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Re: [PATCH] Fix libstdc++ install-pdf support.

On 01/07/19 01:21 -0700, Jim Wilson wrote:
Try to run "make install-pdf" on a system with dblatex and pdflatex installed
but not doxygen gives an error.
   run_doxygen error: Could not find Doxygen 1.7.0 in path.
Looking at the build log, I see that this is also using xsltproc and xmllint.
Installing doxygen and running again, I get lots of ignored errors for a
missing dot program.  Looking at the docs I see the collaboration diagrams
are missing.  Installing dot and rebuilding and now I have the collaboration
diagrams.  I don't see any evidence that the pdf docs are using the
stylesheets.  Otherwise, they need everything else that the xml docs need.

Regenerating configure I got an unexpected change, but that is an issue with
a patch a few days ago that added a new thread file, and regenerated the
libgcc configure to use it, but failed to notice that the libstdc++ configure
should have been regenerated too.

Tested with x86_64-linux builds with various packages installed or removed,
and looking at the final docs to make sure they look right.


OK, thanks.

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