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[Patch, ira] Invalid assert in reload1.c::finish_spills?


  gcc/testsuite/c-c++-common/pr60101.c fails with an ICE for the 
  avr target, because of a gcc_assert firing at reload1.c:4233

  The assert (in the patch below) looks bogus to me, as it's in 
  the if block of

    if (! ira_conflicts_p || reg_renumber[i] >= 0)

  For this testcase and for the avr target, ira_conflicts_p is 
  false because build_conflict_bit_table bailed out early 
  (conflict table too big).
  If reg_renumber[i] is now negative, the assert fires and causes 
  the ICE.

  Getting rid of the assert (patch below) makes the ICE go away, 
  not sure if that's the right fix though.



diff --git a/gcc/reload1.c b/gcc/reload1.c
index 38ee356a791..5acba706bee 100644
--- a/gcc/reload1.c
+++ b/gcc/reload1.c
@@ -4230,7 +4230,6 @@ finish_spills (int global)
 	/* Record the current hard register the pseudo is allocated to
 	   in pseudo_previous_regs so we avoid reallocating it to the
 	   same hard reg in a later pass.  */
-	gcc_assert (reg_renumber[i] >= 0);

 	SET_HARD_REG_BIT (pseudo_previous_regs[i], reg_renumber[i]);
 	/* Mark it as no longer having a hard register home.  */

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