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Re: [Patch 0/X] [WIP][RFC][libsanitizer] Introduce HWASAN to GCC


As mentioned in the next email thread, there are main objectives
that will help me to make a proper patch review:

1) Make first libsanitizer merge from trunk, it will remove the need
   of the backports that you made. Plus I will be able to apply the
   patchset on the current master.
2) I would exclude the setjmp/longjmp - these should be upstreamed first
   in libsanitizer.
3) I would like to see a two HWASAN options that will clearly separate the
   2 supported modes: TBI without MTE and MTE. Here I would appreciate to have
   a compiler farm machine with TBI which we can use for testing.
4) About the BUILTIN expansion: you provided a patch for couple of them. My question
   is whether the list is complete?
5) I would appreciate the patch set to be split into less logical parts, e.g.
   libsanitizer changes; option introduction; stack variable handling (colour/uncolour/alignment);
   hwasan pass and other GIMPLE-related changes; RTL hooks, new RTL instructions and expansion changes.

Thank you,

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