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Re: (C++) Remove -fdeduce-init-list?

**ping** Re: [PATCH] Automatics in equivalence statements

-Wmissing-attributes: avoid duplicates and false positives

Re: [libgomp, WIP, GSoC'19] Modification to a single queue, single execution path.

[PATCH PR91137]Find base object for ivopts via walk_tree

[libgomp, WIP, GSoC'19] Modification to a single queue, single execution path.

Re: [PATCH] Move rust_{is_mangled,demangle_sym} to a private libiberty header.

[00/11] Diagnose ambiguous .md attribute uses

[01/11] [arch64] Fix ambiguous .md attribute uses

[02/11] [arm] Fix ambiguous .md attribute uses

[03/11] [amdgcn] Fix ambiguous .md attribute uses

[04/11] [h8300] Fix ambiguous .md attribute uses

[05/11] [i386] Fix ambiguous .md attribute uses

[06/11] [mips] Fix ambiguous .md attribute uses

[07/11] [riscv] Fix ambiguous .md attribute uses

[08/11] [rs6000] Fix ambiguous .md attribute uses

[09/11] [s390] Fix ambiguous .md attribute uses

[10/11] Use file_location for md_reader's ptr_loc

[11/11] Report ambiguous uses of .md attributes

[Ada] Accept compilation switches -Og/-Ofast in non-GCC backends

[Ada] Access to uninitialized memory by predicate check

[Ada] Adapt ownership checking in SPARK to traversal functions

[Ada] Add contracts to Ada.Text_IO for SPARK

[Ada] Add contracts to Strings libraries

[Ada] Allow multiple units per file in GNATprove

[Ada] Arrange not to set DECL_ARTIFICIAL on elab procs

[Ada] Assertion failure on Default_Initial_Condition

[Ada] Assertion failure on validity check for Address

[Ada] Avoid spurious errors on dimensionality checking in GNATprove

[Ada] Avoid spurious warning on assertions with Loop_Entry

[Ada] Avoid spurious warning on wrong order of operator call arguments

[Ada] Better error messages for ownership errors in SPARK

[Ada] Bug in composition of equality for variant records

[Ada] Clean up support for validity checks in the compiler

[Ada] clean ups in C runtime files

[Ada] Cleanup references to LynuxWorks in docs and comments

[Ada] Compile-time evaluation of predicate checks

[Ada] Compiler abort on a dynamic predicate used in a precondition

[Ada] Compiler abort on use of Invalid_Value on numeric positive subtype

[Ada] Compiler loop on illegal nested accept statement

[Ada] Crash due to missing freeze nodes in transient scope

[Ada] Crash in C++ constructor without external and link name

[Ada] Crash in interface derivation with null primitive

[Ada] Crash on 'Img attribute

[Ada] Crash on aggregate for limited type in extended return

[Ada] Crash on anonymous access-to-class-wide with tasks

[Ada] Crash on deallocating component with discriminated task

[Ada] Crash on exported build-in-place function

[Ada] Crash on front-end inlining of subp. with aspect specifications

[Ada] Crash on Image and Value attributes

[Ada] Crash on improper pragma Weak_External

[Ada] Crash on named actual in postcondition for generic subprogram

[Ada] Crash on protected type with self-referential component

[Ada] Crash on timed entry call with a delay given by a type conversion

[Ada] Crash/infinite loop on program with multiple visibility errors

[Ada] Diagnostics for Elaboration order v4.0

[Ada] Diagnostics in Elaboration order v4.0

[Ada] Do not attempt to re-arm guard page on x86_64-vx7(r2)

[Ada] Do not erase precise type on fixed-point real literal

[Ada] Elaboration order v4.0 activation

[Ada] Elaboration order v4.0 and cycle detection

[Ada] Elaboration order v4.0 and generic instantiations

[Ada] Elaboration order v4.0 and infinite loops

[Ada] Elaboration order v4.0 and linker switches

[Ada] Elaboration order v4.0 and output of dependencies

[Ada] Eliminate redundant overflow checks for conversions from fixed-point

[Ada] Ensure Ctrl-C is not emited on terminated processes

[Ada] Entity names are not unique

[Ada] Expand Enum_Rep attribute reference in GNATprove mode

[Ada] Expand type of static expressions in GNATprove mode

[Ada] Expr. func. with private formal rejected in nested Ghost package

[Ada] Extend -gnatw.z warning to array types

[Ada] Failure to detect trivial infinite recursion

[Ada] Fix binding of ghost units with finalizer

[Ada] Fix bogus error on array with overaligned scalar component

[Ada] Fix crash in SPARK ownership checking

[Ada] Fix crash on dynamic predicate when generating SCOs

[Ada] Fix crash on extension of private type with -gnatRj

[Ada] Fix crashes on ownership checking in SPARK

[Ada] Fix inconsistent documentation for gnatmetric

[Ada] Fix inlining in GNATprove inside quantified expressions

[Ada] Fix internal error on array slice in loop and Loop_Invariant

[Ada] Fix internal error on packed array In/Out actual parameter

[Ada] Fix missing check for no-op conversion to fixed-point type

[Ada] Fix missing Constraint_Error for Enum_Val attribute

[Ada] Fix ownership checking for pointers in SPARK

[Ada] Fix possible crashes in GNATprove analysis of pointers

[Ada] Fix scopes for local variables in task/protected bodies

[Ada] Fix spurious loop warning for function with Out parameter

[Ada] Fix spurious messages on global variables for SPARK pointer support

[Ada] Fix spurious visibility error for tagged type with inlining

[Ada] Fix wrong assumption on bounds in GNAT.Encode_String

[Ada] Forced elaboration order in Elaboration order v4.0

[Ada] Further fix non-stored discriminant in aggregate for GNATprove

[Ada] gprbuild fails to find ghost ALI files

[Ada] Handle implicit moves in SPARK ownership pointer support

[Ada] Hang on expansion of library-level instantiation

[Ada] Implement GNAT.Graphs

[Ada] Improve error message on mult/div between fixed-point and integer

[Ada] Improve support for tuning branch probability heuristics

[Ada] Improve warnings about infinite loops

[Ada] Incorrect accessibility check

[Ada] Incorrect expansion on renamings of formal parameters

[Ada] Incorrect values in conversion from fixed-point subtype with 'Small

[Ada] Infinite loop on illegal declaration

[Ada] Internal crash on illegal renaming

[Ada] Internal error on iterator for limited private discriminated type

[Ada] Issue error on illegal ownership in SPARK

[Ada] Issue error on SPARK ownership rule violation

[Ada] Issue warning or error message on ignored typing constraint

[Ada] Iterators are view-specific

[Ada] Keep assertions in internal units enabled for GNATprove

[Ada] Link error due to negated intrinsic comparison

[Ada] Make -gnatRj output strictly conforming JSON

[Ada] Make loop labels unique for front-end inlined calls

[Ada] Management of internal data structures in Sem_Elab

[Ada] Memory corruption when using formal hashed sets or maps

[Ada] Minimal binder

[Ada] Minor tweak to -gnatR output

[Ada] Misleading warning on variable not assigned

[Ada] Missing actual for generated initialization procedure

[Ada] Missing consistency check for constant modifier

[Ada] Missing error on generic type with representation clause

[Ada] Missing escape of the double quote in JSON output

[Ada] Missing finalization of private protected type

[Ada] Missing implicit interface type conversion

[Ada] Missing range check on assignment to bit-packed array

[Ada] Missing runtime range checks with -gnatVa

[Ada] More complete information level for -gnatR4 output

[Ada] More data rates supported on Linux

[Ada] More permissive use of GNAT attribute Enum_Rep

[Ada] New algorithm for Elaboration order v4.0

[Ada] New Repinfo.Input unit to read back JSON representation info.

