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[Ada] Missing escape of the double quote in JSON output

In Ada, the name of operators contains a pair of double quotes, which
need to be properly escaped when the name appears in the JSON output of

The change also ensures that formal parameters are not listed in the
layout information, since this information is not back-annotated for

Tested on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, committed on trunk

2019-07-09  Eric Botcazou  <>


	* repinfo.adb (List_Entities): Disregard formals altogether.
	(List_Name): Properly escape the double quote in the JSON
--- gcc/ada/repinfo.adb
+++ gcc/ada/repinfo.adb
@@ -525,9 +525,6 @@ package body Repinfo is
                   List_Entities (E, Bytes_Big_Endian, True);
-               elsif Is_Formal (E) and then In_Subprogram then
-                  null;
                elsif Ekind_In (E, E_Entry,
@@ -560,12 +557,10 @@ package body Repinfo is
                      List_Type_Info (E);
                   end if;
-               elsif Ekind_In (E, E_Variable, E_Constant) then
-                  if List_Representation_Info >= 2 then
-                     List_Object_Info (E);
-                  end if;
+               --  Note that formals are not annotated so we skip them here
-               elsif Ekind (E) = E_Loop_Parameter or else Is_Formal (E) then
+               elsif Ekind_In (E, E_Variable, E_Constant, E_Loop_Parameter)
+               then
                   if List_Representation_Info >= 2 then
                      List_Object_Info (E);
                   end if;
@@ -899,6 +894,8 @@ package body Repinfo is
    procedure List_Name (Ent : Entity_Id) is
+      C : Character;
       --  List the qualified name recursively, except
       --  at compilation unit level in default mode.
@@ -914,7 +911,16 @@ package body Repinfo is
       Get_Unqualified_Decoded_Name_String (Chars (Ent));
       Set_Casing (Unit_Casing);
-      Write_Str (Name_Buffer (1 .. Name_Len));
+      --  The name of operators needs to be properly escaped for JSON
+      for J in 1 .. Name_Len loop
+         C := Name_Buffer (J);
+         if C = '"' and then List_Representation_Info_To_JSON then
+            Write_Char ('\');
+         end if;
+         Write_Char (C);
+      end loop;
    end List_Name;

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