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Re: [11/13] Make function.c use function_arg_info internally

On 8/19/19 9:22 AM, Richard Sandiford wrote:
> This patch adds a function_arg_info field to assign_parm_data_one,
> so that:
>   - passed_type -> arg.type
>   - promoted_mode -> arg.mode
>   - named_arg -> arg.named
> We can then pass this function_arg_info directly to the converted
> hooks.
> Between the initialisation of the assign_parm_data_one and the
> application of promotion rules (which is a state internal to
> assign_parm_find_data_types), arg.mode is equivalent to passed_mode
> (i.e. to TYPE_MODE).
> 2019-08-19  Richard Sandiford  <>
> gcc/
> 	* function.c (assign_parm_data_one): Replace passed_type,
> 	promoted_mode and named_arg with a function_arg_info field.
> 	(assign_parm_find_data_types): Remove local variables and
> 	assign directly to "data".  Make data->passed_mode shadow
> 	data->arg.mode until promotion, then assign the promoted
> 	mode to data->arg.mode.
> 	(assign_parms_setup_varargs, assign_parm_find_entry_rtl)
> 	(assign_parm_find_stack_rtl, assign_parm_adjust_entry_rtl)
> 	(assign_parm_remove_parallels, assign_parm_setup_block_p)
> 	(assign_parm_setup_block, assign_parm_setup_reg)
> 	(assign_parm_setup_stack, assign_parms, gimplify_parameters): Use
> 	arg.mode instead of promoted_mode, arg.type instead of passed_type
> 	and arg.named instead of named_arg.  Use data->arg for
> 	function_arg_info structures that had the field values passed_type,
> 	promoted_mode and named_arg.  Base other function_arg_infos on
> 	data->arg, changing the necessary properties.

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