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Re: [PATCH] More fixes for update_web_docs_svn for jit docs (PR jit/64257)

On Wed, 4 Feb 2015, David Malcolm wrote:
>> That was my plan, yes. :-)  I just did that and manually ran
>> the script, and it seems to work.
> Thank you!

>> Still, do you think you can add a bit of error handling such
>> that an issue like the one we had (cf. 
>> ) does
>> not kill the entire script?  A bit of resilience would be good.
> Something like the attached?  (completely untested, sorry)


Given that this was a while ago (ahem), I went ahead, created a
ChangeLog entry, committed the patch on your behalf, updated the
version on, and did a test run there.


2019-08-05  David Malcolm  <>

	* update_web_docs_svn: Proceed even if the invocation of
	sphinx fails.

Index: update_web_docs_svn
--- update_web_docs_svn	(revision 274098)
+++ update_web_docs_svn	(working copy)
@@ -190,7 +190,7 @@ done
 #   /usr/bin/sphinx-1.0-build
 # so we need to override SPHINXBUILD with this when invoking "make".
 pushd gcc/gcc/jit/docs
-make SPHINXBUILD=/usr/bin/sphinx-1.0-build html
+make SPHINXBUILD=/usr/bin/sphinx-1.0-build html || true
 cp -a gcc/gcc/jit/docs/_build/html jit
 mkdir -p $DOCSDIR/jit

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