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Re: [PATCH] rs6000: Shut up -Wformat-diag somewhat

On Sat, Jul 13, 2019 at 05:26:04PM +0100, Richard Sandiford wrote:
> Segher Boessenkool <> writes:
> > We currently get lot of build warnings like
> > /home/segher/src/gcc/gcc/config/rs6000/rs6000-c.c:7039:12: warning: misspelled term 'builtin function' in format; use 'built-in function' instead [-Wformat-diag]
> >  7039 |    error ("builtin function %qs not supported in this compiler "
> >       |            ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> >
> > That would print something like
> >   builtin function '__builtin_example' not supported in this compiler
> >
> > Changing that to "built-in" as suggested only makes this worse.
> > Instead, let's just remove the whole "builtin function" phrase.

> Sounded from the above like there was supposed to be a rs6000-c.c
> change as well.  Just saying because IMO "X not supported..." seems
> unnecessarily awkward compared to...

This patch only handles this one block, to shut up the majority of the
warnings in PR91148.  It doesn't attempt to handle everything, not even
all those where the warning is pedantic but valid.

The torrent of useless warnings is hampering more important work.

But yes I'll fix that rs6000-c.c one, I like verbs as well :-)


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