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Re: [PATCH 2/5, OpenACC] Support Fortran optional arguments in the firstprivate clause

Hi all,

I played around and came up with another second way one gets a single "*" without

I haven't checked whether which of those match the proposed omp_is_optional_argument's
+        && DECL_BY_REFERENCE (decl)
nor whether some checks reject any of those with OpenACC (or OpenMP).

In any case, the dump of "type(c_ptr),value", "integer, dimension(1)" and "integer,optional"

static void foo (void *, integer(kind=4)[1] *, integer(kind=4) *);

Actually, if one combines VALUE with OPTIONAL, it gets even more interesting.
To implement it, one has two choices:
* pass a copy by reference (or NULL)
* pass by value (including a dummy value if absent) and denote the state as
  extra argument.

The latter is done in gfortran, cf. PR fortran/35203, following the IBM compiler.

I am not sure whether it does need special care fore OpenACC (or OpenMP 5) offloading,
but that's at least a case which is not handled by the patch.

Actually, there is a bug: the declaration of the function and the definition of
the function is not the same - one misses the hidden argument :-(

That's now PR fortran/91196.

Fortran code - which now also contains VALUE, OPTIONAL:

use iso_c_binding
implicit none
logical(kind=c_bool) :: is_present
integer :: y(1)
y(1) = 5
is_present = foo(c_null_ptr, y)
  logical(kind=c_bool) function foo(x, y, z, z2)
    type(c_ptr), value :: x ! Matches a C 'void *' pointer
    integer, target :: y(1)
    integer, optional :: z
    integer, value, optional :: z2

    foo = present(z2)
  end function foo


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