 - bit-field and ellipsis.

[C++ Patch] Another bunch of location fixes

[C++ PATCH] Handle [[likely]] on compound-statement.

[C++ Patch] Improve grokdeclarator error

[C++ Patch] More cp_expr_loc_or_input_loc and DECL_SOURCE_LOCATION uses

[C++ PATCH] PR c++/91369 - Implement P0784R7: constexpr new

[C++ PATCH] Reserve a decl_lang bit

[C++ PATCH] simplify clone predicate

[C++ Patch] Use cp_expr_loc_or_input_loc in a few places in pt.c

[C++ Patch] Use DECL_SOURCE_LOCATION more in name-lookup.c

Re: [C++] Don't fold __builtin_constant_p prematurely

[C] Avoid aka types that just add tags

[C] Improve diagnostics for vector types

[C] Print ", ..." rather than ", ..." in diagnostics

[C][C++] Allow targets to check calls to BUILT_IN_MD functions

[C][C++] Avoid exposing internal details in aka types

[CFI, Darwin] A hook to allow target-handling of Personality and LSDA indirections.

[committed v2 1/3][GCC] gnatmake: Accept the `--sysroot=' GCC driver option

Re: [committed, amdgcn] Remove expcnt waits.

[committed, obvious] Regenerate `configure' scripts for `uclinuxfdpiceabi' libtool.m4 update

Re: [committed] [PR target/85993] Remove dead conditional in SH target code

[committed] avoid bogus warning on strcpy into nested member array (PR 91830)

[committed] Const-correctness fixes for fibonacci_heap.h

[committed] diagnostic-show-locus.c: rework handling of multiple labels

[committed] Fix handling of DECL_IN_CONSTANT_POOL in OpenMP gimplification (PR middle-end/91920)

[COMMITTED] Fix wrong dates in ChangeLog

[committed] handle null and non-constant values in get_range_strlen_dynamic (PR 91570)

[committed] Implement OpenMP TR8 wording for __func__ etc. (PR c++/88203)

[committed] MAINTAINERS - update email address (and, hence, affiliation)

[committed] Make cgraph_node::get_fun const

[committed] Make get_call_rtx_from take a const rtx_insn *

[Committed] PR fortran/91553 -- simplification of constants needs to check for parenthesis

[Committed] PR fortran/91641 -- is_contiguous(null())

[Committed] PR fortran/91642 -- NULL() cannot be in iolength inquire

[Committed] PR fortran/91727 -- NULL pointer dereference

[committed][AArch64] Fix memmodel index in aarch64_store_exclusive_pair

[COMMITTED][GCC8][GCC9][AArch64] Backport PR81800

[COMMITTED][GCC9] Backport RISC-V: Fix bad insn splits with paradoxical subregs.

[COMMITTED][GCC9] Backport RISC-V: Fix more splitters accidentally calling gen_reg_rtx.

Re: [Contrib PATCH] Add scripts to convert GCC repo from SVN to Git

[Darwin, committed] Update machopic_legitimize_pic_address.

[Darwin, PPC, committed] Clean up symbol stubs code.

[Darwin, PPC, Mode Iterators 0/n, committed] Make iterators visible to darwin.md.

[Darwin, PPC, Mode Iterators 1/n, committed] Use mode iterators in picbase patterns.

[Darwin, PPC, Mode Iterators 2/n] Eliminate picbase expanders.

[Darwin, PPC, Mode Iterators 3/n, committed] Update macho_correct_pic.

[Darwin, PPC, Mode Iterators 4/n, committed] Update macho_high.

[Darwin, PPC, Mode Iterators 5/n, committed] Update macho_low.

[Darwin, PPC, testsuite, committed] Fix pr89313.c fail.

[Darwin, X86, testsuite, committed] Fix naked-1.c fail.

Re: [EXTERNAL]Re: [RFC/PATCH v2][PR89245] Check REG_CALL_DECL note during the tail-merging

[FYI] [Ada] set DECL_SIZE_UNIT for zero-sized fields

[GCC][PATCH][AArch64] Update hwcap string for fp16fml in aarch64-option-extensions.def

Re: [gofrontend-dev] Re: libgo: Update to Go 1.13beta1 release

[IRA] Handle fully-tied destinations in a similar way to earlyclobbers

[libcpp] Issue a pedantic warning for UCNs outside UCS codespace

Re: [libgomp, GSoC'19] Work-stealing task scheduling

[libstdc++,doc] xml/manual/policy_data_structures_biblio.xml

Re: [MIPS] GCC: Fix Loongson3 LLSC Errata

[OG9, amdgcn, committed] Detect the actual number of hardware CUs

[OG9, amdgcn, committed] Fix memory leak in libgomp

[OG9, amdgcn, committed] Move offload data to graphics memory

[OG9, amdgcn, committed] Use GFX9 granulated sgprs count correctly

[OG9, amdgcn,committed] Fix relocations with multiple devices

[OG9, committed] Backport error message for mapped parameters

[OG9, committed] Backport GCN expcnt patches

[OG9, committed] Backport gfx906 patches

[OG9][committed] - [Patch] PR fortran/78260 - OpenACC + OpenMP target fixes - esp. with function-result variables

[PATCH 0/2] libada: Installation improvements

Re: [PATCH 0/3] mklog improvements

Re: [PATCH 0/4] True IPA reimplementation of IPA-SRA (v4)

[PATCH 0/4]: C++ P1423R3 char8_t remediation implementation

[PATCH 0/6] [og9] OpenACC worker partitioning in middle end (AMD GCN)

[Patch 0/X] [WIP][RFC][libsanitizer] Introduce HWASAN to GCC

[PATCH 00/11] timed_mutex, shared_timed_mutex: Add full steady clock support

[PATCH 01/11] libstdc++ testsuite: Check return value from timed_mutex::try_lock_until

[PATCH 02/11] libstdc++ testsuite: Add timed_mutex::try_lock_until test

Re: [PATCH 02/25] Propagate address spaces to builtins.

