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Re: [RFC] Consider lrotate const rotation in vectorizer

On 18/07/2019 16:30, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
On Thu, Jul 18, 2019 at 04:26:26PM +0100, Richard Earnshaw (lists) wrote:

On 18/07/2019 16:17, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
On Thu, Jul 18, 2019 at 04:12:48PM +0100, Richard Earnshaw (lists) wrote:
Both directions:
     aarch64 c6x ia64 m68k nios2 parisc sh x86 xtensa

AArch64 is Right only.

Maybe hw-wise, but it has both rotr<mode>3 and rotl<mode>3 expanders.
At least for GPRs.


Only for immediates.  And the patterns that support that just write out
assembly as "ror (<size> - n)".

For registers too (for those it negates and uses rotr).
Note, the middle-end ought to be able to do the same thing already,
except if not SHIFT_COUNT_TRUNCATED it will use bits - count instead of
(define_expand "rotl<mode>3"
   [(set (match_operand:GPI 0 "register_operand")
         (rotatert:GPI (match_operand:GPI 1 "register_operand")
                       (match_operand:QI 2 "aarch64_reg_or_imm")))]
     /* (SZ - cnt) % SZ == -cnt % SZ */
     if (CONST_INT_P (operands[2]))
         operands[2] = GEN_INT ((-INTVAL (operands[2]))
                                & (GET_MODE_BITSIZE (<MODE>mode) - 1));
         if (operands[2] == const0_rtx)
             emit_insn (gen_mov<mode> (operands[0], operands[1]));
       operands[2] = expand_simple_unop (QImode, NEG, operands[2],
                                         NULL_RTX, 1);


Well Arm has that sort of expansion as well, but it was listed as 'right only'.


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