[Ada] New routine to access file on command line

[Ada] No warning for guaranteed accessibility check failures

[Ada] No_Stream_Optimizations ignored for 'Class'Input

[Ada] Optimization loses exception in improper use of 'Value

[Ada] Overhaul code implementing conversions involving fixed-point types

[Ada] Plug small loophole in Generate_Range_Check

[Ada] Pragma Unreferenced triggers undefined reference

[Ada] Premature finalization of controlled temporaries in case expressions

[Ada] Prevent inconsistent state for inlining in GNATprove

[Ada] Refactor ownership pointer checking in SPARK as a generic

[Ada] Reformat comments

[Ada] Remove a SPARK rule about implicit Global

[Ada] Remove dead code from Enclosing_Package_Or_Subprogram routine

[Ada] Remove dependency on Win32 GDI (Graphical Interface)

[Ada] Remove misleading warning/suggestion in membership test

[Ada] Remove obsolete Is_For_Access_Subtype machinery

[Ada] Remove redundant predicate checks

[Ada] Removing support for SCIL "contract-only" subprogram bodies

[Ada] Revert "Global => null" on calendar routines that use timezones

[Ada] Semantics of Delete for fixed strings

[Ada] Set dummy Etype for the fake __HEAP entity in GNATprove

[Ada] Skip code not in SPARK for ownership analysis

[Ada] Small enhancement to the -gnatD/-gnatG output for fixed-point types

[Ada] Small overhaul in Repinfo unit

[Ada] SPARK pointer support extended to local borrowers and observers

[Ada] SPARK support for pointers through ownership

[Ada] SPARK_Mode Off now allowed inside subprogram

[Ada] Spelling mistakes in error messages

[Ada] Spurious dimensionality error on aggregate with "others" assoc.

[Ada] Spurious error on 'First in a generic context

[Ada] Spurious error on aggregate with choice that is predicted subtype

[Ada] Spurious error on case expression with limited result

[Ada] Spurious error on discriminant of incomplete type

[Ada] Spurious error on dynamic predicate in a generic context

[Ada] Spurious error on incomplete tagged formal parameter

[Ada] Spurious error on inst. of partially defaulted formal package

[Ada] Spurious error on instantiation and limited_with_clause

[Ada] Spurious error on non-default C++ constructor

[Ada] Spurious error on overloaded equality in postcondition

[Ada] Spurious error on predicate of subtype in generic

[Ada] Spurious error on private subtype of derived access type

[Ada] Spurious error passing access to class-wide interface type

[Ada] Spurious error private subtype derivation

[Ada] Spurious error reported by pragma Compile_Time_Error

[Ada] Spurious error when instance of generic is used as formal package

[Ada] Spurious error with static predicate in generic unit

[Ada] Spurious run-time error with 64-bit modular types

[Ada] Spurious visibility error in inlined function

[Ada] Spurious visibility error on dynamic_predicate aspect in generic

[Ada] Spurious warning about a useless assignment

[Ada] Stabilization of Elaboration order v4.0

[Ada] Style check for mixed-case identifiers

[Ada] Suppress warnings in generic instantiations with pragma Warnings

[Ada] Synchronized object definition in SPARK updated

[Ada] sysdep.c: correct include directives ordering

[Ada] System.Strings.Stream_Ops: do not depend on Stream_IO

[Ada] Task-related circularities in Elaboration order v4.0

[Ada] The environ macro is broken on vxworks7r2 SR0610

[Ada] Type inconsistency in floating_point type declarations

[Ada] Use renamings in GNATprove mode for side-effects extraction

[Ada] Vxworks7r2 SR0610 coalesced some macro values

[Ada] Warning needed on anonymous access type allocators

[Ada] Wrong accessibility level under -gnat12

[Ada] Wrong code with -gnatVa on lock-free protected objects

[Ada] Wrong evaluation of membership test

[Ada] Wrong resolution of equality operator with overloaded operand

Re: [ARM/FDPIC v5 00/21] FDPIC ABI for ARM

Re: [ARM/FDPIC v5 01/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Add -mfdpic option support

Re: [ARM/FDPIC v5 02/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Handle arm*-*-uclinuxfdpiceabi in configure scripts

Re: [ARM/FDPIC v5 03/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Force FDPIC related options unless -mno-fdpic is provided

Re: [ARM/FDPIC v5 04/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Add support for FDPIC for arm architecture

Re: [ARM/FDPIC v5 05/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Fix __do_global_dtors_aux and frame_dummy generation

Re: [ARM/FDPIC v5 07/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Avoid saving/restoring r9 on stack since it is read-only

Re: [ARM/FDPIC v5 08/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Enforce local/global binding for function descriptors

Re: [ARM/FDPIC v5 09/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Add support for taking address of nested function

Re: [ARM/FDPIC v5 14/21] [ARM][testsuite] FDPIC: Skip unsupported tests

Re: [ARM/FDPIC v5 15/21] [ARM][testsuite] FDPIC: Adjust scan-assembler patterns.

Re: [ARM/FDPIC v5 16/21] [ARM][testsuite] FDPIC: Skip tests that don't work in PIC mode

Re: [ARM/FDPIC v5 17/21] [ARM][testsuite] FDPIC: Handle *-*-uclinux*

Re: [ARM/FDPIC v5 18/21] [ARM][testsuite] FDPIC: Enable tests on pie_enabled targets

Re: [ARM/FDPIC v5 19/21] [ARM][testsuite] FDPIC: Adjust pr43698.c to avoid clash with uclibc.

Re: [ARM/FDPIC v5 20/21] [ARM][testsuite] FDPIC: Skip tests using architectures unsupported by FDPIC

Re: [ARM/FDPIC v5 21/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Handle stack-protector combined patterns

[arm] Fix incorrect modes with 'borrow' operations

[Arm][CMSE]Add warn_unused_return attribute to cmse functions

Re: [ARM][PATCH 1/2] Support HFmode for standard names implemented with VRINT instructions.

Re: [ARM][PATCH 2/2] Remove redundant constructs added for FP16 support.

[bikeshed] include path search for main file

[C PATCH] Fix C error-recovery (PR c/91192)

[C++ Patch PING] Re: [C++ Patch] A few additional location improvements to grokdeclarator and check_tag_decl

[C++ PATCH] Fix copy_node of TEMPLATE_INFO.

[C++ PATCH] PR c++/90098 - partial specialization and class non-type parms.

[C++ PATCH] PR c++/90101 - dependent class non-type parameter.

[C++ PATCH] PR c++/90538 - multiple expansions of capture packs

[C++ PATCH] Reduce memory consumption for push/pop_access_scope.

Re: [C++ Patch] A few additional location improvements to grokdeclarator and check_tag_decl

[C++ PATCH] Fix g++.dg/template/pr84789.C on new concepts branch.