[PATCH 03/11] libstdc++ testsuite: Also test timed_mutex with steady_clock

[PATCH 04/11] libstdc++ testsuite: Also test unique_lock::try_lock_until with steady_clock

[PATCH 05/11] PR libstdc++/78237 Add full steady_clock support to timed_mutex

[PATCH 06/11] libstdc++ testsuite: Move slow_clock to its own header

[PATCH 07/11] PR libstdc++/91906 Fix timed_mutex::try_lock_until on arbitrary clock

[PATCH 08/11] libstdc++ testsuite: Also test shared_timed_mutex with steady_clock

[PATCH 09/11] libstdc++ shared_mutex: Add full steady_clock support to shared_timed_mutex

[PATCH 1/2 V3] Setup predicate for switch default case in IPA (PR ipa/91089)

[PATCH 1/2] [og9] Fix tree check failure with reduction localization

[PATCH 1/2] Auto-generate maybe_fold_and/or_comparisons from match.pd

Re: [PATCH 1/2] Implement p1301 - [[nodiscard("should have a reason")]]

[PATCH 1/2] libada: Remove racy duplicate gnatlib installation

[PATCH 1/2] rs6000: Delete UNSPEC_FRSP

Re: [PATCH 1/2][vect]PR 88915: Vectorize epilogues when versioning loops


Re: [PATCH 1/4] Remove old IPA-SRA, introduce tree-sra.h

[PATCH 1/4]: C++ P1423R3 char8_t remediation: Decouple constraints for u8path from path constructors

[PATCH 1/6] [og9] Target-dependent gang-private variable decl rewriting

[PATCH 10/11] libstdc++ timed_mutex: Ensure that try_lock_for waits for long enough

[PATCH 11/11] shared_mutex: Fix try_lock_until and try_lock_shared_until on arbitrary clock

[PATCH 2/2 V3] Use post-dom info to update if/switch predicate (PR ipa/91089)

[PATCH 2/2] [og9] Remove duplicate SESE code in NVPTX backend

[PATCH 2/2] Fix PR88784, middle end is missing some optimizations about unsigned

Re: [PATCH 2/2] gcc/riscv: Add a mechanism to remove some calls to _riscv_save_0

[PATCH 2/2] libada: Respect `--enable-version-specific-runtime-libs'

Re: [PATCH 2/2] PR libstdc++/41861 Add full steady_clock support to condition_variable

[PATCH 2/2] rs6000: Delete UNSPEC_MV_CR_OV.

Re: [PATCH 2/2][vect]Make vect-epilogues-nomask=1 default

Re: [PATCH 2/3][MSP430] Setup exclusion tables for function and data attributes

Re: [PATCH 2/4] New parameter manipulation infrastructure

[PATCH 2/4]: C++ P1423R3 char8_t remediation: Update feature test macro, add deleted operators, update u8path

[PATCH 2/6] [og9] OpenACC middle-end worker-partitioning support

Re: [PATCH 2/9] operand_equal_p: add support for FIELD_DECL

Re: [PATCH 3/3][MSP430] Use default_elf_select_section to select sections for data where possible

Re: [PATCH 3/4] New IPA-SRA implementation

[PATCH 3/4]: C++ P1423R3 char8_t remediation: Updates to existing tests

[PATCH 3/5] Rewrite part of and_comparisons_1 into match.pd.

[PATCH 3/6] [og9] AMD GCN adjustments for middle-end worker partitioning

Re: [PATCH 3/9] operand_equal_p: add support for OBJ_TYPE_REF.

Re: [PATCH 4/4] Modifications to the testsuite

[PATCH 4/4]: C++ P1423R3 char8_t remediation: New tests

[PATCH 4/5] Rewrite first part of or_comparisons_1 into match.pd.

[PATCH 4/6] [og9] Fix up tests for oaccdevlow pass splitting

[PATCH 5/5] Rewrite second part of or_comparisons_1 into match.pd.

[PATCH 5/6] [og9] Reference reduction localization

Re: [PATCH 5/9] Come up with an abstraction.

[PATCH 6/6] [og9] Enable worker partitioning for AMD GCN

[PATCH RS6000], add xxswapd support

[PATCH target/86811] Mark VAX as not needing speculation barriers

[PATCH target/87007]Extend rpad to handle AVX512F vcvtusi2ss/vcvtusi2sd

[PATCH testsuite, arm] cache fp16 hw effective-target tests

Re: [PATCH v2 0/9] S/390: Use signaling FP comparison instructions

[PATCH v2 1/2] libada: Remove racy duplicate gnatlib installation

Re: [PATCH v2 4/6] compiler-gcc.h: add asm_inline definition

[PATCH v2, rs6000] Replace X-form addressing with D-form addressing in new pass for Power 9

[PATCH v2] [AARCH64] Add support for new control bits CTR_EL0.DIC and CTR_EL0.IDC

[PATCH v2] [MIPS] Fix handling of MSA SUBREG moves on big-endian targets

[PATCH V2] Extend IPA-CP to support arithmetically-computed value-passing on by-ref argument (PR ipa/91682))

[PATCH V2] Generalized predicate/condition for parameter reference in IPA (PR ipa/91088)

Re: [PATCH v2] libitm: sh: avoid absolute relocation in shared library (PR 86712)

[PATCH V2] Setup predicate for switch default case in IPA (PR ipa/91089)

