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Re: Fix hashtable node deallocation

On 12/21/18 9:29 PM, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
On 16/12/18 14:16 +0100, François Dumont wrote:
Gentle reminder, we still have this issue pending.

    * include/bits/hashtable_policy.h
(_Hashtable_alloc<>::_M_deallocate_node_ptr(__node_type*)): New.
(_Hashtable_alloc<>::_M_deallocate_node(__node_type*)): Use latter.
(_ReuseOrAllocNode<>::operator<_Arg>()(_Arg&&)): Likewise.

Please add more detail to the commit message explaining the problem.
Either as a paragraph of text in the commit message before the
changelog (e.g. see or for commits with additional text in the
commit message), or in the changelog itself, e.g.

(_ReuseOrAllocNode<>::operator<_Arg>()(_Arg&&)): Likewise, so
       that the argument to __node_alloc_traits::deallocate is the
       correct pointer type.

    * libstdc++-v3/testsuite/util/testsuite_allocator.h
    (CustomPointerAlloc<>::allocate(size_t, pointer)): Replace by...
    (CustomPointerAlloc<>::allocate(size_t, const_void_pointer)): ...this.

This should have been a separate commit really.

OK for trunk with a better commit message that explains what the
change does.

Committed in 2 different commits.

I hope you will appreciate my additional message, I didn't notice yours before writting mine.


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