[C++ PATCH] Fix ICE on class template argument deduction with inherited ctor.

[C++ Patch] Improve delete_sanity locations

Re: [C++ Patch] PR 90909 ("[10 Regression] call devirtualized to pure virtual")

[C++ PATCH] PR c++/90590 Suppress warning for enumeration value not handled in switch warning

[C++ PATCH] Simplify range location creation in C++ parser.

[C++ PATCH] Simplify type-specifier parsing.

Re: [C++ PATCH] Speed up inplace_merge algorithm & fix inefficient logic(PR libstdc++/83938)


[C++] Don't fold __builtin_constant_p prematurely

[committed, amdgcn] Fix regrename ICE

[committed, amdgcn] Remove expcnt waits.

[committed, openmp/openacc] Tweak error message for mapped parameters

[committed] [PR rtl-optimization/91173] Avoid creating modeless REGs due to simplifiable addresses

[committed] [PR tree-optimization/91090] Fix logic error in jump threading

[committed] Add OpenMP 5.0 order(concurrent) clause parsing support

[committed] Add PR markers and test for pr86061

[committed] Add scan support for OpenMP worksharing loops

[committed] Add some further restrictions for order(concurrent)

[committed] Add {target ,}{teams ,parallel ,}loop construct support

[committed] Call lower_omp on GIMPLE_OMP_SCAN body

[committed] Emit GOMP_loop_end_nowait for OpenMP nowait static schedule loops with lastprivate conditional

[COMMITTED] Fix arm XFAIL in cunroll-15.c

[committed] Fix distribute parallel for with private class iterator (PR middle-end/91301)

[committed] Fix gimplification ICE with local VLA inside of simd body (PR middle-end/78884)

[committed] Fix handling of lastprivate clauses on omp for simd reduction (inscan, ...) loops

[committed] Fix ICE on scan* OpenMP tests on various targets (PR tree-optimization/91074)

[committed] Fix indentation goof in tree-ssa-dse.c

[committed] Fix inscan reduction and conditional lastprivate interaction

[committed] Fix inscan reductions on combined parallel for

[committed] Fix longjmp expander on hppa

[committed] Fix omp lowering when global vars turn to be addressable while lowering (PR middle-end/91216)

[committed] Fix OpenMP final scan merging with hypothetical non-commutative combiner

[COMMITTED] Fix store merging tests on Arm

[committed] Fix thousands of testsuite failures for the c6x

[committed] Fix up expand_vec_perm_blend for V64QImode (PR target/91150)

[committed] Fix up omp for simd lastprivate (conditional:...) simdlen(1) handling

[committed] Fix vect-simd-14.c for arm (PR tree-optimization/91096)

[committed] Improve simd with a single lastprivate iterator

[committed] ipa-devirt: make qsort helpers static

[committed] Minor testsuite fallout for pr90883.C

[committed] OpenMP scan for combined for simd

[Committed] PR fortran/54072 -- More fun with BOZ

[committed] pr91173 testcase

[committed] Re: [PATCH] make gdbhooks.py idempotent with respect to reloading

[Committed] S/390: Add add/sub/mul overflow check patterns

[Committed] S/390: Fix vector shift count operand

[committed] Small cleanup now that Cilk+ simd is not supported anymore

[committed] Support multiple operand counts for .md @ patterns

[COMMITTED] Turn of ipa-ra in builtins test (PR91059)

[committed][AArch64] Rename +bitperm to +sve2-bitperm

[COMMITTED][ARM] Adjust literal pool offset in Thumb-2 movsi patterns

[COMMITTED][GCC7][GCC8] Backport PR89222 (ARM thumb-2 misoptimisation of func ptr call with -O2 or -Os)

[COMMITTED][GCC8] Backport PR85711

[COMMITTED][GCC8] Fix Thumb-1 ldm (PR89190)

[COMMITTED][GCC9] Backport RISC-V: Fix splitter for 32-bit AND on 64-bit target.

[committed][MSP430] Enable initfini_array by default

[committed][MSP430] Only add crtn.o to ENDFILE_SPEC if it exists

Re: [Contrib PATCH] Add scripts to convert GCC repo from SVN to Git

[Darwin, committed] Fix PR87030 and tidy config fragments.

[Darwin, committed] More specs TLC.

[Darwin, PPC, committed] Collate the system library spec into one expression.

[Darwin, PPC, committed] Remove dead code.

[Darwin, PPC, testsuite, committed] Fix fail for bmi2-bzhi64-1a.c

[Darwin, PPC, testsuite, committed] Require stabs support for a test.

[Darwin, testsuite, committed] Address PR91087 - XFAIL parts of pr16855.C.

[Darwin, testsuite, committed] Remove unused test.

[Darwin, testsuite] Handle Darwin's size command.

[Darwin.comitted] Some TLC for older Darwin versions.

[Darwin] Don't jam symbol stubs on for kernel code.

[Darwin] Make a final check on PIC options.

[Darwin] Revise pie,no-pie and rdynamic driver specs.

[doc PATCH] document variable attribute alias

[doc] Use https for www.gnu.org (doc/include/gpl_v3.texi)

Re: [GCC][middle-end] Add rules to strip away unneeded type casts in expressions (2nd patch)

Re: [libgomp, WIP, GSoC'19] Modification to a single queue, single execution path.

[libstdc++ PATCH] Add parens around constraint in <memory>.


Re: [Mingw-w64-public] Fwd: [patch] Reimplement GNU threads library on native Windows

[MIPS][Testsuite] specify msa-fmadd.c abis

[OG9, committed] Re: [PR other/79543] Fix GNU ld --version scanning to conform to the GNU Coding Standards

[og9] Allow the accelerator to have more offloaded functions than the host

[OG9] Improve diagnostics for unmappable types

[og9] OpenACC assumed-size arrays with non-lexical data mappings

[og9] Support Fortran 2003 class pointers in OpenACC

Re: [OpenRISC] [PATCH v2 4/5] or1k: Initial support for FPU

[PATCH 0/2] PR libstdc++/41861 Add full steady_clock support to condition_variable

[PATCH 0/3] add support for POD struct convention (PR 61339)

[PATCH 0/3] S/390: Shift count improvements.

[PATCH 0/4] rs6000: Improve volatile memory handling

[PATCH 0/4] True IPA reimplementation of IPA-SRA (v3)

[PATCH 0/5, OpenACC] Add support for Fortran optional arguments in OpenACC

[PATCH 00/10, OpenACC] Rework handling of OpenACC kernels regions

[PATCH 00/12] rs6000: Use parameterised names

[PATCH 01/10, OpenACC] Use "-fopenacc-kernels=parloops" to document "parloops" test cases

[PATCH 01/12] @neg<mode>2

[PATCH 02/10, OpenACC] Add OpenACC target kinds for decomposed kernels regions

[PATCH 02/12] @fix_trunc<mode>si2_fprs

[PATCH 03/10, OpenACC] Separate OpenACC kernels regions in data and parallel parts

[PATCH 03/12] @abs<mode>2_internal

[PATCH 04/10, OpenACC] Turn OpenACC kernels regions into a sequence of, parallel regions

[PATCH 04/12] @indirect_jump<mode>_nospec

Re: [PATCH 04/30] Changes to arc

[PATCH 05/10, OpenACC] Handle conditional execution of loops in OpenACC, kernels regions

[PATCH 05/12] @ctr<mode>

[PATCH 06/10, OpenACC] Adjust parallelism of loops in gang-single parts of OpenACC kernels regions

[PATCH 06/12] @eh_set_lr_<mode>

[PATCH 07/10, OpenACC] Launch kernels asynchronously in OpenACC kernels regions

[PATCH 07/12] @extenddf<mode>2_{fprs,vsx}

[PATCH 08/10, OpenACC] New OpenACC kernels region decompose algorithm

[PATCH 08/12] @extenddf<mode>2

[PATCH 09/10, OpenACC] Avoid introducing 'create' mapping clauses for loop index variables in kernels regions

[PATCH 09/12] @neg<mode>2_hw

Re: [PATCH 1/2] [ARC] Fix and refurbish the interrupts.