[PATCH v3 0/9] S/390: Use signaling FP comparison instructions

[PATCH v3 1/9] Allow COND_EXPR and VEC_COND_EXPR condtions to trap

[PATCH v3 2/9] Introduce rtx_alloca, alloca_raw_REG and alloca_rtx_fmt_*

[PATCH v3 3/9] Introduce can_vector_compare_p function

[PATCH v3 4/9] S/390: Do not use signaling vector comparisons on z13

[PATCH v3 5/9] S/390: Implement vcond expander for V1TI,V1TF

[PATCH v3 6/9] S/390: Remove code duplication in vec_unordered<mode>

[PATCH v3 7/9] S/390: Remove code duplication in vec_* comparison expanders

[PATCH v3 8/9] S/390: Use signaling FP comparison instructions

[PATCH v3 9/9] S/390: Test signaling FP comparison instructions

Re: [PATCH V3, #1 of 10], Add basic pc-relative support

[PATCH V3] Extend IPA-CP to support arithmetically-computed value-passing on by-ref argument (PR ipa/91682))

[PATCH V3] Generalized predicate/condition for parameter reference in IPA (PR ipa/91088)

[PATCH V3] Loop split upon semi-invariant condition (PR tree-optimization/89134)

[PATCH V4] Extend IPA-CP to support arithmetically-computed value-passing on by-ref argument (PR ipa/91682)

[PATCH V4] Generalized predicate/condition for parameter reference in IPA (PR ipa/91088)

[PATCH v4] Missed function specialization + partial devirtualization

Re: [PATCH v5] Missed function specialization + partial devirtualization

Re: [PATCH V6 01/11] Update config.sub and config.guess.

Re: [PATCH V6 02/11] opt-functions.awk: fix comparison of limit, begin and end

Re: [PATCH V6 03/11] testsuite: annotate c-torture/compile tests with dg-require-stack-size

Re: [PATCH V6 04/11] testsuite: new require effective target indirect_calls

Re: [PATCH V6 05/11] bpf: new GCC port

Re: [PATCH V6 08/11] bpf: make target-supports.exp aware of eBPF

Re: [PATCH V6 09/11] bpf: adjust GCC testsuite to eBPF limitations

Re: [PATCH V6 11/11] bpf: add myself as the maintainer for the eBPF port

Re: [PATCH v6 3/3] PR80791 Consider doloop cmp use in ivopts

[PATCH, AArch64 v4 0/6] LSE atomics out-of-line

[PATCH, AArch64 v4 1/6] aarch64: Extend %R for integer registers

[PATCH, AArch64 v4 2/6] aarch64: Implement TImode compare-and-swap

[PATCH, AArch64 v4 3/6] aarch64: Tidy aarch64_split_compare_and_swap

[PATCH, AArch64 v4 4/6] aarch64: Add out-of-line functions for LSE atomics

[PATCH, AArch64 v4 5/6] aarch64: Implement -moutline-atomics

[PATCH, AArch64 v4 6/6] TESTING: Enable -moutline-atomics by default

Re: [PATCH, AArch64, v3 0/6] LSE atomics out-of-line

Re: [PATCH, AArch64, v3 4/6] aarch64: Add out-of-line functions for LSE atomics

Re: [PATCH, AArch64, v3 5/6] aarch64: Implement -matomic-ool

[PATCH, AArch64] Fix PR target/91834

[PATCH, AArch64] PR target/91833

[patch, committed] Use PRId64 in libgomp/config/linux

Re: [PATCH, committed] V4.2, patch #1: Rework prefixed/pc-relative lookup (revised #2)

Re: [PATCH, committed], V4.2, patch #2: Add prefixed insn attribute (revised #2)

[PATCH, Fortran] Character type names in errors and warnings - new version for review

Re: [Patch, Fortran] CO_BROADCAST for derived types with allocatable components

[patch, fortran] Fix ICE on invalid with DO steps

Re: [Patch, fortran] Implementation of F2018 SELECT RANK

[patch, fortran] Improve error messages for mismatched arguments

[PATCH, Fortran] Optionally suppress no-automatic overwrites recursive warning - for approval

[PATCH, Fortran] Optionally suppress no-automatic overwrites recursive warning - for review

[patch, fortran] PR 84487

[Patch, fortran] PR91588 - ICE in check_inquiry, at fortran/expr.c:2673

[Patch, fortran] PR91686 - ICE in gimplify:2554

[Patch, fortran] PR91717 - ICE on concatenating deferred-length character and character literal

[Patch, fortran] PR91726 - [7/8/9/10 Regression] ICE in gfc_conv_array_ref, at fortran/trans-array.c:3612

[Patch, fortran] PR91729 - ICE in gfc_match_select_rank, at fortran/match.c:6586

[Patch, GCC]Backporting r269039 to gcc8

[PATCH, i386]: Add smulhrs<mode>3 expanders (PR 89386)

Re: [PATCH, i386]: Do not limit the cost of moves to/from XMM register to minimum 8.

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR 32413 in a correct way

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR 91654: Runtime SPEC regression on Haswell

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR91719, emit XCHG for seq_cst store on big cores

[patch, libgfortran] Bug 91593 - Implicit enum conversions in libgfortran/io/transfer.c

[patch, libgomp] Fix segfault with plugin-hsa

[patch, libgomp] testsuite remove alloca header

[PATCH, libstdc++] Doc changes for constexpr additions for C++20 status.

[PATCH, libstdc++] Improve the performance of std::uniform_int_distribution (fewer divisions)

[PATCH, nvptx] Expand OpenACC child function arguments to use CUDA params space

[PATCH, RS6000] Add movmemsi pattern for inline expansion of memmove()

[PATCH, rs6000] Lower vec_perm vectorization cost for P8/P9

[PATCH, rs6000] Support float from/to long conversion vectorization

[PATCH, rs6000] Update powerpc vector load builtins with PURE attribute

[patch, testsuite, arm] Fix ICE in gcc.dg/gimplefe-28.c

[PATCH, testsuite, committed] Unsupport 20190827-1.c for targets without alias support.

