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Re: Using gcc/ChangeLog instead of gcc/testsuite/ChangeLog?

> From: Jakub Jelinek <>
> Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2019 12:12:46 +0200

> I ran the gcc/ subdirectory ChangeLogs through following script that doesn't
> seem to have false positives ATM

except one...

> # Date not separated from name by two spaces, but just one.
> # Email not wrapped in <>s.
> grep '^[12].*@' {,*/}ChangeLog | grep -v '<'
> grep '^[12].*@' {,*/}ChangeLog | grep -v '>'


> Index: ChangeLog

> @@ -4593,7 +4585,7 @@
>  	* config/arm/
>  	(@atomic_compare_and_swap<CCSI:arch><NARROW:mode>_1): Use
>  	<NARROW:sync_predtab> instead of (implicitly) <CCSI:sync_predtab>.
> -	(@atomic_compare_and_swap<CCSI:arch><SIDI:mode>_1): Likewise
> +	(@atomic_compare_and_swap<CCSI:arch><SIDI:mode>_1): Likewise.
>  	<SIDI:sync_predtab>.  Use <SIDI:cas_cmp_operand> and
>  	<SIDI:cas_cmp_str>.

This one was apparently supposed to be "Likewise
<SIDI:sync_predtab>." as in continuing on the next line and
referring to the same type of change.
(Looks like all the other "Likewise" -> "Likewise." that I gave
a quick glance were correct.)

Fixed by adding the word "use" as follows so it looks much less
like an error.  Thanks for leaving one for me. :)

Index: ChangeLog
--- ChangeLog	(revision 274261)
+++ ChangeLog	(working copy)
@@ -4600,7 +4600,7 @@
 	* config/arm/
 	(@atomic_compare_and_swap<CCSI:arch><NARROW:mode>_1): Use
 	<NARROW:sync_predtab> instead of (implicitly) <CCSI:sync_predtab>.
-	(@atomic_compare_and_swap<CCSI:arch><SIDI:mode>_1): Likewise.
+	(@atomic_compare_and_swap<CCSI:arch><SIDI:mode>_1): Likewise use
 	<SIDI:sync_predtab>.  Use <SIDI:cas_cmp_operand> and

brgds, H-P

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