[PATCH 1/2] Add user-defined clock to libstdc++ condition_variable tests

[PATCH 1/2] Come up with function_decl_type and use it in tree_function_decl.

[PATCH 1/2] gdbhooks.py: use strip_typedefs to simplify matching type names

[PATCH 1/2] Implement p1301 - [[nodiscard("should have a reason")]]

[patch 1/2][aarch64]: redefine aes patterns

[PATCH 1/3] add -Wstruct-not-pod, -Wclass-is-pod, -Wmismatched-tags (PR 61339)

Re: [PATCH 1/3] C++20 constexpr lib part 1/3

[PATCH 1/3] S/390: Rework shift count handling.

[PATCH 1/4] Remove old IPA-SRA, introduce tree-sra.h

[PATCH 1/4] rs6000: New predicate any_memory_operand

[PATCH 1/5, OpenACC] Allow NULL as an argument to OpenACC 2.6 directives

[PATCH 10/10, OpenACC] Make new OpenACC kernels conversion the default; adjust and add tests

[PATCH 10/12] @abs<mode>2_hw

[PATCH 11/12] @ieee_128bit_vsx_neg<mode>2

[PATCH 12/12] @ieee_128bit_vsx_abs<mode>2

[PATCH 2/2] Add zstd support for LTO bytecode compression.

[PATCH 2/2] Extend DCE to remove unnecessary new/delete-pairs (PR c++/23383).

[PATCH 2/2] gdbhooks.py: extend vec support in pretty printers

[PATCH 2/2] PR libstdc++/41861 Add full steady_clock support to condition_variable

Re: [PATCH 2/2] Rename SINGE_VALUE to TOPN_VALUES counters.

[patch 2/2][arm]: redefine aes patterns

[PATCH 2/3] change class-key of PODs to struct and others to class (PR 61339)

[PATCH 2/3] S/390: Shift count tests.

[PATCH 2/4] New parameter manipulation infrastructure

[PATCH 2/4] rs6000: Make lwa_operand use any_memory_operand

[PATCH 2/5, OpenACC] Support Fortran optional arguments in the firstprivate clause

[PATCH 3/3] change class-key of PODs to struct and others to class (PR 61339)

[PATCH 3/3] S/390: Define shift_truncation_mask.

[PATCH 3/4] New IPA-SRA implementation

[PATCH 3/4] rs6000: Make input_operand use any_memory_operand

[PATCH 3/5, OpenACC] Add support for allocatable arrays as optional arguments

[PATCH 4/4] Modifications to the testsuite

[PATCH 4/4] rs6000: Make offsettable_mem_operand use any_memory_operand

[PATCH 4/5, OpenACC] Allow optional arguments to be used in the use_device OpenACC clause

[PATCH 5/5, OpenACC] Add tests for Fortran optional arguments in OpenACC 2.6

Re: [PATCH 5/5] Use ira_setup_alts for conflict detection

[PATCH PR Fortran/89286] Intrinsic sign and GNU Extension

Re: [PATCH PR91137]Find base object for ivopts via walk_tree

[PATCH v2 0/5] OpenRISC updates for 10 (fpu, fixes)

[PATCH v2 1/5] or1k: Fix code quality for volatile memory loads

[PATCH v2 2/5] or1k: Fix issues with msoft-div

[PATCH v2 3/5] or1k: Add mrori option, fix option docs

[PATCH v2 4/5] or1k: Initial support for FPU

[PATCH v2 5/5] or1k: only force reg for immediates

[PATCH V2, rs6000] Support vrotr<mode>3 for int vector types

[PATCH v2] [rs6000] Add _mm_blend_epi16 and _mm_blendv_epi8

[PATCH v2] [rs6000] Add documentation for __builtin_mtfsf

Re: [PATCH v2] aarch64: emit .variant_pcs for aarch64_vector_pcs symbol references

[PATCH v2] Generalize get_most_common_single_value to return k_th value & count

[PATCH v2] libiberty: Check zero value shstrndx in simple-object-elf.c

[PATCH v2] Make lto-dump dump callgraph in DOT format

[PATCH v2] Missed function specialization + partial devirtualization

[PATCH v2] RISC-V: Raise error on unexpected ISA string at end.

[PATCH v2] S/390: Improve storing asan frame_pc

[PATCH v2] Use edge->indirect_unknown_callee in cgraph_edge::make_direct (PR ipa/89330).

[PATCH v3 0/5] OpenRISC updates for 10 (fpu, fixes)

[PATCH v3 1/5] or1k: Fix code quality for volatile memory loads

[PATCH v3 2/5] or1k: Fix issues with msoft-div

Re: [PATCH v3 3/3] PR80791 Consider doloop cmp use in ivopts

[PATCH v3 3/5] or1k: Add mrori option, fix option docs

[PATCH v3 4/5] or1k: Initial support for FPU

[PATCH v3 5/5] or1k: only force reg for immediates

[PATCH V3, rs6000] Support vrotr<mode>3 for int vector types

Re: [PATCH v3] Generalize get_most_common_single_value to return k_th value & count

[PATCH v3] libiberty: Check zero value shstrndx in simple-object-elf.c

[PATCH v3] Missed function specialization + partial devirtualization

Re: [PATCH V3] PR88497 - Extend reassoc for vector bit_field_ref

[PATCH V4, rs6000] Support vrotr<mode>3 for int vector types

Re: [PATCH v4] Generalize get_most_common_single_value to return k_th value & count

[PATCH V4] PR88497 - Extend reassoc for vector bit_field_ref

[PATCH v5 3/3] PR80791 Consider doloop cmp use in ivopts

[PATCH V5] PR88497 - Extend reassoc for vector bit_field_ref

[PATCH, Ada, Darwin, PPC] PPC Darwin has stack check probes.