Re: [PATCH, V3, #5 of 10], Make -mpcrel default on little endian Linux systems

Re: [PATCH, V3, #6 of 10], Fix vec_extract breakage

Re: [PATCH, V3, #7 of 10], Implement PCREL_OPT relocation optimization

Re: [PATCH, V3, #8 of 10], Miscellaneous prefixed addressing tests

Re: [PATCH, V3, #9 of 10], Prefixed addressing tests with large offsets

[patch,committed][OG9] Fix compiler warnings

[Patch,committed][OG9] Fix dg-warning line numbers in libgomp

[Patch,committed][OG9] Update dg-* in to reduce test failures

[patch,committed][og9][openacc-gcc-9-branch] Fix segfault with plugin-gcn under libgomp

[PATCH,Fortran] Improve PRNG jumping when using threads

[PATCH,RFC,V5 0/6] Support for CTF in GCC

[PATCH,RFC,V5 1/6] Add new function lang_GNU_GIMPLE

[PATCH,RFC,V5 2/6] Add CTF command line options : -gtLEVEL

[PATCH,RFC,V5 3/6] Setup for CTF generation and emission

[PATCH,RFC,V5 4/6] CTF generation for a single compilation unit

[PATCH,RFC,V5 5/6] Update CTF testsuite

[PATCH,RFC,V5 6/6] Handle CTF sections when LTO is enabled

[Patch-fortran] PR91589 - [9/10 Regression] ICE in gfc_conv_component_ref, at fortran/trans-expr.c:2447

[PATCH] Add some hash_map_safe_* functions like vec_safe_*.

[PATCH] * Makefile.in (build/genmatch.o): Depend on $(CPPLIB_H).

[PATCH] 2019-09-20 Kamil Rytarowski <n54 at gmx dot com>

Re: [PATCH] 2019-09-20 Kamil Rytarowski <n54 at gmx dot com>

Re: [PATCH] [AARCH64] Add support for new control bits CTR_EL0.DIC and CTR_EL0.IDC

[PATCH] [ARC] Pass along -mcode-density flag to the assembler

[PATCH] [ARM] Adjust test expectations of unaligned-memcpy-2/3.c (PR 91614)

[PATCH] [gcc-8-branch] Fix recent unique_ptr regressions

[PATCH] [LIBPHOBOS] Fix multi-lib RUNTESTFLAGS handling

[PATCH] [MIPS] Fix PR target/91769

[PATCH] [og9] A couple of GCN-specific test fixes

[PATCH] [og9] Add 'ephemeral' parameter to GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_host2dev

[PATCH] [og9] Add omp_pause_resource{,_all} for AMD GCN

[PATCH] [og9] Clean up dead/write-only fields in GCN libgomp plugin

[PATCH] [og9] Fix libgomp.oacc-fortran/lib-13.f90 async bug

[PATCH] [og9] Fix OpenACC "ephemeral" asynchronous host-to-device copies

[PATCH] [og9] Fix src_copy mismerge in GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_host2dev

[PATCH] [og9] Fix uninitialised read in gomp_map_vars_internal

[PATCH] [og9] Handle references in OpenACC "private" clauses

[PATCH] [og9] Improve async serialize implementation for AMD GCN libgomp plugin

[PATCH] [og9] OpenACC profiling support for AMD GCN

[PATCH] [og9] OpenACC profiling-interface fixes for asynchronous operations

[PATCH] [og9] Update expected messages, errors and warnings for "kernels" tests

[PATCH] [og9] Use more appropriate var in localize_reductions call

Re: [PATCH] Add .pd extension to c_exts.

[PATCH] Add new builtin __SANITIZE_UNDEFINED__ macros for fsanitize=undefined switch

Re: [PATCH] Add some hash_map_safe_* functions like vec_safe_*.

[PATCH] Add TODO_update_ssa for SLP BB vectorization (PR tree-optimization/91885).

[PATCH] Allow useless type changes between vectype of builtin arguments (PR tree-optimization/91723)

Re: [PATCH] Assorted optc-save-gen.awk fixes (PR bootstrap/90543)

Re: [PATCH] Automatics in equivalence statements

[PATCH] bring -Warray-bounds closer to -Wstringop-overflow (PR91647, 91463, 91679)

[PATCH] Build proper false constant for VECTOR_TYPEs.

[PATCH] Builtin fadd variants folding implementation

Re: [PATCH] builtin fadd variants implementation

[PATCH] C testsuite, silence a FreeBSD libc warning

[PATCH] Come up with debug counter for store-merging.

Re: [PATCH] Come up with json::integer_number and use it in GCOV.

[PATCH] declare bcmp, bcopy, and bzero nonnull (PR 80936)

[PATCH] Define std::ssize for C++20 (P1227R2)

[PATCH] Define std::to_array for Debug Mode

Re: [PATCH] Deprecate -frepo option.

