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Re: Rewrite some jump.c routines to use flags

On Fri, 12 Jul 2019, Richard Sandiford wrote:

> At least AIUI, __builtin_isunordered etc. don't raise an exception even
> for signalling NaNs.

__builtin_isunordered should raise "invalid" for signaling NaNs.  
(isunordered is the IEEE 754 operation compareQuietUnordered, and IEEE 754 
specifies for comparisons that "Invalid operation is the only exception 
that a comparison predicate can signal. All predicates signal the invalid 
operation exception on signaling NaN operands. The predicates named Quiet 
shall not signal any exception, unless an operand is a signaling NaN. The 
predicates named Signaling shall signal the invalid operation exception on 
quiet NaN operands.".)

Note that __builtin_isunordered (x, x) is thus not the same as 
__builtin_isnan (x), because isnan binds to isNaN and isNaN is a 
non-computational operation for which IEEE 754 specifies "Implementations 
shall provide the following non-computational operations for all supported 
arithmetic formats and should provide them for all supported interchange 
formats. They are never exceptional, even for signaling NaNs.".

Joseph S. Myers

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