Re: [patch, c++ openmp] Improve diagnostics for unmappable types

[PATCH, committed] Add myself to MAINTAINERS

[PATCH, committed] PowerPC Prefixed Memory, Patch #5 (move create_TOC_reference)

[PATCH, committed] PR 91048 Open ~/.mklog in string mode

[PATCH, fortran, arm] Fix PR 78314 on arm and aarch64

[patch, fortran] Fix PR 90813

[patch, fortran] Improve dependency checking

[patch, fortran] Pr87233 Constraint C1279 still followed after f2008 standard revision

Re: [Patch, fortran] PR90903 - Implement runtime checks for bit manipulation intrinsics

[Patch, fortran] PR91077 - [8/9/10 Regression] Wrong indexing when using a pointer

[PATCH, GCC, AArch64] Enable Transactional Memory Extension

[PATCH, i386]: Adjust operand predicate of several test instructions

[PATCH, i386]: Also use and split insns with SSE operands for 32bit MMX targets

[PATCH, i386]: Cleanup TEST insn patterns

[PATCH, i386]: Fix (target part) PR91204, ICE in expand_expr_real_2

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR 91188, strict_low_part operations do not work

[PATCH, i386]: Further fixes/improvements for TEST patterns

[PATCH, i386]: Handle potential partial reg stall in *andqi_2_maybe_si

[PATCH, i386]: Improve split condition for complex MMX with SSE emulations

[PATCH, i386]: Remove *qi_2_slp insn patterns

[PATCH, i386]: Remove redundant constraints from ALU insn patterns

[PATCH, i386]: Some further movstrict cleanups

[patch, libfortran] Adjust block size for libgfortran for unformatted reads

Re: [PATCH, Modula-2 (C/C++/D/F/Go/Jit)] (Register spec fn) (v2)

Re: [PATCH, og9] Port OpenACC profiling interface to OG9

[patch, openmp/openacc] Allow Fortran parameters in map/copy.

[PATCH, RISC-V] Fix ambiguous mode of some compare insn

[PATCH, rs6000] Fix PR91050 by adding a DRIVER_SELF_SPECS spec

[PATCH, rs6000] Split up rs6000.c. (part 2)

[PATCH, rs6000] Support vrotr<mode>3 for int vector types

[PATCH,fortran] Handle BOZ in accordance to Fortran 2018 standard

Re: [PATCH,fortran] Handle BOZ in accordance to Fortran 2018 standard (1st batch)

Re: [PATCH,RFC,V3 0/5] Support for CTF in GCC

[PATCH,RFC,V4 0/5] Support for CTF in GCC

[PATCH,RFC,V4 1/5] Add new function lang_GNU_GIMPLE

[PATCH,RFC,V4 2/5] Add CTF command line options : -gtLEVEL

[PATCH,RFC,V4 3/5] Setup for CTF generation and emission

[PATCH,RFC,V4 4/5] CTF generation for a single compilation unit

[PATCH,RFC,V4 5/5] Update CTF testsuite

Re: [PATCH,RFC] collect2 LTO for AIX

[patch1/2][arm][PR90317]: fix sha1 patterns

[patch2/2][arm]: remove builtin expand for sha1

[PATCH] @signbit<mode>2_dm

[PATCH] [Ada] Make clockid_t type public on GNU/kFreeBSD

[PATCH] [MIPS] Add machine mode to get_fcsr pattern operand

[PATCH] [MIPS] Add missing const qualifier in MSA ld intrinsic documentation

Re: [PATCH] [RFC, PGO+LTO] Missed function specialization + partial devirtualization

[PATCH] [rs6000] Add _mm_blend_epi16 and _mm_blendv_epi8

[PATCH] add --param ssa-name-def-chain-limit

[PATCH] Add -fprofile-note option.

Re: [PATCH] Add .gnu.lto_.lto section.

[PATCH] Add dbgcnt for gimple_match and generic_match.

[PATCH] Add Doxygen comments to <bit> header

[PATCH] Add generic support for "noinit" attribute

[PATCH] Add hints for slim dumping if fallthrough bb of jump isn't next bb

Re: [PATCH] Add late non-iterating FRE with optimize > 1

[PATCH] Add movmem optab entry back in for overlapping moves

Re: [patch] Add NetBSD/hppa target

[patch] Add simple narrowing optimization to expand_case

Re: [PATCH] Add to same comdate group only if set (PR middle-end/90899)

[PATCH] Adding _Dependent_ptr type qualifier in C part 1/3

[PATCH] Adjust extract_range_from_multiplicative_op

[PATCH] Adjust std::rotl, std::rotr etc to match final P0553R4 proposal

[PATCH] Allow case-insensitive comparisons of register names by implementing CASE_INSENSITIVE_REGISTER_NAMES PR target/70320

Re: [PATCH] Automatics in equivalence statements

Re: [PATCH] Builtin function roundeven folding implementation

Re: [PATCH] Change std::ceil2 to be undefined if the result can't be represented

[PATCH] Check -shared is available for pr87906's tesstcase

[PATCH] Clean up dangling pointers in cgraph_edge (PR ipa/89330).

[PATCH] Cleanup SCEV global state

[PATCH] Come up with -flto=auto option.

[PATCH] Come up with json::integer_number and use it in GCOV.

Re: [PATCH] constrain one character optimization to one character stores (PR 90989)

[PATCH] Deduce automatically number of cores for -flto option.

[PATCH] Define __type_identity_t alias and use for string_view

[PATCH] Define std::atomic_ref and std::atomic<floating-point> for C++20

[PATCH] Deprecate -frepo on gcc-9 branch (PR c++/91125).

Re: [PATCH] Deprecate -frepo option.

[PATCH] Do not emit __gnu_lto_v1 symbol.

[patch] Extend GIMPLE store merging to throwing stores

[PATCH] Fix -O2 vs. -O1 missed optimizations in VN

[PATCH] Fix 3 generic vector lowering issues with VECTOR_BOOLEAN_TYPE_P SSA_NAMEs with scalar modes (PR tree-optimization/91157)

[PATCH] Fix bad comment copy/paste


[patch] Fix debug info for discriminated record types

Re: [PATCH] Fix few build warnings with LLVM toolchain

[PATCH] Fix gcc.dg/gomp/pr89104.c failure on aarch64

[PATCH] Fix hash checking ICE in temp slot handling (PR middle-end/91190)

[PATCH] Fix libstdc++ install-pdf support.

[PATCH] Fix loading of lto_section on strict alignment targets (PR lto/91078).

[PATCH] Fix no-strict-aliasing condition in VN

Re: [PATCH] Fix ODR violations in code using <ext/atomicity.h>

[PATCH] Fix off-by-one in simple-object-elf.c (PR lto/91228).

[PATCH] Fix OpenMP target parallel reduction (task, ...) (PR c/91149)

[PATCH] Fix out-of-ssa with unsupported vector types (PR rtl-optimization/90756)

[PATCH] Fix PR83518 for aarch64

[PATCH] Fix PR83518, track partial definitions for VN

[PATCH] Fix PR91062

[PATCH] Fix PR91069

[PATCH] Fix PR91091 and more

[PATCH] Fix PR91108

[PATCH] Fix PR91114

[PATCH] Fix PR91126

[PATCH] Fix PR91131

[PATCH] Fix PR91145

[PATCH] Fix PR91162

[PATCH] Fix PR91178

[PATCH] Fix PR91180

[PATCH] Fix PR91181

[PATCH] Fix PR91200

[PATCH] Fix PR91207, revert vectorizer change for PR91178

[PATCH] Fix PR91211

[PATCH] Fix PR91221

[PATCH] Fix PR91231

[PATCH] Fix PR91236

[PATCH] Fix PR91267

[PATCH] Fix PR91280

[PATCH] Fix PR91291

[PATCH] Fix PR91293

[PATCH] Fix preprocessor checks for Clang builtins

[PATCH] Fix quadraticnesses in release_defs_bitset and split_constant_offset

[PATCH] Fix recent avx512vl-vcvttpd2*dq-2.c FAILs (PR target/91124)

[PATCH] Fix recent avx512vl-vpsh*dvd-2.c FAILs (PR target/91124)

[PATCH] Fix simd attribute handling on aarch64

Re: [PATCH] Fix simd attribute handling on aarch64 (version 2)


[PATCH] Fix up gcc.dg/type-convert-var.c testcase (was Re: [GCC][middle-end] Add rules to strip away unneeded type casts in expressions (2nd patch))

[PATCH] Fix use-after-scope in host-mingw32.c (PR target/88056).

