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Re: [PATCH] Builtin function roundeven folding implementation

On Wed, 21 Aug 2019, Martin Jambor wrote:

>   - I have listed roundeven variants in extend.texi.  If I did not find
>     the right spot, I will gladly move to a more appropriate one.

I don't think they should be documented with the __builtin_* that are 
always expanded inline.  They should be documented in the list of 
functions that *might* be expanded inline.  That is, where extend.texi 

  [...]  Many of these
  functions are only optimized in certain cases; if they are not optimized in
  a particular case, a call to the library function is emitted.

  @opindex ansi
  @opindex std
  Outside strict ISO C mode (@option{-ansi}, @option{-std=c90},
  @option{-std=c99} or @option{-std=c11}), the functions
  @code{_exit}, [...]
  may be handled as built-in functions.
  All these functions have corresponding versions
  prefixed with @code{__builtin_}, which may be used even in strict C90

(Until we enable these by default for C2X, at which point they'd be listed 
as C2X functions after the C99 ones.)

Joseph S. Myers

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