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Re: [00/32] Support multiple ABIs in the same translation unit

On Wed, 11 Sep 2019, 22:02:26 EEST Richard Sandiford wrote:
> The reason for the PRU differences is that the port defines
> targetm.hard_regno_call_part_clobbered, but uses it to test whether
> a multi-register value contains a mixture of fully-clobbered and
> fully-preserved registers.  AFAICT the port doesn't actually have
> individual registers that are partly clobbered, so it doesn't need
> to define the hook.  (I can see how the documentation gave a misleading
> impression though.  I've tried to improve it in one of the patches.)
> The series moves away from testing hard_regno_call_part_clobbered
> directly to testing cached information instead, and the way that the
> cached information is calculated means that defining the hook the way
> the PRU port does has no effect.  In other words, after the series we
> treat it (rightly IMO) as having a "normal" ABI whereas before we didn't.
You are correct. Port does not have partially clobbered HW registers. And 
indeed I was worried about multi-register values.

PRU testsuite showed no regression from trunk with your patch set.

With your patch set, I tried to compare PRU assembly with and without defining 
the targetm.hard_regno_call_part_clobbered hook. There was much noise in 
compare-all-tests due to lto compiler ID strings, but after some filtering I 
think the output assembly was the same.


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