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Re: [WIP PATCH] add object access attributes (PR 83859)

On Sun, 29 Sep 2019, Martin Sebor wrote:

> PR 83859 asks to expose the same checking that GCC does natively for
> built-in calls via a function attribute that associates a pointer
> argument with the size argument, such as:

I'll also note that, as mentioned in that bug (but more specifically 
covered by the separate bug 50584) it would make sense to have similar 
warnings with [static] parameter array declarators.  And that the C2x 
charter includes a principle that new interfaces should have the array 
size before the array parameter to allow parameters to be declared using 
VLA syntax like that, so it's plausible the [static] case will be useful 
for more functions in future (although it's up to library implementations 
exactly what form they use in their headers, given they have other 
considerations such as C++ compatibility).

Hopefully the infrastructure in this patch will facilitate future support 
for such diagnostics in the [static] case.

Joseph S. Myers

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