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Re: [patch] handle casesi dispatch insns in create_trace_edges

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your prompt feedback :-)

>>        * rtl.h (tablejump_casesi_pattern): New helper, casesi
>>        recognition logic originating from code in cfgrtl.c.
>>        * cfgrtl.c (patch_jump_insn): Use it.
>>        * dwarf2cfi.c (create_trace_edges): Handle casesi patterns.

> Is there a reason to think the routine is performance critical enough to
> be inlined?

No, no particular reason. Just an implicit thought that having a new
state as close as possible from the previous one was of interest.

>  If not it would make more sense to me to put it into rtl.c
> with just a declaration in rtl.h

> So if it is performance critical, then the patch is OK as-is.  If not,
> moving the implementation into rtl.c with a declaration in rtl.h should
> be considered pre-approved -- just post it here for archival purposes.

Understood, thanks!

Searching for tablejump related prototypes in rtl.h led to
declarations for functions in rtlanal.c. Wouldn't that be a
better place than rtl.c for the new function ?

Thanks in advance,


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