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Re: Patch to support extended characters in C/C++ identifiers

On 8/12/19 6:01 PM, Lewis Hyatt wrote:

The attached patch for libcpp adds support for extended characters (e.g. UTF-8)
in identifiers. A preliminary version of the patch was posted on PR c/67224 as
Comment 26 ( and
discussed with Joseph Myers. Here is an updated patch incorporating all
feedback received so far. I hope it is suitable now; please let me know if I
can do anything else to make it ready for you to apply. I am happy to work on
it further, whatever is needed. I can't easily test on anything other than
x86_64-linux though. I did bootstrap all languages and run all tests on that
platform, everything was good.

The (relatively short) changes to libcpp are included inline here. I attached
the test cases as a gzipped patch to avoid any problems with the encoding (the
test cases contain some invalid UTF-8 and also other encodings such as latin-1
as part of the testing).

Thanks for taking a look at it!

Looks good to me.  Joseph?


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