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Re: [doc PATCH] document variable attribute alias

On 7/31/19 5:05 PM, Martin Sebor wrote:
It was pointed out recently in another forum that GCC doesn't
document attribute alias for variables.  It was also noted in
the same discussion that the semantics of accessing aliases
and their targets can have "surprising" effects because GCC
(as do other compilers) assumes that distinct declarations
with external linkage denote distinct entities.

The attached patch adds text to the manual describing attribute
alias for variables and pointing out the caveat of accessing
the same object using both the alias and the target.


One minor nit:

+@item alias ("@var{target}")
+@cindex @code{alias} variable attribute
+The @code{alias} variable attribute causes the declaration to be emitted
+as an alias for another symbol known as an @dfn{alias target}.  Except
+for top-level qualifiers the alias target must have the same type as
+the alias.  For instance, the following
+int var_target;
+extern int __attribute__ ((alias ("var_target"))) var_alias;
+@end smallexample
+defines @code{var_alias} to be an alias for the @code{var_target} variable.

Please use @noindent on the continuation of the sentence after the @end smallexample.

OK with that fixed.


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