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Re: [PATCH] Remove also 2nd argument for unused delete operator (PR tree-optimization/91270).

On 7/30/19 9:46 AM, Martin Liška wrote:
> Anyway that's not a candidate for DCE. I'm testing following patch.

Patch can bootstrap on x86_64-linux-gnu and survives regression tests.

One alternative approach can be to drop DECL_SET_IS_OPERATOR_DELETE in:
cat -n gcc/cp/decl.c | less
  4410          deltype = cp_build_type_attribute_variant (deltype, extvisattr);
  4411          deltype = build_exception_variant (deltype, empty_except_spec);
  4412          opdel = push_cp_library_fn (DELETE_EXPR, deltype, ECF_NOTHROW);
  4413          DECL_SET_IS_OPERATOR_DELETE (opdel, true);
  4414          opdel = push_cp_library_fn (VEC_DELETE_EXPR, deltype, ECF_NOTHROW);
  4415          DECL_SET_IS_OPERATOR_DELETE (opdel, true);
  4417          if (flag_sized_deallocation)
  4418            {
  4419              /* operator delete (void *, size_t, align_val_t); */
  4420              deltype = build_function_type_list (void_type_node, ptr_type_node,
  4421                                                  size_type_node, align_type_node,
  4422                                                  NULL_TREE);
  4423              deltype = cp_build_type_attribute_variant (deltype, extvisattr);
  4424              deltype = build_exception_variant (deltype, empty_except_spec);
  4425              opdel = push_cp_library_fn (DELETE_EXPR, deltype, ECF_NOTHROW);
  4426              DECL_SET_IS_OPERATOR_DELETE (opdel, true);
  4427              opdel = push_cp_library_fn (VEC_DELETE_EXPR, deltype, ECF_NOTHROW);
  4428              DECL_SET_IS_OPERATOR_DELETE (opdel, true);
  4429            }
  4430        }

at lines 4426 and 4428.

Richi what do you prefer?

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