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Re: [PATCH 1/3] C++20 constexpr lib part 1/3

On 26/06/19 19:13 -0400, Ed Smith-Rowland via libstdc++ wrote:
Here is the first of three patches for C++20 constexpr library.

?????? Implement C++20 p0202 - Add constexpr Modifiers to Functions in <algorithm> and <utility> Headers.
???? ??Implement C++20 p1023 - constexpr comparison operators for std::array.

I believe I have answered peoples concerns with the last patch attempts [].

The patch is large because of test cases but really just boils down to adding constexpr for c++2a.

The patch passes testing for gnu++2a and pre-gnu++2a on x86_64-linux:

$ make check -k -j4

$ make check RUNTESTFLAGS=--target_board=unix/-std=gnu++2a -k -j4

OK for trunk?

One more comment. In <bits/stl_algobase.h> this:

+#if __cplusplus > 201703L \
+      if (__builtin_is_constant_evaluated())

can be simplified to just:

#ifdef __cpp_lib_is_constant_evaluated
     if (std::is_constant_evaluated())

The feature test macro is exactly the check we want here.

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