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address change

Oops, I forgot to update the MAINTAINERS file a couple of months ago,
when the address there stopped working.

Honestly, I haven't really had much involvement with the frv, mn10300
or sh ports for almost 15 years, so I wouldn't mind if someone else
stepped up and took over, but until someone does, I don't mind
reviewing the occasional patch, so it's best if it can reach me ;-)

I'll put this in in the not-too-distant future.

for  ChangeLog

	* MAINTAINERS: aoliva from to
 MAINTAINERS |    8 ++++----
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

index 912663c44978..5d8402949bc0 100644
@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ c-sky port		Yunhai Shang		<>
 epiphany port		Joern Rennecke		<>
 fr30 port		Nick Clifton		<>
 frv port		Nick Clifton		<>
-frv port		Alexandre Oliva		<>
+frv port		Alexandre Oliva		<>
 ft32 port		James Bowman		<>
 h8 port			Jeff Law		<>
 hppa port		Jeff Law		<>
@@ -83,7 +83,7 @@ microblaze		Michael Eager		<>
 mips port		Matthew Fortune		<>
 mmix port		Hans-Peter Nilsson	<>
 mn10300 port		Jeff Law		<>
-mn10300 port		Alexandre Oliva		<>
+mn10300 port		Alexandre Oliva		<>
 moxie port		Anthony Green		<>
 msp430 port		Nick Clifton		<>
 nds32 port		Chung-Ju Wu		<>
@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@ rx port			Nick Clifton		<>
 s390 port		Hartmut Penner		<>
 s390 port		Ulrich Weigand		<>
 s390 port		Andreas Krebbel		<>
-sh port			Alexandre Oliva		<>
+sh port			Alexandre Oliva		<>
 sh port			Oleg Endo		<>
 sparc port		David S. Miller		<>
 sparc port		Eric Botcazou		<>
@@ -213,7 +213,7 @@ diagnostic messages	Dodji Seketeli		<>
 diagnostic messages	David Malcolm		<>
 build machinery (*.in)	Paolo Bonzini		<>
 build machinery (*.in)	Nathanael Nerode	<>
-build machinery (*.in)	Alexandre Oliva		<>
+build machinery (*.in)	Alexandre Oliva		<>
 build machinery (*.in)	Ralf Wildenhues		<>
 docs co-maintainer	Gerald Pfeifer		<>
 docs co-maintainer	Joseph Myers		<>

Alexandre Oliva, freedom fighter  he/him
Be the change, be Free!                 FSF Latin America board member
GNU Toolchain Engineer                        Free Software Evangelist
Hay que enGNUrecerse, pero sin perder la terGNUra jamás - Che GNUevara

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