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[patch, fortran] Fix PR 90561

Hello world,

this patch fixes a 9/10 regression by placing the variable used to
hold a string length at function scope.

I chose to implement this version of gfc_evaluate_now as a separate
function because I have a sneaking suspicion this may not be the
last time we are going to encounter something like that - better
have the function there for future use.

Regression-tested. OK for trunk and gcc-9?


Index: trans.h
--- trans.h	(Revision 274370)
+++ trans.h	(Arbeitskopie)
@@ -507,6 +507,7 @@ void gfc_conv_label_variable (gfc_se * se, gfc_exp
 /* If the value is not constant, Create a temporary and copy the value.  */
 tree gfc_evaluate_now_loc (location_t, tree, stmtblock_t *);
 tree gfc_evaluate_now (tree, stmtblock_t *);
+tree gfc_evaluate_now_function_scope (tree, stmtblock_t *);
 /* Find the appropriate variant of a math intrinsic.  */
 tree gfc_builtin_decl_for_float_kind (enum built_in_function, int);
Index: trans.c
--- trans.c	(Revision 274370)
+++ trans.c	(Arbeitskopie)
@@ -118,7 +118,20 @@ gfc_evaluate_now (tree expr, stmtblock_t * pblock)
   return gfc_evaluate_now_loc (input_location, expr, pblock);
+/* Like gfc_evaluate_now, but add the created variable to the
+   function scope.  */
+gfc_evaluate_now_function_scope (tree expr, stmtblock_t * pblock)
+  tree var;
+  var = gfc_create_var_np (TREE_TYPE (expr), NULL);
+  gfc_add_decl_to_function (var);
+  gfc_add_modify (pblock, var, expr);
+  return var;
 /* Build a MODIFY_EXPR node and add it to a given statement block PBLOCK.
    A MODIFY_EXPR is an assignment:
    LHS <- RHS.  */
Index: trans-expr.c
--- trans-expr.c	(Revision 274370)
+++ trans-expr.c	(Arbeitskopie)
@@ -10796,7 +10796,8 @@ gfc_trans_assignment_1 (gfc_expr * expr1, gfc_expr
       if (expr1->ts.deferred
 	  && gfc_expr_attr (expr1).allocatable
 	  && gfc_check_dependency (expr1, expr2, true))
-	rse.string_length = gfc_evaluate_now (rse.string_length, &rse.pre);
+	rse.string_length =
+	  gfc_evaluate_now_function_scope (rse.string_length, &rse.pre);
       string_length = rse.string_length;
! { dg-do run }
! PR fortran/90561
! This used to ICE.
! Original test case by Gerhard Steinmetz.
program p
   character(:), allocatable :: z(:)
   z = [character(2):: 'ab', 'xy']
   z = z(2)
   if (any(z /= 'xy')) stop 1

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