[PATCH] Fix vect_init_vector regression (PR tree-optimization/91063)

[PATCH] gdbhooks.py: dump-fn, dot-fn: cast ret values of fopen/fclose

[PATCH] Generalize get_most_common_single_value to return k_th value & count

[PATCH] Generalized predicate/condition for parameter reference in IPA (PR ipa/91088)

Re: [PATCH] Handle '\0' in strcmp in RTL expansion (PR tree-optimization/90892).

[PATCH] handle multibyte stores larger than char in strlen (PR 91183, 86888)

[PATCH] i386: Add AVX512 unaligned intrinsics

[PATCH] i386: Expand roundeven for SSE4.1+

Re: [PATCH] i386: Properly encode xmm16-xmm31/ymm16-ymm31 for vector move

[PATCH] i386: Roundeven expansion for SSE4.1+

[PATCH] i386: Separate costs of pseudo registers from hard registers

[PATCH] Implement "P0631R4 Math Constants" for C++20

[PATCH] Implement x86 reduc_plus_scal_v8qi (PR tree-optimization/91201)

[PATCH] Implement x86 reduc_plus_scal_v{16,32,64}qi (PR tree-optimization/91201)

[PATCH] Improve docs for --enable-libstdcxx-time=rt

[PATCH] Improve DOM for PR58483

RE: [PATCH] improve ifcvt optimization (PR rtl-optimization/89430)

[PATCH] Improve PR91257

[PATCH] Improve PR91257, specialize bitmap_ior_and_compl_into

[PATCH] Improve PTA for PR91257, new bitmap_ior_into_and_free

[PATCH] Improve RPO VN for PR91257

[PATCH] Improve scan_operand_equal_p

Re: [PATCH] integrate sprintf pass into strlen (PR 83431)

Re: [PATCH] let hash-based containers work with non-trivial types (PR 90923)

[PATCH] libiberty: Check zero value shstrndx in simple-object-elf.c

[PATCH] Make a warning for -Werror=wrong-language (PR driver/91172).

[PATCH] Make BITMAP_WORD more easily configurable

[PATCH] Make EVRP release unused value-ranges, cleanup lattice swapping

Re: [PATCH] make gdbhooks.py idempotent with respect to reloading

Re: [PATCH] Make lto-dump dump symtab callgraph in graphviz format

[PATCH] Make scatter/gather vectorization failures non-fatal (PR tree-optimization/91033)

[PATCH] Make VRP union faster

[Patch] Make x86-64 a generic architecture as documented

[PATCH] Mark necessary 2nd and later args for delete op.

[PATCH] MIPS: Fix GCC `noreorder' for undefined R5900 short loops

[patch] More precise message with -Winline

Re: [PATCH] Move rust_{is_mangled,demangle_sym} to a private libiberty header.

[PATCH] parisc: Move declaration.

[PATCH] Perform case-insensitive comparison when decoding register names (PR target/70320)

Re: [PATCH] PowerPC Prefixed Memory, Patch #4, Add pc-relative reference support

Re: [PATCH] PR debug/90981 Empty .debug_addr crashes -gdwarf-5 -gsplit-dwarf

[PATCH] PR fortran/88227 -- Revenge of the BOZ

[PATCH] PR fortran/91296 -- Prevent ICE in aliasing check

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/51333 Define recursive_init_error constructor non-inline

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/91067 fix missing exports for filesystem iterators

[PATCH] PR91178, use tail-recursion for vn_reference_maybe_forwprop_address

[PATCH] PR91195: fix -Wmaybe-uninitialized warning for conditional store optimization

Re: [PATCH] Prepare for prefixed instructions on PowerPC

[PATCH] Properly valueize according to availability in all cases

[PATCH] Provide proper error message for -flto=abcd.

[PATCH] Put more data in read-only data on hppa

[PATCH] Qualify call to prevent ADL

[PATCH] Re-indent recently added vn_walk_cb_data::push_partial_def

[PATCH] Re-instantiate access-path based analysis during VN

[PATCH] Recompute domonators in DSE when removing dead edges (PR rtl-optimization/91164)

[PATCH] Refactor VN state during reference walking

Re: [patch] Reimplement GNU threads library on native Windows

[PATCH] Relocate std::endian from <type_traits> to <bit>

[PATCH] Remove a pointless global var

[PATCH] Remove also 2nd argument for unused delete operator (PR tree-optimization/91270).

Re: [PATCH] Remove another bunch of dead assignment.

[PATCH] Remove usage of ZSTD_CLEVEL_DEFAULT define.

[PATCH] report as disabled options unsupported by a language (PR 80545)

[PATCH] Restrict LOOP_ALIGN to loop headers only.

[PATCH] RISC-V: Fix splitter for 32-bit AND on 64-bit target.

[PATCH] RISC-V: Raise error on unexpected ISA string at end.

[PATCH] rs6000: Add testcase for PR88233

[PATCH] rs6000: Adjust comment for the Modula-2 traceback lang

[PATCH] rs6000: Always output .machine

[PATCH] rs6000: Delete Ffre

Re: [PATCH] rs6000: Enable -fvariable-expansion-in-unroller by default

[PATCH] rs6000: Handle Modula-2 in the traceback table

[PATCH] rs6000: Ignore GFXOPT (and GPOPT) for choosing machine

[PATCH] rs6000: Improve indexed addressing

[PATCH] rs6000: Shut up -Wformat-diag a little more

[PATCH] rs6000: Shut up -Wformat-diag somewhat

[PATCH] S/390: Improve storing asan frame_pc

[patch] Set TREE_THIS_NOTRAP throughout tree-nested.c

[PATCH] Setup predicate for switch default case in IPA (PR ipa/91089)

[PATCH] Simplify LTO section format.

[PATCH] simplify-rtx.c (simplify_unary_operation_1): Change BITSIZE to PRECISION.

Re: [PATCH] simplify-rtx.c: Change BITSIZE to UNIT_PRECISION in simplification

[PATCH] simplify-rtx.c: Change BITSIZE to UNIT_PRECISION in simplification of (extend ashiftrt (ashift ..))) Otherwise the gcc_assert can catch when dealing with partial int modes.

[patch] Small improvements to coverage info (1/n)

[patch] Small improvements to coverage info (2/n)

[patch] Small improvements to coverage info (3/n)

[patch] Small improvements to coverage info (4/n)

[PATCH] subreg: Add -fsplit-wide-types-early (PR88233)

[PATCH] Support __builtin_expect_with_probability for analysis of # of loop iterations.

