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Re: [PATCH,RFC,V3 0/5] Support for CTF in GCC

On 07/04/2019 03:43 AM, Richard Biener wrote:
Hmm...a GCC plugin for CTF generation at compile-time may work out for a single
compilation unit.  But I am not sure how will LTO be supported in that case.
Basically, for LTO and -gtLEVEL to work together, I need the lto-wrapper to be
aware of the presence of .ctf sections (so I think). I will need to combine the
.ctf sections from multiple compilation units into a CTF archive, which the
linker can then de-duplicate.
True.  lto-wrapper does this kind of dancing for the much more complex set of
DWARF sections already.

Even if I assume that the technical hurdle in the above paragraph is solvable
within the purview of a plugin, I fear worse problems of adoption, maintenance
and distribution in the long run, if CTF support unfortunately ever remains to be
done via a plugin for reasons unforeseen.

Going the plugin route for the short term, will continue to suffer similar
problems of distribution and support.

- Is the plugin infrastructure supported on most platforms ? Also, I see that
    the plugin infrastructure supports all gcc versions from 4.5 onwards.
    Can someone confirm ? ( We minimally want the toolchain support with
    GCC 4.8.5 and GCC 8 and later, for now. )
The infrastructure is quite old but you'd need new invocation hooks so this
won't help.

OK then.  I will continue to focus on my current implementation without
exploring the plugin option at this time.  Thanks for confirming.


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