[PATCH] detect strcat/strcpy overflowing member arrays (PR 91631)

[PATCH] Disable postreload GCSE on large code

[PATCH] Disable vtable verification with LTO

[PATCH] Disentangle autopar and vect reduction detection

[PATCH] Dissect vect_create_epilog_for_reduction

[PATCH] Do all reduction PHI creation upfront

[PATCH] Do not check call type compatibility when cloning cgraph edges

[PATCH] driver: Also prune joined switches with negation

[PATCH] DWARF array bounds missing from C++ array definitions

[PATCH] Extend IPA-CP to support arithmetically-computed value-passing on by-ref argument (PR ipa/91682))

[PATCH] Fix -Waddress-of-packed-member ICE in unevaluated contexts (PR c++/91925)

[PATCH] Fix algo constexpr tests in Debug mode

[PATCH] Fix array index error in address_v6 comparisons

[PATCH] Fix continue condition in IPA-SRA's process_scan_results

Re: [PATCH] Fix free_lang_data on asm stmts (PR lto/91572)


Re: [PATCH] Fix ICE when __builtin_calloc has no LHS (PR tree-optimization/91014).

[PATCH] Fix ICE with TYPE_TRANSPARENT_AGGR (PR middle-end/91001)

[PATCH] Fix libstdc++ tests for -Wvolatile warnings in C++2a mode

[PATCH] Fix PR 91605

[PATCH] Fix PR 91684

[PATCH] Fix PR 91708

[PATCH] Fix PR fortran/91716

[PATCH] Fix PR90387

[PATCH] Fix PR90501

[PATCH] Fix PR91657 (and likely dups)

[PATCH] Fix PR91750

[PATCH] Fix PR91756

[PATCH] Fix PR91767

[PATCH] Fix PR91772

[PATCH] Fix PR91790

[PATCH] Fix PR91812

[PATCH] Fix PR91821

[PATCH] Fix PR91822

[PATCH] Fix PR91896

[PATCH] Fix quoting in a call to internal_error

[PATCH] Fix some more alignment bugs in the midde-end (PR 91603, 91612, 91613)

[PATCH] Fix testcase to not use vtable verification with LTO

[PATCH] Fix unaligned TARGET_MEM_REF expansion (PR 91615)

[PATCH] Fix up -funsigned-char behavior of _mm256_cmpgt_epi8 (PR target/91704)

[PATCH] Fix up __builtin_alloca_with_align (0, ...) folding (PR sanitizer/91707)

Re: [PATCH] Fix up go regressions caused by my recent switchconv changes (PR go/91617)

[PATCH] Fix up ix86_expand_adjust_ufix_to_sfix_si ICE (PR target/91931)

[PATCH] Fix up match.pd ICE on kernel build (PR middle-end/91725)

[PATCH] Fix up sqrt(x) < c and sqrt(x) >= c match.pd folding (PR tree-optimization/91734)

[PATCH] Fix up sqrt(x) < c and sqrt(x) >= c match.pd folding (PR tree-optimization/91734, take 2)

[PATCH] Fix VEC_COND_EXPR expansion ICE (PR middle-end/91623)

[PATCH] Fix x86 double word splitting (PR target/91604)

[PATCH] Fix Xmethod for shared_ptr::use_count()

[PATCH] Fixup the recently added arm/pr91603.c test case

[PATCH] Fold ((T)(A + CST1)) + CST2 -> (T)(A) + (T)CST1 + CST2 for unsigned T and undefined overflow A + CST1 (PR middle-end/91866)

Re: [PATCH] fold more string comparison with known result (PR 90879)

[PATCH] Fortran - character type names in errors and warning - for review

Re: [PATCH] Fortran - character type names in errors and warning - for review'

[PATCH] FreeBSD PowerPC use secure-plt

[PATCH] genemit: Print file+line in the "Splitting with" message

[PATCH] handle null and non-constant values in get_range_strlen_dynamic (PR 91570)

[PATCH] Help compiler detect invalid code

[PATCH] i386: Increase Skylake SImode pseudo register store cost

[PATCH] i386: Restore Skylake SImode hard register store cost

[PATCH] ifcvt: improve cost estimation (PR 87047)

[PATCH] Implement C++20 constexpr changes to std::pair (P1032R1)

[PATCH] Implement C++20 P1023 for __debug::array

[PATCH] Implement LWG 3255 for std::span constructors

[PATCH] Implement LWG 3296 for basic_regex::assign

[PATCH] Implement std::common_reference for C++20

[PATCH] Improve _Safe_iterator _M_distance_to

[PATCH] Include netinet/in.h in include/experimental/internet

[PATCH] IPA-CP release transformation summary (PR jit/91928)

[PATCH] Isolate vect_create_epilog_for_reduction

[PATCH] lexicographical_comparison enhancements

[PATCH] libgomp_g.h: Include stdint.h instead of gstdint.h

[PATCH] libstdc++ testsuite, silence a FreeBSD libm warning

[PATCH] LWG 3266. to_chars(bool) should be deleted

[PATCH] Make LTO link pick up compile-time -g

[PATCH] Microblaze: Type confusion in fprintf

[PATCH] More reduction vectorization refactoring

[PATCH] Multibyte awareness for diagnostics (PR 49973)

[PATCH] Optimise std::remove_cv and use more helper aliases

[PATCH] Optimize (A / (cast) (1 << B)) -> (A >> B) (PR middle-end/91680)

Re: [PATCH] Optimize to_chars

[Patch] PR fortran/78260 - OpenACC + OpenMP target fixes - esp. with function-result variables

[PATCH] PR fortran/91426: Colorize %L text to match diagnostic_show_locus

Re: [PATCH] PR fortran/91551 -- ALLOCATED has one argument

Re: [PATCH] PR fortran/91552 -- Walk array constructor to do type conversion

[PATCH] PR fortran/91650 -- BOZ cannot be an output IO list item

[PATCH] PR fortran/91660 -- Improve and restore error messages

[PATCH] PR fortran/91714 -- Mangled type-spec

[PATCH] PR fortran/91802 -- rank+corank must be less than 16

[PATCH] PR fortran/91864 -- inquiry parameter is a constant

[PATCH] PR fortran/91943 -- More BOZ fallout

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/77936 remove unused variable

Re: [PATCH] PR libstdc++/91067 add more missing exports for directory iterators

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/91711 fix failing test

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/91748 fix std::for_each_n for random access iterators

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/91788 improve codegen for std::variant<T...>::index()

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/91871 fix Clang warnings in testsuite

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/91910 fix data race in Debug Mode destructors

[PATCH] PR tree-optimization/90836 Missing popcount pattern matching

Re: [PATCH] PR91195: fix -Wmaybe-uninitialized warning for conditional store optimization

Re: [PATCH] Prevent LTO section collision for a symbol name starting with '*'.