[PATCH] Support folding from array ctor spanning multiple elements

Re: [PATCH] Try fix PR90911

[PATCH] Use -flto instead of -flto=N in DWARF producer string.

[PATCH] Use GCC_PICFLAG to collect host-specific PICFLAG from ../config/picflag.m4

[PATCH] value-range lattice const correctness

Re: [PATCH] warn on returning alloca and VLA (PR 71924, 90549)

Re: [PATCH] Wrap 'expand_all_functions' and 'ipa_passes' around timevars

[PATCH] Yet another VN improvement

[PATCH], Patch #10, move PowerPC data structures & helper functions from rs6000.c to rs6000-internal.h

Re: [PATCH], Patch #6, revision 3, (Test on AIX and Darwin)

[PATCH], Patch #6, revision 3, Create pc-relative addressing insns

[PATCH], PowerPC #11, Add DS offset mode to rs6000.c's reg_addr

[PATCH], PowerPC #12, Add instruction format enumeration

[PATCH], PowerPC #13, Add support for matching prefixed insns

[PATCH], PowerPC #14, Add pc-relative support to load up addresses

[PATCH], PowerPC #15, Rename some prefixed addressing functions

[PATCH], PowerPC #16, Update a comment and move a predicate

[PATCH], PowerPC #17, adds the prefixed RTL attribute & automatically emit a leading 'p'

[PATCH], PowerPC #18, Add prefixed support for scalars

[PATCH], PowerPC #19, Add 'future' cost structure

[PATCH], PowerPC #20, Add placeholder for 'future' scheduling

[PATCH], PowerPC, Patch #6, Create pc-relative addressing insns

[PATCH], PowerPC, Patch #6, revision 2, Create pc-relative addressing insns

[PATCH], PowerPC, Patch #7, Split up SIGNED_34BIT and SIGNED_16BIT macros

[PATCH], PowerPC, Patch #8, rename rs6000_prefixed_address

[PATCH], PowerPC, Patch #9, Refine calculation of whether an address offset is d-form, ds-form, or dq-form

[PATCH]: Fix ICE in expand_expr_real_2 (PR target/91204)

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Fix PR81800

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Fix symbol offset limit

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Increase default function alignment

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Remove constraint strings from define_expand constructs in the back end

[PATCH][aarch64] Use neoversen1 tuning struct for -mcpu=cortex-a76

Re: [patch][aarch64]: add intrinsics for vld1(q)_x4 and vst1(q)_x4

Re: [patch][aarch64]: add usra and ssra combine patterns

Re: [patch][aarch64]: fix frame pointer setup before tlsdesc call

Re: [patch][aarch64]: fix unrecognizable insn for ldr got in ilp32 tiny

[PATCH][arm/AArch64] Assume unhandled NEON types are neon_arith_basic types when scheduling for Cortex-A5

Re: [PATCH][arm/AArch64] Assume unhandled NEON types are neon_arith_basic types when scheduling for Cortex-A57

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Add support for "noinit" attribute

[PATCH][ARM] Cleanup DImode shifts

[PATCH][ARM] Cleanup logical DImode operations

[PATCH][ARM] Fix low reg issue in Thumb-2 movsi patterns

Re: [PATCH][Arm] Implement vector average patterns in aarch32

[PATCH][ARM] Remove remaining Neon DImode support

[PATCH][ARM] Switch to default sched pressure algorithm

[PATCH][arm][committed] Clean up code iterator usage in satsi* patterns

[PATCH][arm][committed] Make ACLE builtins use arm_* namespace for expanders

[PATCH][ARM][testsuite] Fix address of sg stubs in CMSE tests

[PATCH][armeb] PR 91060 gcc.c-torture/execute/scal-to-vec1.c fails since r272843

Re: [PATCH][gcc] libgccjit: add bitfield support

Re: [PATCH][gcc] libgccjit: check result_type in gcc_jit_context_new_binary_op

[PATCH][gcc] libgccjit: check result_type in gcc_jit_context_new_unary_op

Re: [PATCH][GCC][AArch64] Make processing less fragile in config.gcc

[PATCH][GCC][AARCH64] PR target/90712 Fix gcc.dg/rtl/aarch64/subs_adds_sp.c regression

Re: [PATCH][middle-end/88784] Middle end is missing some optimizations about unsigned

[PATCH][MSP430] Allow lower-case "r" to be used in register names by defining ADDITIONAL_REGISTER_NAMES (PR target/70320)

[PATCH][MSP430] Fix unnecessary saving of all callee-saved regs in an interrupt function that calls another function

[PATCH][MSP430] Reject -m{code,data}-region options unless large memory model is selected

[PATCH][OBVIOUS][GCC9] Do not use -Werror in a test that has -frepo warning (PR testsuite/91175).

[PATCH][RFC][x86] Fix PR91154, add SImode smax, allow SImode add in SSE regs

[PATCHv3] Fix not 8-byte aligned ldrd/strd on ARMv5 (PR 89544)

Re: [PATH] Patch to fix -finstrument-functions-exclude-function-list handling of namespaces and escaped commas

Re: [PING][AArch64] Use scvtf fbits option where appropriate

[PING][PATCH] constrain one character optimization to one character stores (PR 90989)

[PING^1][PATCH v4 3/3] PR80791 Consider doloop cmp use in ivopts

[PPC, committed] Fix bootstrap for non-SVR4 targets.

Re: [PR other/79543] Fix GNU ld --version scanning to conform to the GNU Coding Standards

Re: [PR other/79543] Fix GNU ld --version scanning to conform to the GNU Coding Standards (ping)

[PR rtl-optimization/91173] Backport to GCC 8 and 9

[range-ops] patch 00/04: Summary

[range-ops] patch 01/04: types for VR_UNDEFINED and VR_VARYING

[range-ops] patch 02/04: enforce canonicalization in value_range

[range-ops] patch 03/04: abstract out a few things from extract_range_from*

[range-ops] patch 04/04: range-ops proper (PLACEHOLDER)

[range-ops] patch 05/04: bonus round!

[RFA] adjust src-release following the renaming of gdb/common/ to gdb/gdbsupport/

[RFC/PATCH v2][PR89245] Check REG_CALL_DECL note during the tail-merging

[RFC] Consider lrotate const rotation in vectorizer

[RFC][PR89245] Check REG_CALL_DECL note during the tail-merging

[RFC][tree-vect]PR 88915: Further vectorize second loop when versioning

[rs6000] Add documentation for __builtin_mtfsf

[RS6000] Make assembler command line cpu match default for gcc

[RS6000] PR91135, __linux__ not defined with -mcall-aixdesc on 9.x and ppc64

[RS6000] rs6000_output_mi_thunk tidy

[SPARC] Fix PR middle-end/64242

Re: [SVE] [fwprop] PR88833 - Redundant moves for WHILELO-based loops

[testsuite] Don't xfail gcc.dg/tree-ssa/pr84512.c on 64-bit SPARC

[wwwdocs,C++] Fix projects/cxx-dr-status.html markup (and avoid <TT>)

[wwwdocs] Add caveat about std::rotate bug (PR 90920)

Re: [wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 6.x

Re: [wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 7.x

[wwwdocs] gcc-4.7/changes.html - adjust link to "Collecting User-Mode Dumps"

[wwwdocs] Introducing C++ DR status table

[wwwdocs] nds32 documentation - remove broken reference

[wwwdocs] readings.html - move www.adaic.org reference to https

[wwwdocs] Update C++ DR list

[wwwdocs] Use whitespace between sourceware.org and gcc.gnu.org

Add a build config for bootstrapping at -Og

Add ARRAY_REF based access patch disambiguation

Add dg test for matching function bodies

Add early exit to access path oracle

Add more rtx comparison folds

Add std::copy_n overload for istreambuf_iterator

Add znver2 scheduler model

Re: allow EH to escape from GIMPLE_EH_ELSE ELSE block

Avoid code duplication in aliasing_component_refs_p

Avoid ICE compiling cactusBSSN

Backports to 9.2

C++ Modules

C++ PATCH for c++/89906 (GCC 8 backport)

C++ PATCH for c++/91264 - detect modifying const objects in constexpr

C++ PATCH for DR 1813, c++/83374 - __is_standard_layout wrong for a class with repeated bases.

