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Re: [PATCH, C++] Fix PR c++/88261

On 12/17/18 7:58 AM, Jason Merrill wrote:
On 12/15/18 3:36 AM, Bernd Edlinger wrote:
this patch implements an error message, for non-static initialization of a flexible array member. This duplicates the existing error message from the C-FE, to avoid ICE and wrong code generation
issues, as pointed out in the PR.

It is a bit funny that a non-functional feature like that has already rather much test coverage. The most easy adjustment seems to change the existing test cases to use static declarations.

Martin, thoughts?

Our high-level goal when tightening up how flexible array members
are handled in C++ was to accept what's accepted in standard C mode
and reject (or, at a minimum, warn for) C++ extensions that could
be relied on in existing code.

The flexarray tests I added back then were for features that looked
like intentional extensions and that seemed to work for at least
some use cases as far as I could tell.  What I noticed didn't work
I created bugs for: 69338, 69696, and 69338 look related, but there
are others.

I think all these bugs should all be reviewed and a decision made
about what's intended to work and what continues to be accepted as
an accident and should be rejected.  After that, we can adjust
the existing tests.


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