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Re: [PATCH] Add -fprofile-note option.

On 7/2/19 6:37 AM, Martin Liška wrote:

@@ -12403,6 +12403,11 @@ the profile feedback data files. See @option{-fprofile-dir}.
 To optimize the program based on the collected profile information, use
 @option{-fprofile-use}.  @xref{Optimize Options}, for more information.
+@item -fprofile-note=@var{path}
+@opindex fprofile-note
+If @var{path} is specified, GCC saves gcno filename into @var{path} location.
 @item -fprofile-update=@var{method}
 @opindex fprofile-update

"gcno filename" is implementor-speak with no context. In other places the documentation uses "@file{.gcno} file". Please use that here as well, and add a @cindex entry on the main definition/discussion of these things and a cross-reference here.

I assume this option only makes sense with some other profiling options. What are they?

Can there be more than one of these files per gcc invocation? E.g. if you specify a command line like

gcc -c foo.c bar.c

?? It looks like the code part of the patch would cause the file to be overwritten. Maybe this should be like -o and diagnose an error?


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