[PATCH] Punt on vectorizing sign-changing conditional reduction (PR tree-optimization/91665)

[PATCH] Reduction of conditional operations for vectorization

[PATCH] Refactoring the misaligned expansion bits

[PATCH] Remove broken URL from libstdc++ manual

[PATCH] Remove dead code

[PATCH] Remove include directives for deleted Profile Mode headers

[PATCH] Remove invalid pointer BIT_AND_EXPR vrp optimization (PR tree-optimization/91597)

[PATCH] Remove newly unused function and variable in tree-sra.c

[PATCH] Remove operand swapping from reduction vectorization (SLP)

[PATCH] Remove some restrictions from rust-demangle.

[PATCH] Remove spurious extended character(s) for pa.c

[PATCH] Remove unused #include "vec.h" from hash-table.h

[PATCH] Remove vect_is_slp_reduction

[PATCH] Remove vectorizer reduction operand swapping

[PATCH] Rename Deprecated to IgnoreWarn in *.opt files.

[PATCH] Retain TYPE_MODE more often for BIT_FIELD_REFs in get_inner_referece

[PATCH] RISC-V: Allow more load/stores to be compressed

[PATCH] RISC-V: Fix bad insn splits with paradoxical subregs.

[PATCH] RISC-V: Fix more splitters accidentally calling gen_reg_rtx.

[PATCH] RISC-V: Re-enable -msave-restore for shared libraries.

[PATCH] rs6000: Update rlwinm-[012].c

[PATCH] S/390: Fix failing RTL check in s390_canonicalize_comparison

Re: [PATCH] Simplify and generalize rust-demangle's unescaping logic.

Re: [PATCH] Simplify sinh (x) / cosh (x)

[PATCH] some tree struct marking

[PATCH] Some vect_create_epilog_for_reduction refactoring

[PATCH] Speed up qsort in IPA ICF

[PATCH] Split out nested cycle loop-closed PHI vectorization

Re: [PATCH] Sync MIPS support from libffi master repository

[PATCH] The inline keyword is supported in all new C standards

[PATCH] Tweak clang-format configuration.

[PATCH] Update comment of removed options.

[PATCH] Use __constinit keyword in libstdc++ sources

[PATCH] Use build_clobber some more

Re: [PATCH] Use cxx_printable_name for __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ in cp_fname_init.

[PATCH] Use more switch statements.

[PATCH] Use movmem optab to attempt inline expansion of __builtin_memmove()


[PATCH] Use type alignment in get_builtin_sync_mem

[PATCH] V4, patch #1: Rework prefixed/pc-relative lookup

[PATCH] V4, patch #5: Use PLI (PADDI) to load up 34-bit DImode

[PATCH] V4, patch #6: Use PLI (PADDI) to load up 32-bit SImode constants

[PATCH] V4, patch #7: Use PADDI to add 34-bit constants

[PATCH] V4, patch #8: Enable -mpcrel on Linux 64-bit, but not on other targets

[PATCH] V4.1, patch #1: Rework prefixed/pc-relative lookup (revised)

Re: [PATCH] xtensa: fix PR target/90922

[PATCH] xtensa: fix PR target/91880

Re: [PATCH], Fix V1TI in Altivec regs on old systems

[PATCH], V4, patch #2: Add prefixed insn attribute

[PATCH], V4, patch #3: Fix up mov<mode>_64bit_dm

[PATCH], V4, patch #4.1: Enable prefixed/pc-rel addressing (revised)

[PATCH], V4, patch #4: Enable prefixed/pc-rel addressing

[PATCH], V4.1, patch #2: Add prefixed insn attribute (revised)

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Add Linux hwcap strings for some extensions

[PATCH][AArch64] Add support for __jcvt intrinsic

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Add support for missing CPUs

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Don't split 64-bit constant stores to volatile location

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Fix symbol offset limit

[PATCH][AArch64] Implement ACLE intrinsics for FRINT[32,64][Z,X]

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Use implementation namespace consistently in arm_neon.h

RE: [PATCH][AArch64] Vectorize MULH(R)S patterns with SVE2 instructions

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Add logical DImode expanders

[PATCH][arm] Add missing Makefile dependency on arm_acle_builtins.def

[PATCH][ARM] Cleanup 64-bit multiplies

[PATCH][ARM] Cleanup highpart multiply patterns

[PATCH][ARM] Cleanup multiply patterns


[PATCH][ARM] Enable arm_legitimize_address for Thumb-2

[PATCH][ARM] Enable code hoisting with -Os (PR80155)

[PATCH][arm] Implement DImode SIMD32 intrinsics

[PATCH][arm] Implement non-GE-setting SIMD32 intrinsics

[PATCH][ARM] Remove support for MULS

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Switch to default sched pressure algorithm


Re: [PATCH][arm][committed] Fix use of CRC32 intrinsics with Armv8-a and hard-float

[Patch][fortran,omp-low.c] Fix OpenMP's use_device_ptr clause with array descriptors

Re: [PATCH][GCC] Complex division improvements in GCC

[PATCH][gcc] libgccjit: handle long literals in playback::context::new_string_literal

[PATCH][GCC] Optimize unnecessary casts out of binary math operations.