C++ PATCH to add test for c++/67853

C++ PATCH to add test for c++/90455

C++ PATCH to add test for c++/91104

Re: C++ PATCH to detect narrowing in case values (PR c++/90805)

Re: C++17 Support and Website

Call for testers: improve move2add_use_add2_insn for targets with HAVE_POST_MODIFY_DISP and/or clobber-encumbered add

Check rrotate optab first when transforming lrotate

Commited: remove uint32_t declaration from testsuite/gcc.dg/vect/slp-reduc-sad.c

Committed (vectorizable_comparison): Swap operands only once.

Contents of PO file 'cpplib-9.1-b20190203.zh_TW.po'

cp: implementation of p1301 for C++

Re: Deque fiil/copy/move/copy_backward/move_backward/equal overloads

Deque iterators lexicographical_compare overloads

Don't run DSE at -Og

Don't use integer "FMA" for shifts

Enable nonoverallping_component_refs even after the base pointers are equivalent

Fix -Wreturn-type for static naked functions in C

Fix failing tests after PR libstdc++/85965

Fix folding of vector EQ/NE

Fix g++.dg/lto/alias-1 and 2 for non-plugin builds

Re: Fix ICE due to commit for PR88834

Fix inchash handling of wide_ints (PR91242)

Fix my previous change in nonoverlapping_component_refs_since_match_p

Fix PR rtl-optimization/91136

Fix reversed conditional in recursive_inlining

Fix TYPE_CXX_ODR_P mismatch on aarch64

Fix uninitialised use in mips_split_move

Fix up -fexcess-precision handling in LTO (was Re: [GCC][middle-end] Add rules to strip away unneeded type casts in expressions (2nd patch))


Fix wi::lshift

Frontiers in Optics - OSA 2019 attendee contacts?

Re: GCC 7 backport

Re: GCC 8 backports

Re: GCC 9 backports

Generalise VEC_DUPLICATE folding for variable-length vectors

Go patch committed: Add break label in 1,2 case select statement lowering

Go patch committed: Don't export function bodies marked go:noinline

Go patch committed: Ensure evaluation order in type hash/eq functions

Go patch committed: Finalize methods when importing types

Go patch committed: Fix bug in importing blocks in inline functions

Go patch committed: Fix bug in unordered set when exporting

Go patch committed: Fix indentation of select statement AST dump

Go patch committed: Follow-on fix for finalizing imported methods

Go patch committed: Include transitive imports in type descriptor list

Go patch committed: Optimize 0, 1, 2-case select statements

Go patch committed: refactor Exports to encapsulate type refs map

Go patch committed: Rework type and package tracking in exporter

Go patch committed: Set varargs lowered for imported call expressions

Go patch committed: Use builtin memset for non-pointer memclr

Go patch committed: Use correct value in 2-case select send

Handle IFN_COND_MUL in tree-ssa-math-opts.c

Handle strncpy in tree-ssa-dse.c

Implement more rtx vector folds on variable-length vectors

Improve TBAA for types in anonymous namespaces

Re: Incremental LTO linking part 7: documentation

Re: introduce EH_ELSE tree and gimplifier

libgo patch committed: Expose the g variable

Make alias sets of ODR types more precise

Make guality.h handle Yama restricted ptrace mode

Make ifcvt clean up dead comparisons

Make lra use per-alternative earlyclobber info

Make nonoverlapping_component_refs work with duplicated main variants

Make nonoverlapping_component_refs_since_match_p work with non-trivial MEM_REFs and TMRs

Merge from trunk to gccgo branch

New Chinese (traditional) PO file for 'cpplib' (version 9.1-b20190203)

New Ukrainian PO file for 'gcc' (version 9.1.0)

Re: Patch ping (Re: [PATCH] Fortran include line fixes and -fdec-include support)

patch to fix PR91102

patch to fix PR91223

PING [PATCH v2] S/390: Improve storing asan frame_pc

Ping agian: [PATCH V2] Loop split upon semi-invariant condition (PR tree-optimization/89134)

Ping: [06/11] [mips] Fix ambiguous .md attribute uses

Ping: [PATCH 1/2] gdbhooks.py: use strip_typedefs to simplify matching type names

Ping: [PATCH] RISC-V: Add -malign-data= option.

Ping: [PATCH] x86/AVX512: improve generated code for bit-wise negation of vectors of integers

Ping: [PATCH] x86/AVX512: improve generated code for mask-to-vector-register conversions

Ping: [RFC, PATCH] Display inlining context for uninitialized warnings

PING^2 [PATCH] Minimize number of operations between two areas of memory

Ping^2: [PATCH] RISC-V: Add -malign-data= option.

PING^4: [PATCH] i386: Properly encode xmm16-xmm31/ymm16-ymm31 for vector move

Re: PR 90409 Deque fiil/copy/move/copy_backward/move_backward/equal overloads


PR90724 - ICE with __sync_bool_compare_and_swap with -march=armv8.2-a

PR91068: Fix MIPS fallout from IRA matched operand changes

PR91166 - Unfolded ZIPs of constants

Prevent -Og from deleting stores to write-only variables

Prevent tree-ssa-dce.c from deleting stores at -Og

Re: r273212 - in /trunk/gcc/ada: ChangeLog Makefile...

Relax vector_builder::elt sanity check

Remove array_index inliner hint

Re: Reorg nonoverlapping_component_refs_p

Representative returns and location info (Re: [RFC, PATCH] Display inlining context for uninitialized warnings)

rework Ada EH Machine_Occurrence deallocation

Rework constant subreg folds and handle more variable-length cases

Rewrite some jump.c routines to use flags

RFA: fix PR66726 regression for min/max/conversion combo from PR71016 patch

RFA: Fix testsuite/91065

sized delete in _Temporary_buffer<>

Small cleanup in RTL expansion

Subject: [PATCH] [PR 89330] Remove non-useful speculations from new_edges

tips for reviewing code

Update ia64 baseline symbols

Update m68k baseline symbols

Update x86-tune-costs.h for znver2

Update X86_TUNE_AVOID_256FMA_CHAINS for znver2

Re: Use ODR for canonical types construction in LTO

wrap math.h for M_PI et al in target/i386 tests

Xerox Potential Business Leads

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