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[Contrib PATCH] Add scripts to convert GCC repo from SVN to Git

This patch adds scripts to contrib/ to migrate full history of GCC's subversion repository to git.  My hope is that these scripts will finally allow GCC project to migrate to Git.

The result of the conversion is at .  Branches with "@rev" suffixes represent branch points.  The conversion is still running, so not all branches may appear right away.

The scripts are not specific to GCC repo and are usable for other projects.  In particular, they should be able to convert downstream GCC svn repos.

The scripts convert svn history branch by branch.  They rely on git-svn on convert individual branches.  Git-svn is a good tool for converting individual branches.  It is, however, either very slow at converting the entire GCC repo, or goes into infinite loop.

There are 3 scripts:

- top level script to convert entire repo or a part of it (e.g., branches/),
- helper script to output branches and their parents in bottom-up order,
- helper script to convert a single branch.

Whenever possible, uses existing git branches as caches.

What are your questions and comments?

The attached is cleaned up version, which hasn't been fully tested yet; typos and other silly mistakes are likely.  OK to commit after testing?

Maxim Kuvyrkov

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