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Re: [PATCH] Add missing popcount simplifications (PR90693)

On 8/21/19 7:57 AM, Wilco Dijkstra wrote:
> Hi Richard,
>>> I think this should be in expand stage where there could be comparison
>>> of the cost of the RTLs.
>> I tend to agree here, if not then for the reason the "simplified" variants
>> have more GIMPLE stmts which means they are not "simpler".  In
>> fact I'd argue for canonicalization we'd want to have the reverse
>> "simplifications" on GIMPLE and expansion based on target cost.
> So how would this work? Expand works on one statement at a time, but
> we are dealing with more complex expressions here. When we get a
> popcount (x) > 1 in expand_gimple_cond, the popcount has already been
> expanded. And the code in builtins.c that emits popcount doesn't see or
> consider the comparison, so it would be difficult to change it at that point.
> None of the infrastructure in expand seems to be set up to do complex
> pattern matches and replacements at expand time...
> Costing would be difficult too since rtx_cost doesn't support builtins or
> calls, so each backend would need to be modified to add costs for these.
> So what is the best place to do pattern matches? I thought it was all
> moving to match.pd.
I believe the expanders have access to more than one statement via the
use-def chains and TER's transformations.


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