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Re: [09/11] [s390] Fix ambiguous .md attribute uses

On 05.07.19 17:22, Richard Sandiford wrote:
> This patch is part of a series that fixes ambiguous attribute
> uses in .md files, i.e. cases in which attributes didn't use
> <ITER:ATTR> to specify an iterator, and in which <ATTR> could
> have different values depending on the iterator chosen.
> The part changes the choice of <mode> from the
> implicit <VFCMP:mode> to an explicit <VF_HW:mode> (i.e. from the
> mode of the comparison result to the mode of the operands being
> compared).  That seemed like the intended behaviour given later
> patterns like vec_cmpeq<mode>_cc.
> The use of BFP in the LNDFR pattern looks like a typo,
> since the operand to (abs ...) has to have the same mode as the result.
> The only effect before this series was to create some extra variants
> that would never match, making it harmless apart from very minor code
> bloat.
> 2019-07-05  Richard Sandiford  <>
> gcc/
> 	* config/s390/ (*negabs<FP:mode>2_nocc): Use FP for
> 	operand 1.
> 	* config/s390/ (*vec_cmp<insn_cmp><mode>_cconly):
> 	Make the choice of <mode> explicit, giving...
> 	(*vec_cmp<insn_cmp><VF_HW:mode>_cconly): ...this.

Ok. Thanks for fix!


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