[PATCH][GCC] Simplify to single precision where possible for binary/builtin maths operations.

[PATCH][GCC] Update my email address

Re: [PATCH][middle-end/88784] Middle end is missing some optimizations about unsigned

[PATCH][MSP430] Don't generate 430X insns when handling data in the lower memory region

[PATCH][OBVIOUS][DOCS] Improve documentation of for statement.

[PATCH][PR89924] [missed-optimization] Function not de-virtualized within the same TU

Re: [Patch][PR91504] Inlining misses some logical operation folding

[PATCH][PR91749][arm] FDPIC: Handle -mflip-thumb

[PATCH][RFC] Add new ipa-reorder pass

[PATCH][RFC] Come up with VEC_COND_OP_EXPRs.

[PATCH][x86] Fix PR91814

Re: [PATCHv5] Fix not 8-byte aligned ldrd/strd on ARMv5 (PR 89544)

[ping][PATCH][MSP430] Don't generate 430X insns when handling data in the lower memory region

[ping][PR target/85401] initialize the move cost table before using it

[PING^2][PATCH 0/3] GNAT test suite fixes for build sysroot

[PR 91831] Copy PARM_DECLs of artificial thunks

[PR 91832] Do not ICE on negative offsets in ipa-sra

[PR 91853] Prevent IPA-SRA ICEs on type-mismatched calls

Re: [PR fortran/91496] !GCC$ directives error if mistyped or unknown

Re: [PR other/79543] Fix GNU ld --version scanning to conform to the GNU Coding Standards

[PR target/85401] initialize the move cost table before using it

Re: [PR91598] Improve autoprefetcher heuristic in haifa-sched.c

[preprocessor/91639] #includes at EOF

[Question on aarch64] Questions on TLB range instructions on aarch64

Re: [RFA] [tree-optimization/80576] Handle non-constant sizes in DSE

[RFA][1/3] Remove Cell Broadband Engine SPU targets

[RFA][2/3] Remove Cell Broadband Engine SPU targets: testsuite

[RFA][3/3] Remove Cell Broadband Engine SPU targets: libstdc++

[RFC PATCH] Add inlining growth bias flag

[RFC] Come up with ipa passes introduction in gccint documentation

[RFC] Move hash-table.h and related files to libiberty

[RFC][PATCH 1/X][libsanitizer] Introduce libsanitizer to GCC tree

[RFC][PATCH 10/X][libsanitizer] Colour the shadow stack for each stack variable

[RFC][PATCH 11/X][libsanitizer] Uncolour stack frame on function exit

[RFC][PATCH 12/X][libsanitizer] Check pointer tags match address tags

[RFC][PATCH 13/X][libsanitizer] Instrument known builtin function calls

[RFC][PATCH 14/X][libsanitizer] Introduce HWASAN block-scope poisoning

[RFC][PATCH 15/X][libsanitizer] Add in MTE stubs

[RFC][PATCH 16/X][libsanitizer] Build libhwasan with interceptors

[RFC][PATCH 2/X][libsanitizer] Tie the hwasan library into our build system

[RFC][PATCH 3/X][libsanitizer] Allow compilation for HWASAN_WITH_INTERCEPTORS=OFF

[RFC][PATCH 4/X][libsanitizer] Pass size and pointer info to error reporting functions

[RFC][PATCH 5/X][libsanitizer] Introduce longjmp/setjmp interceptors to libhwasan

[RFC][PATCH 6/X][libsanitizer] Add -fsanitize=hwaddress flags

[RFC][PATCH 7/X][libsanitizer] Add option to bootstrap using HWASAN

[RFC][PATCH 8/X][libsanitizer] Ensure HWASAN required alignment for stack variables

[RFC][PATCH 9/X][libsanitizer] Put tags into each stack variable pointer

[RFH][libgcc] fp-bit bit ordering (PR 78804)

[rs6000] Fix non-canonical CONST_INTs in altivec_copysign_v4sf3 (PR91823)

[SH][committed] Fix PR 80672

[SH][committed] Fix PR 86805

[SPARC] Fix PR target/91269

[SPARC] Fix PR target/91323

[SPARC] Fix PR target/91472

Re: [SVE] PR86753

[SVE] PR91532

[testsuite, obvious] Remove explicit "dg-do run" from g++.dg/vect/pr87914.cc

[testsuite, obvious] Remove explicit "dg-do run" from more gcc.dg/vect tests

[testsuite] Skip gcc.dg/ucnid-5-utf8.c unless ucn is supported

[v3] Update Solaris baselines for GCC 10.0

[v3] Update Solaris baselines for GCC 9.3

[WIP PATCH] add object access attributes (PR 83859)

[WIP PATCH] PR71102: Make #pragma GCC error/warning concat strings

[wwwdocs] gcc-10/changes.html - Document new ARM FDPIC ABI support

[wwwdocs] gcc-9/changes.html - Thread Building Blocks got a new home

Re: [x86 testsuite] preserve full register across main

[x86] Cache result of expensive_function_p between frame layouts

[x86] Tweak testcases for PR82361

Add "fast" conversions from arrays to bitmaps

Add a simulate_builin_function_decl langhook

Add a simulate_enum_decl langhook

Re: Add ARRAY_REF based access patch disambiguation

Re: Add std::copy_n overload for istreambuf_iterator

auto_in_equiv{2,3} FAILs (was Re: dg-directives: another round)

Avoid adding impossible copies in ira-conflicts.c:process_reg_shuffles

Avoid libbacktrace warnings with old compilers

AW: Fix for type confusion bug on microblaze

A bug with -fprofile-dir? Profile directory concatenated with object file path

Bunch of location improvements

C++ PATCH for c++/84374 - diagnose invalid uses of decltype(auto)

C++ PATCH for c++/90537 - Implement P1286R2, Contra CWG DR1778

Re: C++ PATCH for c++/91129 - wrong error with binary op in template argument

C++ PATCH for c++/91644 - ICE with constinit in function template

C++ PATCH for c++/91673 - ICE with noexcept in alias-declaration

C++ PATCH for c++/91678 - wrong error with decltype and location wrapper

C++ PATCH for c++/91705 - constexpr evaluation rejects ++/-- on floats

C++ PATCH for c++/91740 - ICE with constexpr call and ?: in ARRAY_REF

C++ PATCH for c++/91819 - ICE with operator++ and enum.

