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Re: [PATCH] Help compiler detect invalid code

On 27/09/19 18:24 +0200, François Dumont wrote:
On 9/27/19 2:11 PM, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
On 19/09/19 22:27 +0200, François Dumont wrote:

    I start working on making recently added constexpr tests to work in Debug mode.

The attached patch seems to be necessary for that, right?

On my side I had done this, almost the same.

For the moment there is a FIXME in macros.h to find out how to generate a nice compilation error when the condition is not meant.

static_assert can't be called in this context, too bad.

I also try to define a function with a __attribute__((__error__("because"))) attribute. But when I make it constexpr gcc complains about missing definition. When I provide a definition gcc complains that this attribute must be on a declaration. And when I split declaration and definition gcc does not produce the expected compilation error.

Yes, I've tried similar things without success.

Unless you have the solution I consider that we need help from the front-end.

For the moment if Debug mode finds a problem it will be reported as _M_error function not being constexpr !

A reasonable workaround is to do:

 if (__builtin_is_constant_evaluated())
   asm("Debug Mode assertion failed");
 if (!(Cond))

The builtin is available even for C++98, whereas
std::is_constant_evaluated() is only available for C++20.

This produces errors that include lines like:   in ‘constexpr’ expansion of ‘f(-1)’ error: inline assembly is not a constant expression
   4 |       asm("debug mode assertion failed");
     |       ^~~ note: in expansion of macro ‘CHECK’
   8 |   _GLIBCXX_ASSERT(i > 0);
     |   ^~~~~ note: only unevaluated inline assembly is allowed in a ‘constexpr’ function in C++2a
   4 |       asm("debug mode assertion failed");
     |       ^~~ note: in expansion of macro ‘CHECK’
   8 |   CHECK(i > 0);
     |   ^~~~~

It's not ideal, but it does show the failed condition and the text
"debug mode assertion failed" (or whatever message you choose to use

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