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Re: [PATCH] Restrict LOOP_ALIGN to loop headers only.


On Thu, 8 Aug 2019, Martin Liška wrote:

> > So docs have
> > 
> > @defmac JUMP_ALIGN (@var{label})
> > The alignment (log base 2) to put in front of @var{label}, which is
> > a common destination of jumps and has no fallthru incoming edge.

So, per docu: JUMP_ALIGN implies !fallthru ...

> >           align_flags alignment = has_fallthru ? JUMP_ALIGN (label) :
> > LOOP_ALIGN (label);

... exactly the opposite way here.

> > instead of the two different conditions?  Or the JUMP_ALIGN case
> > computing "common destination" instead of "frequently executed"
> > somehow but I think it makes sense that those are actually the same
> > here (frequently executed).  It oddly looks at prev_bb and is not
> > guarded with optimize_bb_for_speed_p at all so this all is
> > full of heuristics and changing anything here just based on x86
> > measurements is surely going to cause issues for targets more
> > sensitive to (mis-)alignment.
> I like you patch, it's a rapid simplification of the code which
> we have there.

Yeah, but it's also contradicting the documentation.  And I think the docu 
makes sense, because it means that there is no padding inserted on the 
fall-thru path (because there is none).  So please measure with the 
opposite direction.  (I still think these conditions shouldn't be 
hot-needled, but rather should somewhat make sense in the abstract).


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