C++ PATCH for c++/91844 - Implement CWG 2352, Similar types and reference binding.

C++ PATCH for c++/91845 - ICE with invalid pointer-to-member.

C++ PATCH for c++/91868 - improve -Wshadow location.

C++ PATCH for c++/91877 - ICE with converting member of packed struct.

C++ PATCH for c++/91889 - follow-up fix for DR 2352

C++ PATCH for c++/91921 - stray warning with -Woverloaded-virtual

C++ PATCH for c++/91923 - failure-to-SFINAE with class type NTTP in C++17

C++ PATCH to add test for DR 2345

C++ PATCH to remove -fdeduce-init-list

copy/copy_backward/fill/fill_n/equal rework

Deprecating cc0 (and consequently cc0 targets)

Re: dg-directives: another round

doc patch committed: Fix typo

Don't treat variable-length vectors as VLAs during gimplification

Extend neg_const_int simplifications to other const rtxes

factory of canvas, framed art, art mirror

Fix conversions for built-in operator overloading candidates.

Fix endian issue in pr91656 testcases

Fix for type confusion bug on microblaze

Fix GCC_LINUX_FUTEX to work with C99 compilers

Fix PR c/91815

Fix PR rtl-optimization/89795

Fix reduc_index==1 handling for COND_REDUCTION (PR91909)

Force IFN_LOAD/STORE_LANES operands to be memory (PR91577)

Re: GCC 9 backports

Go patch committed: Change escape maps to hash tables

Go patch committed: Default to -fno-partial-inlining

Go patch committed: Don't generate type descriptors for aliases

Go patch committed: Don't read a known type from import data

Go patch committed: Don't use predeclared location for implicit runtime import

Go patch committed: Fix brace formatting

Go patch committed: Fix quoting in error message

Go patch committed: Look for tool build ID before hashing entire file

Go patch committed: Only check whether struct/array types are big

Go patch committed: Only import variable into . if in same package

Go patch committed: Permit inlining constants and expression statements

Go patch committed: Resolve import parser ambiguity

Go patch committed: Traverse types of constant expressions

Handle variable-length vectors in compute_record_mode

Re: Implement C++20 p1424 - 'constexpr' feature macro concerns.

Re: Kyrylo Tkachov and Richard Sandiford appointed AArch64 maintainers.

libgo patch committed: Change test == to test =

libgo patch committed: Don't use \? in grep pattern

libgo patch committed: Fixes for arm64 GoLLVM build

libgo patch committed: for libffi, treat direct-iface types as pointers

libgo patch committed: Force test package to be imported first

libgo patch committed: gccgoimporter support embedded field in pointer loop

libgo patch committed: Promote integer closure return to full word for libffi

libgo patch committed: Unexport FFICallbackGo; use go:linkname instead

libgo patch committed: Update to 1.13

libgo: Update to Go 1.13beta1 release

Make assemble_real generate canonical CONST_INTs

Make get_value_for_expr check for INTEGER_CSTs

Make ira call df_set_regs_ever_live for extra call-clobbered regs

Make note_stores take an rtx_insn

Merge from GCC trunk to gccgo branch

Re: Monotonically increasing counter (was Re: [Contrib PATCH] Add scripts to convert GCC repo from SVN to Git)

Re: New Order

New Spanish PO file for 'gcc' (version 9.1.0)

new x86 cmpmemsi expander, and adjustments for cmpstrn*

Patch ping

Re: Patch RFA: [C family frontend]: avoid weird constant values in libgo/sysinfo.go

Patch RFA: Emit .cfi_sections after some input code has been seen

Re: Patch to support extended characters in C/C++ identifiers

Re: Ping agian: [PATCH V2] Loop split upon semi-invariant condition (PR tree-optimization/89134)

Ping: [PATCH V4] Extend IPA-CP to support arithmetically-computed value-passing on by-ref argument (PR ipa/91682)

Ping: [PATCH V4] Generalized predicate/condition for parameter reference in IPA (PR ipa/91088)

PowerPC future machine patches, version 4

Re: PR78736

PR88751: Backport to GCC 8 and 9 branches?

Re: PR90724 - ICE with __sync_bool_compare_and_swap with -march=armv8.2-a

Problem exposed by recent ARM multiply changes

Re: Proposal to patch libiberty.a for controlling whether pathnames on Windows are converted to lower case

Question on direction of GCC support for HWASAN.

question on Multiple level macro expansion

Re: r272976 - in /trunk/gcc/ada: ChangeLog ali.adb ...

Remove bt-load.c

Remove clobber_high

Remove global REG_SETs

Re: Rework constant subreg folds and handle more variable-length cases

SPEC 521.wrf_r failing due to new fortran checks

Two more POLY_INT cases for dwarf2out.c

Update riscv64 baseline symbols

Use underscore in IPA-SRA LTO section name (PR ipa/91835)

Re: We should mark "Should Span be Regular? P1085R2" as well.

web site patch committed: Mention that GCC 9 supports Go 1.12.2

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