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[Ada] Reformat comments

Replace ".  " (i.e. a period followed by two spaces) with ". "; this is
meant to avoid distraction when reading comments, except for the license
section, where apparently this makes the formating nicer. Some comments
have been refilled, in particular those that could fit into fewer lines.

Also, some occurences of this patter in code has also been removed, e.g.
in "J in 1 ..  3".

Tested on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, committed on trunk

2019-07-09  Piotr Trojanek  <>


	*, bindo-graphs.adb, bindo-validators.adb, clean.adb,
	exp_aggr.adb, exp_ch13.adb, exp_ch4.adb, exp_ch5.adb,
	exp_ch6.adb, exp_ch7.adb, exp_ch9.adb, exp_pakd.adb,, gnatlink.adb, inline.adb,, make.adb,,, par-ch4.adb, par-ch6.adb, par-labl.adb,
	prep.adb, sem_aggr.adb, sem_ch13.adb, sem_ch4.adb, sem_ch5.adb,
	sem_ch6.adb,, sem_ch7.adb, sem_ch8.adb, sem_dim.adb,
	sem_disp.adb, sem_prag.adb, sem_res.adb, sem_warn.adb, Replace ".  " with ". ". Minor reformatting and typo
	* gnat_ugn.texi: Generate.

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